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  1. Came out of the ER, everything went well. just very hungry. still attached to a BP system to monitor my vitals to make sure my heart keeps on working.
  2. Decided fudge this crap. going to go on this vacation. Even if I puke up every single meal, it will be worth it. The feeding bags can wait until I come back.
  3. Just told Reinet that I am not sure. We will have to see how thing works. I am going to be tried to the hospital because they need to supply the “food” so either go on Holiday, carry on with my own diet and what we have been doing, or try to follow the doctors diet and restrict me to nothing and dump the idea of the holiday. I do not want to be a huge burden on anyone and being on this diet is a huge restriction on me.
  4. Got a low blow today. The diet the surgeon think I should be on from now on, means I will never eat anything again. everything will be via a tube and will come in a bag. so for someone loving food and something in the mouth it is a very hard blow. we have to wait for the medical aid to approve the plan. At this stage It seems like treating the cancer on my own with dewormer is an better option. The dietician wasn’t to happy with the proposal, and asked me I will cope, and I could only say that I will have to try and adapt and to make this work, but nothing per mouth sucks big time. it has such a huge mental aspect that this might be the last blow for me.
  5. The most important thing is if you think something is wrong, rather go see a doctor. I saw bleeding but thought it was just another bug in the water supply giving me a hard time. And make sure your doctor knows of things that are wrong. The GP I saw didn’t really care about care. She was overworked. So switched to another Doctor. The doctor picked up on the 2nd visit that things were wrong. If you have constant bowel problems rather go and see another doctor. If things does not clear up with meds there are something else that is wrong. Get the proper medical care. Get to another doctor if you see problems that does not clear up. Most doctors are just a money mill. Make sure your doctor knows your history, and just because you do not have a family history means nothing. I am on stage 4 with no family history at all.
  6. Tomorrow will go onto the operating table. Dr van Niekerk is going to replace my old port with a new port. So I will be able to do my own “feeding” at home as my current port is a bit temperamental due to a blood clot around it. So it does not provide me with a consistent flow. So it is not reliable. it is not a huge procedure. Will be done in an hours time. But will be going under for the procedure. at least I know what will happen and how things are going to happen.
  7. Thanks BigDL. Means the world to me. As long as I can touch someone in any way it gladdens my heart. If I can touch lives in any way it is great. We are missing out so much every day. Even with my family being torn both geographically and emotionally it would be great to be used as an example of what not to do. I spoke to one of the nurses yesterday. She had questions on how I knew something was wrong. So I spoke to her about my journey. And it all comes down to getting to a doctor before it is too late. And mending things before it is too late. Let me check with Reinet in the morning on what would be the best and what will work out with the least cost to you. I know the Investec account was created with the least amount of fees, but we can work a plan. I hate paying fees on anything so let's see what will work the best. She works with international transfers every day and would know what the costs will be for funds being transferred. I know a bit of computers but the financial world and fees are a mystery to me most of the time. Backabuddy is a great platform, and they need to pay staff and rent and all the things going with a business. But in the end, they become expensive. So I will get back to you ASAP on what will work the cheapest.
  8. I just wondered. Is there anyone that can make a Bikehub sticker? Maybe with the words funded by the community of Bikehub? That said if Admin (Matt) will allow it. Because you guys and girls are legends!
  9. I think we need to buy you a coffee. It is the least we can do... I must just get out of the hospitals 😉
  10. Thanks to each and everyone for the vacation fund. And sorry for being quiet today, but was a day that was filled with 8/10 to 10/10 of pain. It was the first time since my stay that I requested pain medication. The CVP has a dull constant pain associated with it that will last a week. But has severe abdominal pain. Currently, I am still vomiting all the food up that I eat. The only difference is the severe pain associated with eating caused by the tumour. The stoma nurse also saw me today. We have been walking this path together since I was diagnosed. Reinet for the first time saw the full extent of the size of the tumour as Sr Thandi felt the tumour. Her eyes welled up with tears as she felt the inevitable event that will take place. She also again reiterated what we always agree upon. I have to keep on fighting this thing. And the reason I am still fighting stood next to me and took my hand in her hand. Her blue eyes welled up with tears and we could not hold back.
  11. At the moment my folks are on Holiday near Durban. And as kind as the gesture is, our relationship with my folks are under strain, and as much as I love my mother and father I would never again visit the Kruger with them. Or to be honest go on vacation with them. the relationship between Reinet and my folks are at a very bad place as my parents does not respect Reinet. They have caused a lot of damage the last few weeks with a blatant show of disrespect towards Reinet. And it got worst when I asked them to show her respect. And they decide what is “best” for us and not the other way around.
  12. Doctor cleared my to fly as well. Just not this week, but next month will be fine. Had an operation done in bed this morning to place a CVP line. The CVP line is used for feeding. So have a huge bag of nutrients being fed into my system. The CVP was placed while I was awake so it is a bit sore and stiff. But the surgeon said I am a trooper so he skipped on the Midazolam or Dormnicum so I felt the “port” being inserted. The worst was the stitches. You can feel the tugging and pulling, but doctor did over a thousand CVP’s this year, so I know that I am in the greatest hands I could wish for. I can feel the nutrients being absorbed by my system, and just the flow of energy reaching my malnourished cells is remarkable. I can feel a change and this after just two hours of feeding.
  13. To be honest. To sit on the stoep at Roam Rooiberg, and the drink in the beauty of the mountains are more enough. And with oom Jacques and tannie Tertia there (they are more parents to me than my mom and dad) is all we need at this stage. Oom Jacques is such an amazing person and a great cyclist that just being around him is an experience in itself. And it is an honor to say that he is family and he cares.
  14. Okay. Account has been opened Account Holder: Mr Francois Hugo Marais Bank: Investec Bank Limited 100 Grayston Drive, Branch code: Sandton 580105 Client account number 50017804320 Type of account Savings
  15. Reinet will create the account either tonight or tomorrow. it will just be easier to manage. And I believe in transparency. I have nothing to hide and the statements will be available if anyone should require them. Same with Backabuddy. I will freely provide the use of funds (sorry I know a lot of people that start charity stuff that they use for their own gain) It will be great if someone else could be helped. Cancer is an illness that I will not even with on all the head Nazi leaders. And it can help anyone else it will help me to know I could help someone else.
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