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  1. Budget not mentioned - I have Jabra Elite 85t - Holy Mothers!! Sound is incredible, comfortable on the ear (very important), works well with all devices (also has touch control on the earbuds) and battery life very good! I can recommend them! A note though -once snug in the ear and ANC is switched on, it works VERY well and outside sounds very well blocked. You will hear a car honking and loud-ish sounds but general noise blocked. You can disbale ANC or even better - enable passthrough - then outside sounds actually gets played in the ear. Very important to me are earbuds that are sweatproof and these are.
  2. Doesn't look like he will participate Lefevere: The Tour de France is possibly too hard for Mark Cavendish | Cyclingnews
  3. pedal menace


    Could not agree more - using NordVPN and watching the Tour of the Alps as I am typing this. Perfect quality - could not be happier! Ok I am lying - if Chris Froom was only doing a bit better I would be even more happier. Ah well - love all the cycling!!
  4. I am reading this topic with much interest as I am too looking for a new front/rear tire setup. The one thing I see mentioned nowhere (and definitely) is VERY important - is RIM width. In my opinion this has a great influence on the tire width choice you make. When you have a 25mm internal rim width I personally would not recommend going wider than (max) 2.4 in front - 2.2/2.3 is recommended. If you have a 30mm internal width - by all means go 2.6. Just my opinion. With this in mind - I too recommend Rekon up front and Ikon rear or even Aspen. Problem is - as usual - is STOCK! Since I have a 25mm rim, I am looking for a 2.25 Rekon front but I simply cannot find any stock anywhere. Well at least at the 5 bike shops I contacted. Good article as well: 25mm vs 30mm rims for mountain biking - Australian Mountain Bike | The home for Australian Mountain Bikes (ambmag.com.au)
  5. Awesome feedback and quite comprehensive! Well done. Not wanting to digress from the importance of supporting Cois - I have used Tacx Desktop App, Rouvy, Zwift and Fulgaz quite extensively. I am now set on FulGaz. It has a family plan (2 users I think) and the rides/videos are really GOOD! I stream most of the time at 4K - no issues (ok I have fast fibre connection - sorry!) Many of us (well me specifically) just do not have a ton of time to go out on the road so an indoor ride is the perfect alternative. When one just wants to go for a 90 minute ride, do not care about coaching, not too fussed if power readings are not 100% accurate, don't want to listen to some buddy in the background giving comments etc - FulGaz is perfect. I ride Bluetooth and have not had ONE disconnect ever. I ride against myself so all the bells and whistles does not matter to me - I am sure many others will want this - I don't. I just want to ride and measure myself. And FulGaz fits the bill! Literally hundreds of videos all over the world. And their support is awesome (mailed them tons of times). Back to Cois - all the best and thinking of you a lot!
  6. Cool - but was planning to watch on GCN+ anyway - perfect alternative to the garbage DSTV dishes out daily at a gezillionth of the price. Since it is ad free - No Marriot ad every 3 minutes - I might just still do that
  7. pedal menace


    The whole issue on VPN is confusing the *** out of me. That can be a debate on its own. I am considering opening a topic just on VPN and related questions as it is coming up more and more. I have a few questions that I am just not getting answers on - not even via interweb - and I do consider myself quite IT literate - just not necessarily when it comes to networking
  8. pedal menace


    Ok - I made the jump - just subscribed to GCN (my luck missing the special - but 1-Year subscription still less than 1-Month of DSTV). On my tablet (iPad) (slight disappointment) it is just a mobile phone view, i.e. it is just a mobile app. You cannot get full screen video. On my phone - looks beautiful. Went to telly and via Airplay just played the live streaming on my telly - worked perfectly! And it is looking good! 1080P. So I am really satisfied. Just wish I could get tablet to go full screen.
  9. pedal menace


    Hi All - Been reading this with great interest. Especially since this weekend is Milan San Remo and seems no DSTV coverage (maybe we will see a few Marriott ads to compensate). As per GCN website - Milan San Remo will be covered by them in South Africa. So - I face the question - do I subscribe to GCN?? From my research it seems (please do correct me where I get it horribly wrong): 1. GCN+ is mostly developed for a mobile phone only. You can download it to your tablet but they do not guarantee that it will work all that well; 2. You do NOT need a VPN as South Africa is on their list - however not all countries get to see the same races. So, if you do want bigger variety get a VPN set up, and become a Europian. You are likely to get MUCH more content; 3. Whenever DSTV broadcasts an event live (even if just the last hour or two), you are unlikely to get it on South Africa GCN as DSTV owns the broadcast rights; 4. You can Chromecast your phone to your TV and as such then watch it on the big telly; 5. You can watch GCN on a browser - not sure if the built in Smart TV browser will work though; Anyone knows? 6. Not sure if GCN will work on an Apple TV - then I can watch directly on big telly. Anyone knows? Anything important I am missing?
  10. Has anyone recently done some international shopping? I have heard horror stories about stuff taking months to clear customs. Many international shops package and ship quickly - only for the process to hit an affective dead stop at SA customs. Making this an VERY risky process to follow. Also did some checking if I were to buy a hardtail at an international shop - the price in general looks OK-ish - but you need to add the following : i) Shop shipping and packaging (usually not free, DHL can be expensive), ii) insurance (yup things do go missing or break, iii) 15% VAT (on top of all previous charges) iv) approx 15% custom duties. This all adds up making the good looking price not so good and then there is the customs clearing risk. Oh - and I think if the price is greater than R50k, you need to bring it in via an agent with an importers license - a bit of a schlep finding one. So is international shopping worth it?
  11. At least Omnico replied to your mails. I mailed them directly as well enquiring about certain products - I am yet to receive feedback (many weeks). Right now one can only buy what's still on the shelves. One has very few options if you are specific in what you want. Since I started this topic I have made several more enquiries - every single one had the same feedback - stock on many items (i.e. MTB hard tail) expected as late as next year only. Yes - next year!! And YES - I am picky and therefore will just settle with what I have for now. It is not any fault of the bike shops themselves.
  12. *MINI THREAD HIJACK* I have several bikes that run Shimano brakes - Is there a way to bleed them without buying a Shimano bleeding kit? They seem to be very hard to come by. I have reached the point that I simply ride my bikes and pump the brakes when needed until they are "hard". It works but not ideal. Just too much of a schlep to book bike into a bike shop just for a bleed every single time. Do-it-yourself YouTube Video/Website perhaps? *MINI THREAD HIJACK OFF*
  13. Can I please get some advise. Maybe I struggle to read webpages or follow instructions, but what exactly is the process to transfer your entry to Aug 2021? The way I read it is: 1. You will receive a mail with a unique code that you (I think) append to your race entry reference number - this then becomes your discount coupon; 2. You then need to physically go to the 2021 entry portal, enter the 2021 event but use your unique coupon code to get the relevant discount; 3. You end up paying just the transfer fee; NOW.... * To this date I have received ABSOLUTELY NO MAILS WHATSOEVER. * I have checked every possible spam folder, everywhere, I really did not get any mails! * I have mailed EcoBound and asked what's up - I have received ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE; Am I following the wrong process? Anyone who can help?
  14. I have chatted to a few shops and most shops are now behind the scenes exchanging/swopping stock between them - the distributors can simply not supply anything so the shops pull together amongst themselves to consolidate stock and sell what is on the shelves and on the floors. Not a bad thing per se - but overall depletes the little that remains.
  15. They were one of my first stops - only had absolutely wonderful service from them in the past. But alas - also no stock. I think this is a dire situation for all shops.
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