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  1. Event Name: Funduro MTB Festival @ Grootfontein Bike Park When: 21 November 2020 Where: Grootfontein Bike Park, Gauteng Category: Enduro Welcome dirt friends. FunDuro at Grootfontein is an all inclusive family and friends driven event in a safe and social environment. Both on and off the bike. We’ve designed a program based on fun and connecting with like minded people who have a bike shaped heart and soul. Activities are geared towards learning new skills or improving on existing skills and applying these on purposely set routes. There will be timing and various categories available so you can test your metal too. The venue Grootfontein Bikepark is a multi-disciplined bike park overlooking the surrounding farmlands. Accommodating MTB skills levels from enjoyable leisure to highly skilled technical trails. Built by riders for riders so you can get the best out of your riding. The FunDuro team can’t wait to kuier with you. What is a Funduro? The Funduro is an event for everyone young to old, who loves riding their Mountain bikes, cruising up the hills and racing down. That’s right you are only timed on the “down” section. Boutime will do the time keeping to compete in this event. The race options selected are a combination of flowing. A combination of all fun trials that everyone can ride. Pump track for the kids. One of our major sponsors – Norco will also be there on the day with some demo bikes that you can take for a spin. Is Enduro Only for the Pros? Definitely not! While enduro does require some physical fitness and skill to complete the course, it is one of the most approachable disciplines for an amateur rider. Here are a few reasons why enduro is awesome for all levels of riders: When racing on timed stages, it is just you, your bike and the clock. There isn’t much worry about having to pass or get passed, because you are sent off down the trail at 30 second – 1 minute intervals. If you do get passed (or need to pass someone), it is usually just one person at a time, which is much easier to handle than a whole group of riders in an XC race. Men, women, pro, amateur; everyone rides the same course! So, regardless of your classification, you can compare your times to everyone else. It is totally normal to carry a pack around. In a lot of other racing formats you will be scoffed at for carrying a bag, but in enduro, it is often necessary. If you get a flat or other mechanical, you’re responsible. And, who doesn’t love the opportunity for snacking? Transition stages give you the opportunity to catch your breath, stretch out… and… eat! It is basically a motivated trail ride! Think of enduro as a ride you would normally love to do… just with a bunch of new friends and a little more motivation to push your limits on the descents. The people are amazing. More than any other form of racing, enduro is known for having a friendly atmosphere. Wait for your buddies to finish the timed stage runs and then ride to the top together. And of course, celebrate with new and old friends at the finish line with race talk, good food and a tasty beverage. Instructors Sean Chris Charl van Zyl (Pyga) Louise Kotze What else will be there? Skills training courses presented by the pro's(included in the rider entry, book your time slot at one of our 4x skill instructors)Groups of 5 per instructor 1 Hour sessions on the actual lines Book your entry together with your skills training time slot [*]Bash down the course and see how you improve before and after your skills training [*]Live band [*]Epic trails/lines [*]Food, beer & non-alcoholic drinks [*]Downloadable online certificate [*]Adventure medics will be present for any "oopsies". [*]Loads of lucky prizes to be won [*]Wee day out! [*]Professional Photographer - Dino Lloyd [*]Free high quality buffs Overall Prize Categories (Male & Female) General Categories U11 U16 U21 U30 U40 Over 40 Special categories XC Hardtail Male Hardtail Female Open – E-bike After the event At the finish line there will be beer from award winning Hazeldean Brewing Co. (there will non alcoholic refreshments also) and food waiting for you. Prize giving will then follow with some great lucky draw prizes to be won. Important times Registration opens at 06h00 Race briefing starts at 06h45 Skills training starts at 07h00 (on the course) Self riding starts at 10h00 Bands will start playing at 10h00 Race starts at 11h30 Race finishes at 13h00 Prize Giving at 14h00 Health and Safety Normal rules apply, we have attached the clubs Health and Safety Rules for some light reading before the day. NO HELMET NO RIDE Want to be involved as a sponsor or vendor, please email info@bouttime.co.za with the services/involvement you would like to offer. Go to Event Page
