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  1. If I recall corrected SC is one of few manufacturers that has a life time warrantee on their pivots. Mate of mine rides TB1 and has not touched anything since purchase in 2012. Bike has been in for services multiple times... Check the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xreZdUBqpJs
  2. Invisible bike, speed wobble! http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j198/trigun221/Funny/InvisibleBike.gif
  3. Don't die! Here... admire this beauty while we wait! http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww8/drsyntax/cannondalemtb-2.jpg
  4. What my girlfriend uses to see where I'm during a long ride or race is Familonet. She can request live tracking of my phone, speed, heading, and location on the map. You however do need a internet connection, and gps function on for it to work, this does drain the battery. Is this what you are looking for?
  5. I've ridden up and down haka, socially as well as during TS and MTN races. I more or less know what I'm in for I'm always keen for a social ride, will keep an eye on this thread. Let me just get back to S.A first!
  6. I'd like to get into this, and want to enter the June event. Other then the obvious FF Helmet and padding, what else do I need? I think my Full sus Stumpy is good enough for the terrain?
  7. USN bottles I use a brush for the inside. Cap, I remove the rubber nipple completely and use a thin camelback brush in there. I get powder sediment, and protein in there too. My bottles have a tough life
  8. I've switched from Scott to Spez Comp MTB shoes. Best R1400 I've ever spent. Replaceable inserts, and Boa ratchet. You cannot go wrong. Any Spez cyclery concept store has them!
  9. Bear in mind FSA and Truvativ won't cost much over a thousand Rondts! Stiff, and light. Not sure why Easton is considered 'better'?
  10. If they have stock! Whatever I need they never have stock!
  11. All my bikes either had the Truvativ T30 Carbon or FSA SLK. Both full carbon, and both super stiff!
  12. I think it's the hard and isolated terrain. Sudden changes in weather. The climbing isn't spread equally over the race distance, it comes in 'bursts'. No shade and no tall vegetation to hide you from the sun... not sure actually. Now that you mention it, when Barberton used to be on the MTN calendar the rate of climb per km was greater then Atta, but Atta still took twice the time Maybe I just suck at mtb
  13. I drive down with someone to drive the car from start to finish. Book accommodation at both start and finish, take a few days before start, and 1-2 after finish. They also have a service where your car is driven down to finish
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