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  1. Absolutely - previous generation Epic Evo's all had Fox 120's SC
  2. Ditto, Fox 34 120mm on the front changes the ride substantially, much plusher and more comfortable on rocky or rutted terrain, more control when descending rocky rutted tracks. BUT if you like going fast and climbing a bit better stick with the brain but be prepared to sacrifice a bit of comfort ! Horses for courses !
  3. Work on 4 to 5 hours for the first three days (4o to 50 km) be prepared for walking on the beach and portaging up hills at the end of some bays . 3 or 4 mother hills to hike a bike / push. So do a bit of running /walking training. Suggest use hike a bike shoes (flexible with tread) not carbon soled stiff MTB shoes. Scott make a reasonable cheap pair. Last day is proper , much tougher, about 70km with a lot of district road climbs going inland, not as much beach riding. Are places to refill but quite a few guys use small camelbak. Best event ever. And fast rolling wider tyres help with beach sand , run lower pressure than normal.
  4. Do you by any chance still have the 2008 results ? Thx
  5. bolt67

    Sani2C May 2021

    Anybody have by any chance have 2006,2007 and 2008 results they could send me please ? Thx
  6. Can’t edit my team or add riders.... anybody else have the same problem - cancel that found the edit button
  7. https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/sani2c-2019 Back a buddy campaign set up for the staff vis the Sani2C trust , Glen will distribute money to families of the deceased
  8. Imani Wild Ride was first stage race in SA, teams because of safety. First one I did KEVIN Vermaak was riding and he had just started the Epic , was early 2000s I think
  9. Looks like Jenny Rissveds is making a comeback - check out her Instagram account ! Her and K8 at Scott ?
  10. Looks like Jenny Rissveds is making a comeback - check out her Instagram account ! Her and K8 at Scott ?
  11. See posts on Wahoo/Kickr/Snap/Elemnt Support Group on Facebook
  12. See posts on Wahoo/Kickr/Snap/Elemnt Support Group on Facebook Big thumbs up to Wahoo UK support, and Stephen in particular. Even though I didn't buy direct from them, my Kickr18 (which now sounds like a washing machine full of change) is going to be replaced. Not only a return and we'll send you a new one, but a proper advance replacement. This is what I was actually offered. Full marks to them; "1. Self-repair: you may service your current KICKR yourself following provided instructions (see attached). Components will be express shipped free of charge. This is a very simple process and will only take approximately 15-20 minutes. 2. Wahoo Repair of your current KICKR: I would supply you with a return shipping label in order to send your KICKR back to me. Once I receive the KICKR, I will carry out the repair and then ship it straight back to you. This option is great if you still have your original KICKR box and packaging and do not want to carry out the repair yourself, due to various reasons. 3. Replacement with new tested unit: place you in the queue for a brand new unit that has this new hardware installed "
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