  2. Event Name: Hazeldean Cowhouse Spring MTB Race When: 4 October 2020 Where: Cowhouse Market, Gauteng Category: MTB Hazeldean Valley Trails is on the doorstep of Pretoria East, on a beautiful farm where cyclists can enjoy a variety of different scenery from bushveld to farmland to the lush treeline of the Pienaars River. Official MTB Race approved & regulated by authorities Only 300x entries available(might be adjusted depending on Level 1 Regulations) Route options (NO LAPS) Premises will open at 05h00 45km – R230 - 06h00 - @2 WaterPoint 20km – R180 - 07h00 - @1 WaterPoint Kiddies 5km MTB – R100 - 10h00 - No CSA License required Important Info When to Arrive: To avoid gatherings please do not arrive too soon, or too late. Arrive anytime within your hour. Batches: 40 Riders per batch with a 5-minute interval per batch. Participants will be notified via sms their start time. Number Collection: Once you have arrived within your time slot to register and cycle. Your entry will include the following Goodie bag to all pre-entries (online entries) All finishers get a choice between a medal or a free craft beer (or equivalent beverage) from Hazeldean Brewing Co. Beautiful, well-marked routes Well stocked water points sponsored by Key360 Nutrition Medics on Standby This event is an official Discovery Vitality Racing Event & Momentum Multiply , your points will be rewarded automatically BoutTime will ensure for instant results on your phone, website & on our electronic result boards at the finish, no more waiting There will also be prizes sponsored by Craft Homes There will be prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th overall for each distance and gender and also 1st place for each age category Age categories are: Nippers(1-10), Sprogs(11-12), Sub-junior(13-14), Youth(15-16), Junior(17-18), U23 Elite(19-22), Elite(23-29), Sub Veteran(40-49), Veteran(40-49), Masters(50-59), Grand Masters(60+) You have to be present at prize giving to claim your prize. The Rules and Regulations (Things that might get you disqualified) Please don’t gather before and after your cycle Please remember to wear your face masks in the race village at all time Sanitiser will be provided. Strictly No spectators allowed. Please remain 1.5m from each other, on the trails if you pass, indicate to the person in front of you that you are going to pass and doing so swiftly and by trying to keep your distance. After your ride you will receive a medal, downloadable certificate and your time will be captured for your health points at Momentum Multiply & Discovery Vitality. The overall top 3 participants by distance and top 1 age category, both for males & females will receive their virtual reward by means of an EFT or physical sponsored item to be collected at our offices or at the next exercise session. BoutTime will also track who is still out on the trail & who not. Please remember to notify us if you did not complete the whole distance before we send out a search party unnecessary. What else will be there: Free Parking Toilets Free kids play area (but regrettably no childminding facilities) Plenty of food and drinks stalls at the Cowhouse Market Plenty of food and drink stalls Crafts for sale Entertainment such as pony rides And of course Hazeldean Brewing Co Craft Beer on tap A fun day out for the whole family Late Entries & Number Collection: Friday: @ Hotspot Cycles between 13h00 and 17h00. Saturday: @ Hotspot Cycles between 11h00 and 14h00. Sunday: @ The venue between 05h00 and 07h00. (Credit Card, Cash, Zapper & SnapScan). R30 Surcharge on Late Entries IMPORTANT UPDATE Due to continued damage to our temp boards and theft of riders not handing in their race boards back to our timing team. We had to make the difficult decision of implementing a new system where you can buy your very own permanent race number, having to discontinue our loss of temporary boards for on the day. This one you can use time and time again and is assigned to your name, meaning that it is yours and you register for the race online, having no need to collect your number from registration queue, you sign up online and show up at the start line for the race. Your brand new permanent board will cost you R50, alternatively can you rent one of the old raceboards from us for R20. This is in line with other time keeping companies, it will shorten the registration queues for repeated riders, making it more convenient and make the number collection process faster. Route Profiles The routes have been well designed to have a good balance of jeep track (to prevent bunching) and single track (to keep it fun). The profiles are mostly flatish with a small amount of climbing on the longer distances. Route profiles will be available closer to the date. Go to Event Page
