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  1. WELL DONE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL You are ALLL Brilliant This thread helped me as well... and its now 1 year and 5 days SMOKE FREE!!! You WILL see an improvement in your health and your riding THE best thing you could ever do BEST of luck...
  2. Just had a look at your signature and mine.... Mine needs a PROPER updating
  3. Enjoying gents... Wish I was there, but alas.... training hard and fast out here as our season starts to gather a bit of momentum Bought bloody time, gone through a couple of sets of rubber on the Indoor Trainer Tiny K... come on over here I will do a Sunday ride with you, but you gotta get here, the Cheshire Lanes Sportive tomorrow morning 6am
  4. NICE one mate... saw your race report... brilliant result man, really really super stuff. I would gladly take some of your heat, even just your minum 15 deg right now would feel like summer . Crikey man, I dont know if I will ever be able to ride in that sort of heat again. I would love the tan though as the pins are looking a bit on the "blue white" side . Well done again K, and to all the Durbanville guys
  5. Wow, thats not too much layering and you still got too hot... Goodness me. OK, I went out without the base layer, normal top, long thermal sleeves under an endura light winter jacket. Long thermal legs, Castelli thermal gloves and Endura over shoes. Riding my Vittoria Rubina training tyres at the moment, slick. LOVING the challenge.
  6. wheeww that is COLD mate.... Well done for getting out there, also, now what its liek to get too hot when its supposed to be cold, that is NOT nice. I wore a slim jacket this morning, only fingers got cold. I got some stunning pics this morning, but they are too large to upload .... One of them, my front wheel, standing a traffic light and all you see is ice all over the tyre, reall epic pic and one that I reacon the CPT boys that raced in 30 + degrees would appreciate. Well done for getting out there... Next time....... wear some shorts ..
  7. Awesome pic Swissvan, that is STUNNING!! Have a few pics to post, kept my eye on the ice this morning. In Door Trainer.... IDT
  8. Oh no buddy!!! You healing alright though? Speedy recovery my friend...
  9. I tried that yesterday with just knee warmers.... NEVER again. Couldnt feel my thighs, toes or ankles .... Got some proper stares though.....
  10. How was your ride this morning??? We had it COLD again. Took a pic or two for the guys..... will try and upload them now. Here off the Mersey, we got to -1 again and through the little dips and troughs of the country side, about -2 again. What a GREAT day to ride.
  11. Cause its been mild this winter (dont you just love the lingo... learning from me Mersey mate's), I been getting out there quite a bit. On the road Swissvan without mudguards.... tend to try and avoid the wet stuff out there and then get on the IDT. I also bought myself a bit of a thicker sock today and some Endura overshoes... hoping to see if that is going to work. Aparently tomorrow morning is another in the minus's... and planning a 100km, 3hr for the morning .... Hope the toes hold up
  12. +1..... That GreenEdge kit is KARK!!
  13. Hey there my fellow SA Riders, hoping that you are all well..... Have seen that you are all going great guns out there, enjoying the sun, the heat, the racing.... That is soooo awesome and I am so jealous at the moment . Wish I was there to enjoy the rides, get a TAN and do a bit of racing but alas, doing my bit to show the UK crowd that us SAFFA's are strong and from the looks of people walkign about, they thought I was a bit MAD. With that said, thought I would just let you all know, I FINALLY did it..... Minus 2 gents.... It was DAMN cold...... and I mean COLD!!! Left out this morning, looking at the thick frost on my car, thinking this was a bad idea. Got down the road and then knew I was going to be in for it.... WOW. I have spend a couple of hundred on a decent winter jacket, leggings, but to date, have not felt the need for Over Shoes... Well, after riding 2 hours in -2c, I had NO feeling in my feet, NADA!! Riding in the cold is somethng else though. When it gets chilly, the air burns your lungs, heart rates seem to elevate, it is such a different experience. It was hilly, quiet, serene and just plain beautiful. You have to constantly watch out for ice on the roads, and to be honest, mnost of the time you cant see it and it gets hair raising when all of a sudden there is no traction. Desending just cannot be done with ANY normal speed at all. So guys, just thought I would do a pop in... Finally did the riding in ICED over roads... Now bought some overshoes, and gonna hit it again tomorrow.... So guys in the Cape... Enjoy the race tomorrow, go get yourselves a tan for me.... try sending me some of it... and have a great build up to the "the big one" in March.... Thinking of you all.... albeit with a slight pang of jealousy!!
  14. Rode one in November last year... It is an AWESOME bike... but shooo, even expensive over here.
  15. Hell chaps... Is this problem EVER going to dissapear. I am really disappointed, but at the same time, incredibly impressed that someone stopped to help. I just think it is crazy that you have to arm yourselves, just so that you can get on your bike and enjoy what is a beautiful area of the country. With that in mind though, I would prefer the crappy wet weather of the UK, the cold miserable days, only having to worry occasionally about cars coming down the otherside of a country lane. That IS the ONLY thing I enjoy about riding here... NOT having to look at people on the sie of the road, with worry and one hand on the pepperspray in my shirt. Guys, BE SAFE PLEASE and get these bastards taken to the back side of the cop shop and get a good wolloping with a BIG Shambuck!!!
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