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  1. http://www.hayibo.com/articles/view/1267/Outpouring_of_apathy_as_49_non-neo-Nazi_South_Africans_also_murdered.htm ...and for the record I don't give a sh*t about ET or Jules...nothing I can do can change them or their idiotic ramblings, so they are just ignored. For health reasons it appears some of you guys should also adopt this approach, before you have a pump attack.
  2. Nice pics Carl....also having trouble resizing pics for Hub and don't have website. Here are a few of the 4 X course and the qualifying....
  3. Some photo's from the XC yesterday.....quite a hectic course! Too Small!...will adjust and submit all
  4. McDonalds is normally held in Richards Bay over approx. 20km laps through the suburbs. Haven't heard that it moved.
  5. ...geez, sorry.....i'll get my stoker off and weigh again Big H, I'm pretty sure that's what I remember...weighed it a few years ago...Sh*t now I'm going to have to weigh it or I won't sleep
  6. ...Cannondale with Rolfs weighs in at 16kg....anyone have an idea on the Ravo?
  7. ...hey leave me out of this one....and "fourfeet" get your own nick, I don't need you bringing the 4feet brand down with your 2c!
  8. Linnega, you certainly come across generally as intelligent and blessed with common sense....what happened, weren't wearing the helmet?
  9. ...just collected and connected my Revelation 3 from Brighter-Lights....the light out of this thing is insane!...can't wait till the sun disappears The quality of the service received from Jo and the quality of the product itself leaves me feeling more than satisfied that I received value for money. My Blackburn X8 just got relegated to my helmet
  10. ...have the X8SL...have ridden 1 night race off road and 1 early morning training ride on road...I am more than happy I think it is good value for money and is an adequate light for most, if not all, situations. It's compact and fairly light...battery can fit almost anywhere.
  11. ..like it or not, a large portion of the past contributors of relevant topics and participants in meaningful discussion on this forum are gone...yes some return for the odd issue but, by and large, the change that the hub has undergone has not benefited it's members or cycling in general. I suspect that the growth in numbers is negated largely by the attrition of members and their profiles remaining although dormant. Don't get me wrong...there is still a lot of relevant and meaningful discussion but it is just littered and obscured by greater amounts of irrelevant and unnecessary comment. Whether this be brought on through attempts at wit, through poor emotional development or just general poor manners, who knows, but the lack of respect, self control and common decency abounds...shame. Yeah, I come across as a fuddy duddy. I have smoked dope...chewed rope....and shot at the moon in my time but from lifes experiences comes one understanding...down the line the simple things that grandpa taught you about honesty, respect and good manners really do count. Cheers...
  12. ...more importantly than personal rights and opinions, a fair indication of the state of a society is it's respect for, as well as inderstanding of, one another as members of that community. Reality is that each of us joined this community because it was cycling oriented and expectations are that, in the main, cycling subjects will dominate discussions. My feeling is that this basic premise has been lost. Respect and understanding in this country has unfortunately been eroded by so called rights and that is clearly reflected here. Cycling has taken a back seat to what everyone perceives to be their personal rights and their right to foist this on all of us. I did not join this forum to discuss politics, religion, rights or sex.....I joined it to engage with similar minded individuals on matters to do with cycling....
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