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  1. It was my post, so my open tabs… was worried you might know something I should know before considering buying that car😂 (I’m not buying it, I’m looking for a later model)
  2. It’s not only on the hub. This is from a pretty well regarded dealer on FB….. how would anyone feel comfortable riding a bike like that? And then to want R22k for it, when the original fox34 has been replaced with a recon….. come on man….
  3. Unfortunately no pictures on this advert, but manybe worth contacting the seller. hopefully just a technical glitch https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/kids-bikes/484481/giant-half-wheeler
  4. The pawn shop owner did mention that the locked devices they tend to sell on to repair shops, so that’s probably what happens to the majority. When they buy them on auction, they buy them as lots, so they don’t know wether all the devices work or not, if they have all the cables and charges etc. So they buy a lot of say 10 iPhone 8, but might only be able to resell 4 as working phones, the rest are salvaged for parts…
  5. I have also often seen this, and have simply passed on these ads. The seller normally has some or other very valid reason why it is locked, but I’m not buying it. however, I chatted to an owner of a pawn shop some time back. He says they often buy electronics like cameras and cellphones/laptops etc from bank and insurance auctions, when the items are normally out of home repos or insured items that have been stolen and then recovered, but the owners have been paid out, so the insurance sells it on, and often these are still iCloud locked. So it is possible that some of these iCloud locked devices are in fact not illegally acquired. But I still don’t know why one would buy one… as it’s essentially useless, and to the best of my knowledge this cannot be bypassed.
  6. I’m sure it’s been edited since I saw the ad first thing this morning. But the 2020 model came with a RockShox 35 Gold. In 2018/2019 it came with a Reba. Recon is definately not the standard fork that it came with, and is actuslly a substantial downgrade from either the REBA or the 35 Update: just been to check on the spez website, looks like it did originally come with a recon - the silver with the cheap and nasty chrome stanchions. I bought a 2020 model last year and it came with 35s, and to be honest the pictures on this one also look to be 35s, even though it says recon on the ad now. either way, I think 38k for a previous gen model is steep, when it sold new for R35k last year, and the new model is only R42k
  7. Thoughts on this ad? https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/485235/2020-stump-jumper I know stock shortages are a bit of an issue, but Stumpjumper base models are avaialble new at the moment, I bought one last week. Brand new, they are selling for R42k, and that is for the 2021 model with an updated frame. also, that is probably a 2019 model, because it has a REBA fork. The 2020 had the RS35 gold. It could be argued that the REBA is a better fork, but there isn’t really much between the 35 and the REBA. So, 4K off the retail price of a brand new and updated model? Hmm, I think I will go with a new bike thank, and the warrantee that comes with it.
  8. That was just what my mate told me. Maybe they wanted a quotation instead to prove cost of replacment and I misunderstood him. Either way, I think it better to hang onto the proof of purchase just in case. when you take the “selfies” for naked, they require you to take a photo clearly showing the serial number, so that probably limits the chances for fraud too. I took a picture of my invoice for the bikes as well when I added them, and those invoices also all had the serial numbers on them. So there should be no issues if I ever need to claim
  9. I have just moved my whole insurance (household, cars and bicycles) to Naked. Their prices are better then anyone else at the moment, and I decided to move over to them after speaking to two friends on separate occasions that are with them, and they only had good things to say about them. One had to claim for a bike last year - fell off a bike carrier, by the time they realised and turned back the bike was nowhere to be found (I know this sounds like a long story, but I was with them the weekend it happened, and on the way home I was driving in front of them. When they called, I was about 2 minutes ahead of them on the road and went back to help look, so I know it’s true). This was on a Sunday afternoon. He was on a brand new bike 3 days later. You can’t ask for better service than that. They will ask for a proof of purchase at claim time, from what he told me, and as there was no “evidence” apart from a broken strap on the bike rack, he also had to go to the police and give a sworn statement. But other then that nothing. claim was submitted online from the side of the road, Monday morning they called to ask for the proof of purchase and sworn statement. He sent it back to them Monday afternoon, and Wednesday morning they told him where he can go collect the replacement bike. Excess was paid directly to the store. I was bikejacked 4 years ago. Discovery took a week to verify that there were no CCTV cameras covering the area, had me go back an forth for quotations on replacements, after I gave them three quotes, I had a case number from the police, an eyewitness statement from the lady that picked me up, sent them the location data from my Strava, because they wanted proof that the ride ended where I said it did (then queried the claim because I didn’t stop my watch, which was luckily not stolen, right away, and only when I realised a few minutes later after hitching a ride… I had photos of my injuries from being knocked off the bike and all that, it still took them another 10 days to finalise the claim, then they couldn’t find an “approved” supplier that had stock, and wanted me to take a different bike, from one of their preferred suppliers. took another 2 days arguing with them that I wanted a like for like replacement, and there was stock at my preferred supplier at a price that was lower than my insured value (shop offering discount on previous year model). I hope my mate didn’t just get lucky, but if I ever need to claim, Naked just needs to be slightly better than discovery, and I will be a happy camper. I’m also paying significantly less now.
