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  1. Yup you can watch on demand. Has a scroll bar that you can drag back at any time or again click the "Live" button to jump back to live feed.
  2. Just for info - use it don't use it. 1. Subscribed to NordVPN . Just got charged $93 for 28 months. About 60 bucks a month. Very very easy. 2. Created a "dummy" gmail account and entered all details UK based. Very very easy 3. On my Android TV Box simply signed in with this UK gmail user. Very very easy 4. On my Android box installed NordVPN App and logged onto UK server. Very very easy 5. Android TV Box immediately assumed I am UK based and viola the Discovery+ App was available to download from Google App store. Very very easy 6. Subscribed to Discovery+ via the web. Very very easy. 7. Arranged with a friend in the UK to log in using my Discovery+ credentials and subscribed to Discovery+ with her UK Credit Card. About 7 Pounds/month. Not so easy - as one need a friend with a UK Card willing to do this. 8. Use whatever means there is to transfer 7 Pounds from your account to friend's UK account. Very very easy but be clever about it as international SWIFT fees could be expensive. Pay your friend a year in advance and only pay one SWIFT transfer fee. 9. On Android Box where Discovery+ is installed, you are signed in with your Google UK Account and your NordVPN is logged onto a UK server - it works perfectly. Eurosport Sport and many other channels and all in HD. Yes I have a fairly good fibre line but this Sunday watched Paris-Roubaix buffer free with the usual GCN gang doing commentary - before, during and after the race. Loved it!! All in all a fairly easy process. Dare I say: Very very easy? 🤣
  3. So finally got a "friend" in the UK to use his card to subscribe me to Discovery Plus. With a VPN and a little tweak here and a little tweak there, I am fully on Discovery Plus watching cycling on Euro Sport in HD quality (ZERO BUFFERING). I am soooooooo happy again! Proper commentary, no adds and lots of coverage! There is hope in this world! 😀
  4. Tx - seems you will have to make your phone look like it's in the UK. VPN perhaps.
  5. Hmmm...giving me an idea here. If I use VPN (to UK) and open an Android/Google UK account - can one transfer a credit into that account and pay for a subscription via the credit balance (i.e. it is not charging your card, but using the credit balance). Perhaps need to give that a bash. But can you transfer rands into a UK Google account? Can you even have a credit balance or is card payment the only allowed option. Sorry just my mind churning.
  6. Ahh typical Apple...🤪Received my Android refund In January already. Sorry - one cannot miss and opportunity for a stab at Apple..🤣
  7. Tx! Are you saying that if I have a UK Bank Account, but my residential address linked to that card still shows SA - I may still not be able to subscribe to Discovery+?
  8. Coooool! Tx for letting me know. Will check it out
  9. Honestly I have not tried 😬🤐
  10. Cool - hope it works. Feel free to ask for advice. I personally do not like VPN on a router unless the router supports split tunnelling. At least then one can route only specific IPs via the VPN route and others via normal non VPN route. I prefer this since VPN can easily slow down your speed by at least 30-40%
  11. Quick Question @michaelbiker: I bank with Investec and one can open an UK account at an admin cost of 10 pounds/month. That should allow me to subscribe to Discovery+. Do you get exactly the same cycling coverage on Discovery+ than one did on GCN+? I.e. they stream Eurosport channels? By that I mean races/stages streamed from the start - unlike DSTVCrapper which mostly only shows the last 2 hours with at least 90 minutes of adds, many of them crammed into the last 2km of the stage.
  12. I followed https://www.wirelesshack.org/top-sports-addons-for-kodi.html and although screenshots weren't 100% aligned it was still pretty much straight forward. What I struggled with was the UI of the Aspire Build and how to navigate to TV SPORTS. Once I got that mastered, it was fairly straight forward.
  13. On Apple TV - I doubt. For starters you cannot run a VPN on an Apple TV. You will have run the VPN on your router if it supports it. I have also never tried Kodi with additional builds on Apple TV. So far it works fine on Windows PC and Android Media players
  14. In South Africa we cannot subscribe to Eurosport or Discovery+ to watch live cycling. With GCN+ closing down little option but to accept add ridden, boring commentary DSTV. Kodi offers an option where you run Kodi for example in my case on my Windows PC, installed the Aspire Build on top of Kodi, run my VPN via the UK - and viola - Kodi brings up a whole lot of movie, tv and sports channels to watch live. Eurosport 1 & 2 being included. Ok I make it sound simple - it did take a bit of figuring out and also some advice from Hubbers who have done it already - but fairly simple in the end. Got most of the instructions here: https://www.wirelesshack.org/top-sports-addons-for-kodi.html
  15. Got the whole Kodi/Aspire thing sorted. Works perfectly and currently watching Eurosport 2. Free!
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