  3. Event Name: A Wildevy Around the Canals When: 5 September 2020 Where: The Wildevy Wedding Venue, Hartebeesepoort, North West Category: MTB Distance: 137km ,680m elevation Fee: R250 ( 3 fully stocked Water points, Ledgends Craft Gin or Beer when you cross the finish line!) Venue: The Wildevy Wedding Venue, Hartebeesepoort Venue Opens: 5:30am Registration: 6:00 am Ride Briefing: 6:55 am Start time: 7:00 am One of our popular training rides starting off just outside Harties which takes you through to the Brits canals where most of the route will take you along the canals. Scenic route with fast and flat'ish drags. From 80km the route will start taking you on the climbs, steep and long enough to show you what goes down must go up! You will finish off at theThe Wildevy Wedding Venuewhere you will claim your delicious gourmet burger and sample on a perfectly brewed beer discussing the fun happenings of the day. Route is a roundabout loop that will take you back to where you start. It is reasonable flat and fast but will test your endurance in the legs. Compulsory gear: Lights and rear reflectors - i make sure you can see and be seen. Warm kit/Protection against wind and rain REMEMBER: to have spares, tubes, repair kit, space blanket and a medical kit with you, along with your medical aid details and emergency contact numbers in a water proof container. GPX file: This route will not be marked. A GPS will be required where a gpx file will be provided closer to the event. It may still be dark and very cold the time you get going, so ensure you charge your lights and pack in warm kit. More beer, coffee and coldrink will be sold by the venue This event is proudly sponsored by: My PVM Ecologic: Decreaser- Disinfectant Bike & Trail Adventure Medics Go to Event Page
  4. The new Norco's are beaut's https://www.norco.com/bikes/2019/road/gravel/
  5. (e.g. Bout Time; Racetec; Performance Sport; Finish Time to name a few) I think riders confuse time keeping companies with organisers or am I missing something? Usually an organiser like WildTrailSA, Trail Hunter Events, EcoBound, Cape Epic, Cape Argus for that matter, Petrichor Adventures, Magoeba Trek employs a time keeping company like BoutTime, RaceTec or FinishTime etc. I think a lot of riders(& runners) get it wrong and see the time keeping companies branding at the finish and are under the impression that the route, medal options, markings, loo's and organising of the event has been done by the time keeping company whereas it's actually the organiser who is responsible for all the aforesaid(even the results)....Let me explain: If the route is poorly marked by the organiser and the riders ride different distances the time keeping company is in the hands of the organiser. Rider A rode 50km which is correct but rider B has gone off track and only rode 43km and finishes before rider A.So although rider A won rider B was first over the line and the results are wrong. The time keeping company is only at the start/finish line and don't have any responsibility of who is riding what as its not their job, they trust the organiser to have marked the route & splits properly, its the job of the organiser and marshals to ensure that everyone stays on the correct route and the time keepers job is to record the time stamp when the rider started and finished. Why I'm saying this is I have seen at many events how riders shout at the time keepers about not having enough loo's, bad organising, no medals, getting lost on route, poor route markings, lack of medics etc etc etc when in fact they have nothing to do with the aforesaid issues but unfortunately when riders are tired, fed-up & angry the first person the see when crossing the finish line is the time keepers....Even family member or friends accidentally switching race boards and can't understand why their results are wrong, or a back marker who rode shorter due to an injury and don't tell the time keepers and comes first in the race distance they originally entered for.....so they shout at the time keeping company. So I think we should clearly distinguish between time keeping companies & event organisers, it not the same company and their roles & responsibilities are very different.
  6. Whats the story behind Grootfontein Bike park, who owns it, how long are the trails and whats cooking there? FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/grootfonteinbikepark/ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bikeparkgrootfontein/
  7. I do both cycling and running. Lets take the Tom Jenkins road run in Pretoria as an example. We stay in Pretoria hence the reason we entered for this run. However Thursday & Fridays pre-number collections were in Jhb. So collecting your number the morning of the race with 5000 runners is not really an option nor the drive to Jhb during midweek. There's definitely an opportunity for your service. PM me if you want to get serious, I might be able to help you.
