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  1. In Nils' defense, it was raining and the photographer was shouting at him while hiding under a tree a good distance away!
  2. This seems the way to go. Those tires do not ring a bell to anyone internally so could be aftermarket tires. Best would be to play it safe and run sealant tubes till they're done with.
  3. Morning, Not sure myself. Let me confirm and get back to you.
  4. Thanks for considering our brand. πŸ‘Š If it helps, we are also the support agents for Microshift in South Africa. Meaning in the case something does wear out or break or gets damaged on the trail, we will be able to provide parts and spares to your LBS. We can! @Andrewdevil Just needs to email the serial number to us (info at titanrachingbikes.com ) and we will be able to confirm it on our system.
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