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  1. or nklanda... to many private military armies there.. to try steal anything
  2. We're not impressed with tcg at all, until recently they delivered right to out gate.... Now they are dropping off our packages at the local spar..... No matter how big... They don't let us know that they are at the store, and they are not listening when we request them to use a 3rd party😠
  3. Hey there guys I'm just wondering if any of you guys have any old RC Petrol/Nitro/Glow engines? Preferred aroundthe 15-45cc range
  4. Is that a genuine airworthy WWII spitty???? I had no idea there were any in SA
  5. Well.. Seems like Ive been making some rookie mistakes😵, I was glide testing my 1.7m rc motor glider.... When it nosed into a tree and then into the ground.., lipo battery shot forward in the plane and bumped against the screws holding the motor to the fuselage.... Now I have a dead lipo.... Gnnnnnnnnn.,. Seems like I'm ordering a new one and then wrapping it in ducktape and foam ...... To protect it😬😬...... Now to dig up the cash for a new battery🙈😿
  6. hey guys I'm looking for a reasonable laptop... something along the line of an i5, quadcore.... 250gb hdd/ssd.... i can't afford much... but as my old desktop recently died.... i really need a laptop to run my website.... www.quickpickveg.com Yours Truly, Matthew du Preez 16 year old entrepreneur changing the world
  7. With the current chaos caused by pro Zuma supporters..... Shipping a car is probably not a wise decision
  8. there is a dog training place in hekpoort???? i live really close to there
  9. isuzu all the way... our farm work-horse is an old isuzu.. has around 300000km on the clock and still runs like a dream
  10. are there any C1'ers here??? i am looking art getting one... absolutely love the safety/protection aspect of it
  11. hey guys does anyone have any old rc plane transmitters with receivers? looking for a friend
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