  8. Event Name: WTF MTB Challenge - 5th Edition When: 30 November 2019 Where: Cowhouse Market, Gauteng Category: MTB Event Information When: 30 November 2019, Saturday. Race will start at 6h30 Sharp Where: Hazeldean Valley Trails, Cowhouse Market Times: Premises will open at 5h00 , 80km A-bunch will start at 6h30 SHARP, 60km thereafter and then the 40km. We would like to keep the race a safe as possible and well hydrated, our timing system will be set for a staggered start. This way we will keep riders passing each other to a minimum and for everyone will benefit from an earlier start to prevent heat exhaustion. It will work as follows: Distances, entry fees & starting times: (Please note slight start time changes to prevent bottlenecks) 80km | 771m - R280 - 6:30 60km | 502m - R210 - 7:00 40km | 370m - R170 - 7:10 20km - R150 - 8:00 Number Collection: Friday, 29 Nov (1-6pm): Rustica Olympus, Ajax road Saturday, 30 Nov (5am Onwards): Cowhouse Market - on the day entries available at R30 extra Your entry will include the following Free bike wash & lube after the race by #QBike Chance to win a Norco MTB!!!! Early number collection special at Rustica Choice between and a really special medal or craft beer from Hazeldean Brewery when you finish. Category & Spot Prizes worth more than R10,000 Ample parking Early Start @ 6:30 E-Bike option on the 40km only, Open, Single Speed & Tandem Category BoutTime will ensure for instant results on your phone and website as you finish, no more waiting Well stocked water/nutrition points, Waterpoints sponsored by Key 360 Nutrition80km: Stations at 20km, 40km & 60km and Finish [*] 60km: Stations at 20km, 40km and Finish [*] 40km: Stations at 20km and Finish [*] 20km: Stations at 10km and Finish Why has the race move to "Hazeldean Valleys"? More options on greater trails in a 30km radius. Less district roads which means that its safer Brand new start venue @ Hazeldean Valley, Cowhouse Great market, craft beer from Hazeldean Brewing Co & Food stalls We plan to use the whole "block" for the race which means everything between Graham Rd, Silver Lakes rd, Old Bronkies Rd & Boschkop Rd Route Profiles 20km Route Will remain inside Hazeldean Valley Trails without any road crossings for safety reasons. It will be an easy route, safe and loads of fun, ideally suitable for kids & beginners. 40km Route | 350m The 40km will remain inside Hazeldean Valley Trails where the riders will enjoy some flowing single track before heading back to the Cowhouse Market where everyone will receive a free bike wash by #QBike and the choice between a craft beer from Hazeldean Brewing Co. or a very unique and usable medal. The market will be open and there will be a live performance for the whole family to enjoy.http://www.bouttime.co.za/images/wtf40km.jpg 60km Route | 580m The 60km will head-out to Rosemary Hill Trails where the riders will enjoy some flowing single track before heading out to the private farms where they will have the opportunity to ride on awesome trails before heading back to Hazeldean Valley Trails. Once the riders entered Hazeldean Valley Trails on approx the 40km mark, they will enjoy some of the best hand-selected single track, jeep track & farm roads before heading back to the Cowhouse Market where everyone will receive a free bike wash by #QBike and the choice between a craft beer from Hazeldean Brewing Co.. or a very unique and usable medal. http://www.bouttime.co.za/images/wtf60km.jpg 80km Route | 750m The 80km will head-out to Rosemary Hill Trails where the riders will enjoy some flowing single track before heading out to the private farms where they will have the opportunity to ride on awesome trails before heading back to Hazeldean Valley Trails. Once the riders entered Hazeldean Valley Trails on approx the 40km mark, they will enjoy some of the best hand-selected single track, jeep track & farm roads before heading back to the Cowhouse Market where everyone will receive a free bike wash by #QBike and the choice between a craft beer from Hazeldean Brewing Co. or a very unique and usable medal. The market will be open and there will be a live performance for the whole family to enjoy.http://www.bouttime.co.za/images/wtf80km.jpg Go to Event Page
  9. It happened..... http://www.bouttime.co.za/images/bouttimecpt.jpg
  10. I think they were but I also heard that Norco's are not allowed to be sold online(international policy), must be bought at the shop due to safety reasons but all Cycles united stores have them.
  11. Found it on twitter, was at the Lowveld Tour. ( ). @LangeMalcolm: @officegururacin @AirRelaxSA @BrandonDownes08 @jarodhav63 Great to see after a @Cycling_SA official crashed my rider! Again it was the cyclists fault we are told ????Time to take responsibility @Cycling_SA ! Sad state of affairs!
  12. Does anyone know about the Pro cyclist who got hit by the commissure's car during a tour, 2-3 days ago? I think a road cycling tour near Sabie or something? Is the cyclist okay and whats happening to the commissure? Or did I miss the tread?
  13. I heard something that BoutTime is moving down to the Cape probably in 2019.
  14. I saw at a few races that NTS(www.nationaltrailseeding.co.za) also does seeding and uses it at their larger events. More advanced/modern/intouch calculations as per their website and it works well.
  15. Event Name: South Africa Single Speed Champs 2018 When: 28 September 2018 - 30 September 2018 Where: Garden Route Trail Park, Western Cape Category: MTB Go to Event Page
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