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  1. Damn that's cool! Sad that she went for the 250 tho, practical but way too underpowered to enjoy what SA has to offer!!!
  2. Good morning all, so as you know I am the local newby. Being a newby has it's perks, which includes firsts: I just hit 3000km on the bike since I got it, yes I ride a crapload!! Did my 1st longer trip, Jhb straight to Rtb for work, and one hell of a detour back racking up a 550km (odd) trip. Doing some adventure training on Springday with Morag Campbell so looking forward to that;Ito training, are there any specific newby skills I should ask to be prioritized rather than others?
  3. Welcome to the darkside Wayne!!
  4. I'm not Cpt based, but just a few things to remember about MTB's and rain: Mud requires a decent clean after the ride, the gunk can cause increased ware and tare so just make sure you look after your equipment; Most decent quality tyres are OK in the wet, some better than others but no reason to stay off the bike; Beware of rocks and roots in the rain, I have seen rocks turn into skating arena's!! Certain tracks/venues do not drain well, riding too soon after the rain does cause erosion which stuffs up the track, so better to leave these for a bit later;Enjoy!!
  5. I ordered the medium size box, which goes for R4750.00 (including mounting plate), add courier fee and the rubber pad for the pillion it came in at R5500.00.
  6. I don't know but doubt it. Seems to be the normal issue locks. But I'm sure if you wanted you can add a BMW lock which will use the same key.
  7. Sooooo, I'm like a little kid before Christmas. Ordered myself a top box from "X Strong Adventure boxes" (local guys in Richardsbay), was couriered today so if aramax moves their butts I should be able to do my work trip on Thursday to the NW on the bike!!
  8. So here I am, on the eve on my 1 week anniversary of owning a bike again. So far, she has received some new tyres (Michelin Anakee Adventure), I have been in the saddle for just short of 1500km and cannot be happier. Every time I twist the grip I can barely contain the excitement, she's predictable on power delivery but the amount of power still surprises me!! A few things on my shopping list: Alu top box (purely for commuting purposes, I little part of me is hoping that the temptation will be less to break into it vs plastic);Pannier frames from SW-Motech will be shortly on the heals of the topbox;As and when I plan my 1st trip I'll be getting some soft luggage (I am really like the range from toys2go).At some point I will be adding the crash bars around the front with some spotlights (I am however a bit nervous about the addition of weight to the front). Any thoughts of my list/what I should add?
  9. Now this is what I want to do!!! On the logistical side of things: What kettle? Do you build a little fire next to the road or how do you operate?
  10. Wow this looks spectacular!!! What top box do you have on there? I'm in the market for one but cannot decide what to get
  11. Damn!!!! That is extremely nice!
  12. Stunning!! Wishing you many happy miles!
  13. I have only read good things about them. The bike currently has an Anakee on the front but something else on the back, both tyres are old tho so will be getting a new set on Monday morning. Picked her up this afternoon, and after a short 120km home (in a straight line it's about 20km), I did found out that she actually came with many extra's. All the small protection items already installed, just need a top box and then I'm sorted.
  14. Is there a best of both worlds tyre or not really? To start off well most likely be road bound until both of us are more comfortable on the bike. Realistically I have not been on a proper bike since about 2013. So a long time out the saddle.
  15. So finally I can add to this thread. I little R1200GS crossed my path lastweek and I pulled the trigger on it. Main purpose of the bike is to travel a bit with the missus and to do weekend tour a month. But with that being said on a lovely sunny day I will most likely end up riding to work etc as well. As a first trip, starting from Jhb, what would you recommend? I was thinking Dullstroom but this morning a friend started talking about a trip he did to Parys.
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