  10. What if I choose to use my one and only bottle cage to fit a storage bottle for tools and plugs and stuff instead, but then ride with a 3 litres camelbak mule? Will I still be allowed on the trails? I must apologise, I’m just an ignoramus from Pretoria, and if I ever have the good fortune of riding the hallowed ground of the western capes trails, I don’t want to be guilty of a faux pas and not be allowed to ride these amazing trails. (I can’t find the comic sans)
  11. I want to apologise to anyone I might have upset yesterday, I played a role in driving the “nonsense” being discussed here. It was all meant as light hearted, but I maybe went a bit overboard. I also don’t really care what people ride as long as they having fun. I do still fully believe gravel bikes are something invented in the minds of the marketing departments, but good on them if it’s getting more people riding. as to the idea of one bike for all conditions, I think that isn’t practically achievable, there will always be compromises. I’m not saying you need to follow the N+1 mentality, but if you can have two or three bikes to cover all conditions, that will always be the better option, as each bike will be great for its intended purpose and not just average everywhere. If I personally had to only have one bike, it would be a 29er hardtail with 2.1/2.2 XC tires, and maybe an extra wheel set with more road biased tires. But I am primarily a mountain biker. I have never owned or ridden a road bike, so I am obviously more comfortable with this. I love trail riding, but I am enjoying long slow rides and bike packing more and more as time goes on, but I still think my mountain bikes are better suited to this than a gravel bike, and allows me more freedom with route planning. if you grew up riding road, and want to get out into the country a bit more, then a gravel bike is probably an easier transition and more suitable choice for you. Im just happy we are all here talking about bikes.
  12. Because the only thing more important than having 2 bottle cages, and never wearing a camelbak, is to hate on Spez at every opportunity you get. To be fir though, the early versions of brain weren’t great, and a manual lockout was better. But they sorted the brain out years ago already, it works pretty well now.
  13. (Self edit)I’m rather just going to leave this be. I should know by now this debate will never be won. XC race bikes are great, for what they are built to do. if you have done your due diligence and feel it’s the bike for your style of riding, so be it, as long as we all having fun in the sun… Me personally, I doubt I will ever by a full sus XC bike again, as I they don’t suit the kind of riding I enjoy.
  14. I’m not so sure, see my post on the Anthem thread about South Africans obsession with “sukkeling” and then wearing it as a badge of honour. I think this gravel bike justification thing is very similar to the MAMIL obsession with seriously compromised XC race bikes, when they would be far better off on a marathon or Trail bike. The Saturday before this lockdown, a small group of us did a 120km ride out to harties and back. I had planned the route to include a few little “secret” footpaths, on the broederstroom side, and lots of really bad gravel tracks. I told the guys this ride was more suited to mountain bikes, but a gravel bike would work. One of our mates insists his gonna ride it on his gravel bike, even though he has a very decent MTB also. He did the whole ride. He made it. But he suffered. On the way home the corrugstions very nearly got the best of him. He broke a couple of spokes too. But he says it was lekker, and it was a much easier ride than if he was on his trail bike, because he would never have made the distance…. Ja swaer. Sunday morning the same group went to ride Rosemary hill. He is the only one who didn’t join us, and it wasn’t because he was busy, his missus confirmed, he was broken after the Saturday ride….and he is a lot fitter then what I am.
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