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  1. Should I be offended by this? I'm not, but should I be?
  2. I can't tell.... Did you say "t h e p e r s o n", or did you say something else and it was automatically changed to "The person"?
  3. Fits me pretty well. I guess that means it's sexist for fitting men better than woman. For true equality to exist, it should fit all persons equally badly.
  4. I 1000% agree, and like I said earlier, since reading that post referenced by Shebeen, I've have made sure not to say Spez anymore. The guy who brought it up explained his situation, which I understood and respected, and immediately changed my words. I have no way of knowing if the other guys did the same as their words would just have been changed if they said the wrong thing. On the issue of "should you intentionally say things to offend people", I think it's clear the world is a better place if we don't do that. (Who gets to decide what's offensive is a whole other can of worms) A completely separate issue is automatically changing someone's words without telling them. I think that's egregious. Warning points, requests to not say offensive or derogatory things, banning people, even deleting intentionally offensive posts, etc, that all makes some sense. Actually changing what is said is something completely different. This might not even by the only thing thats auto-changed, and we just haven't noticed yet.
  5. I suggested that people should hug MVDP first seen as his drama was first Comment was deleted. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Personally, I think auto changing messages is flippen ridiculous. My word 🤦‍♂️. It's not that I'm in favour of saying derogatory things. In fact, after reading that post about not saying Spez, I've intentionally only said spez. (yes that makes no sense. Thank the admins). What's next? It's bad enough that we, as a group of adults, are getting told what we're allowed to and not allowed to speak about, but now our words are even being changed by the overlords. To discord!
  7. @FootballingCyclist, In think in that case, it was actually calling Spez "Spez". My understanding after that discussion was that Spez is fine, but Spez can be seen as being insensitive. Could be wrong though.
  8. To quote this guy: "There are some circumstances where you definitely want to bring a lock.... so I genuinely feel humans are good people, they don't wanna steal bikes". <-- Clearly never been to SA, and for his own sake, probably never should Discovered this youtube channel called "LockPickingLawyer" a while ago... Interesting/Horrifying to see his bike lock reviews
  9. Sorry I didn't mean "injury" in a negative way or in a demeaning way. Just not quite sure what the correct term is for whatever issue she had.
  10. Is this referring to the "injury" Simone Biles had?
  11. Added to shopping list..... What do you guys do with your bike at night? Do you lock it up? With what kind of lock? Obviously it's not going in the tent, so do you do anything to keep it from getting wet? I've seen chains rust in 1 night when left outside at the coast. Can this be prevented? Any solutions for if there's no suitable tree/pole to chain it to?
  12. Definitely. Although you can get by with a lower rating and putting an emergency blanket under it if you want a lighter setup for when it's not that cold. Also.... As was said before.. A liner is a must in any conditions. I never want to clean my down sleeping bag.
  13. It's the same at most shops though when it comes to buying "exercise" stuff. The lady selling shoes at sportsmans warehouse/ total sports has never run a km in her life The dude selling hiking bags at cape union/outdoor warehouse/trappers has never carried a bag up a mountain They're just paid sales staff that can assist you with stock or whatever, and maybe know some of the specs of what they have on the floor, but they're not experts, so don't expect them to be. If you're asking the "clearly not a runner" lady at sportsman's warehouse if you should buy asics or solomon trail runners, I think you're the clown, not her. Same at cycle lab. Some of the staff aren't cyclists, so don't ask them for "expert advice". In my experience though, if you ask for assistance from the guys that are actually cyclists, you can get some pretty great service. I was looking at lights the other day when a dude asked if he can assist me. I asked him for advice on lumens or something, and the dude just said he's not sure, but he'll call someone that knows all about these things, and he got a dude that just finished the munga to come share his experience on what to look for in a light. A+ service in my opinion.
  14. Haven't got into bike packing yet, but I've done loads of hiking trips, and that has a lot of the same constraints in terms of size and weight. Got quite into the lightweight side of things (Managed to do a 9 day hike in the Drakensburg with a 21kg bag including all food and 2l of water and half a tent) So I have one of these: https://klymit.com/products/static-v2-sleeping-pad Literally the best mattress I've ever used. They used to sell them at Cape Union, but I don't see them on the site anymore. If you ever see one though, it's a no-brainer to buy it in my opinion. In terms of sleeping bags, I was overseas a few years ago and got a Sea to Summit bag. Very very nice. If I had to buy locally, I'd probably get a First Ascent Ice Nino/breaker for cold stuff, and an Amplify Down one for the not so cold stuff. As these things go though, there's 3 factors - Cheap, Small, Light. Pick 2. If it's small and light, it won't be cheap etc etc.
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