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  1. Not Mine...Off The Van Nick site. check the Ti seatpost
  2. Ha! The old click, click, click. Who needs a cadence sensor anyway! (just count the clicks) Process of elimination. Start with the pedals. take off, clean & regrease. Next take off & clean the chainrings ,clean bolts & regrease. Then move to the more complicated stuff like the BB & headset. Keep going you will eventually get it.
  3. Hey Agteros, Would you go diving or sky diving without learning how to use your equipment as well?
  4. Compact would be nice if you ride Suikerbosrand frequently.
  5. lol.... nope... hahaha... trying this photography thing. My wife couldn't understand why I needed to go out at 9pm on a Saturday night. Told her I had to train on my new techniques! Yes' date=' outside a casino! lol.. Wait till I start doing night clubs [/quote'] Well in that case.... nice pics
  6. Murphy's law... you will probably find it once you have bought a new one
  7. Have you lost just the stap or the actual transmitter? I have a spare T31 strap only size M.
  8. Which type do you have? The wear link or T31? Both are usually available at Sportmans Warehouse.. just make sure you get the right size.
  9. Gosh! it certainly is getting dangerous out there..
  10. Awesome Pics Looks like it was areally tough day out there.
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