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  1. Thanks, bought 4 tubs of the Nature's Choice in store at the reduced price today.
  2. Can you buy either/both versions at the discounted price in store?
  3. Quick one - what's the view on LCHF for weight/strength training. Is there benefit in taking carbs before a workout?
  4. For those that use the iPad App - Whatever you do, DON'T download the new version 2. It does not work properly at all. I know Tacx has had software issues in the past, but I've used the verison 1 App without any issue. Verison 2 is useless. Their forum has people all experiencing the same issues. Keep to version 1, and if anyone knows how I can go back to verison 1, please PM me. (No, I don't have it in a backup that I can restore.)
  5. Bushido + iPad - Great, simple, wireless combination. No need for PC.
  6. Oh, and the point I missed earlier... It seems that the only thing that everyone agrees on is cold pressed virgin coconut oil. That shite must be good for you
  7. Sorry - missed the part that you had a heart attack. That might also lead me to do blood tests. Guess I'm just searching fo the holy grail - a definitive guide to healthy eating for health people (and kids). Maybe there's a gap in the market here I hear you on the moderation thing - it's what we've been conditioned to, that alows us to think that certain things are OK in moderation cause they're so readily available. Thanks
  8. Thanks, loaded the art and science of low carb performance onto my Kindle the other day and part of the way through it. Quite technical really, or is that just me?
  9. Thanks DaleE - I appreciate your response Do we really have to go the extreme of testing our blood to find out what works for us? And what of the longer term effects which we cannot test now? Or do we just adopt the "everything in moderation" approach?
  10. Thanks jcza - I've obviously read a lot of your earlier posts and seen your views on carbs while racing and training etc. Does this book give good guidance wrt to which fats etc to eat?
  11. Hi Guys So I started LCHF 11 days ago and managed to convince the wife to do it with me. My reason for looking at it was not really weight loss (I could lose a few kilos to get back to racing weight, but not really overweight), but rather I know that I had become a carb monster. I generally eat very well and haven't added sugar to anything in years. I drink lots of water and avoid fast food etc, but I couldn't get through a morning or even a 3 hour meeting without eating something. Diet was full of cereal, bread rolls, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. Anyway, some of the LCHF stuff is quite difficults to get your head around after years of conditioning, like adding salt to food, cooking with butter, eating the fat on the meat, chicken skin, full fat products etc.... So I've been reading a lot over the last couple days to get some direction. I've read basically every post in the first 85 pages of this thread in the last two days and it's left me more confused than ever. Some observations: It seems like PUFA are a bigger no-no than carbs? if you're going to go high fat, then make sure your fats come from the right source, otherise you're doing more harm than good? like Newton said, for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every opinion, fact or study, there is an equal and opposite opinion, fact or study. Topwine has some interesting points to add, but generally the converts ignore him. So my point - I have learnt a lot, I think, like avoiding low fat products, removing all forms of processed carbs etc, etc, but the question is: Is there a really good and substantive guide to healthy eating for otherwise health people out there? Something that's not so extreme as to put you in danger of other pitfalls? Is Paleo closer to the ultimate? Thanks
  12. I have the Tacx Bushido. I purposefully didn't buy the TTS software as I didn't want to pay the extra cash and I don't have a PC suitably close to my tranining space. I waited for the release of the free iPad App instead and it works a treat. The app actually controls the trainer (not just gives you output) and you don't even need the head unit. (I'll sell my head unit if anyone wants one.) So you can set the watts that you want to put out in your intervals or target your heart rate etc. All on a user friendly app. (No I don't work for Tacx). The Bushido is fully wireless as well. It doesn't even need a power point, so the whole things has absolutely no wires and is in fact portable - if that's something you could see yourself needing. The app stays on your iPad, so you can lie on the couch and set your next interval session, or while you're sitting in a meeting... There is some VR stuff available and they're expanding all the time. Anyway, I think it's a pretty neat solution.
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