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  1. Been with them for a number of years and very happy. No issues at all and have had great service. I recommend them to everyone. I haven't had to claim yet though so they aren't fully tested I suppose.
  2. Nice. I've seen Billy Bolt rocking these and they look interesting. Let us know what you think of it
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone, appreciate it
  4. Thanks for all the info. The low ride height is something I didn't realise and given how most weekends away involve some stretch of gravel roads that isn't great to hear (but very good to know). Yeah I've realised the maxi only comes in the diesel version. Will just have to keep looking
  5. This is why I'm steering clear of the TDI version. While I definitely prefer the extra torque, and its noticeable, at my budget you're looking at tdi's with more than 120,000kms on them and I'm wondering when the turbo is going to go. I'm hoping the petrol will be lower cost of maintenance in the long run even if fuel consumption is a bit higher. I've seen some terrible ones out there already so fingers crossed I get a good one!!! We've had plenty of VWs in the past an no issues with repairs or reliability so hoping that trend continues
  6. Ya the 2nd hand market is nuts for sure. I completely agree with your point about going away...when we go away its camp cots, etc all of which take a ton of space
  7. Do you mean you need three rows of seats? Because if you can remove the 3rd row there is quite alot of space (but 400mm shorter than the maxi as Warick pointed out) We're two adults and a child so we need the two rows of seats minimum. (Hence the CrewBus version). If budget wasn't an issue I think it would be the maxi for sure. I might just have to wait until we can afford it seeing as the initial opinion here seems heavily in favour of the bigger version
  8. Sticking to my budget is hard enough as it is! Seems like its the same with everything...your budget is R10 but as soon as you start looking the one you want is at least R12 and most likely R17 or R18
  9. We're thinking of getting a VW Caddy Crew Bus. Based on my budget we are looking at the petrol one and most likely a 2016 or 2017 model It will be our only car. While most of these are 7 seaters, we only need 5 seats so we'll remove the last row and store until the car is to be sold I'm undecided between the maxi and the normal version. Seems like with the 3rd row removed there would be enough space (to load the dogs x4 or a couple bicycles) but would I regret not getting the maxi version?? There aren't many maxi versions around in my price range but should I rather hold off until one come up? Or is the normal one more than enough for our purposes? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I have a Breville Cafe Venzeia which I received as a gift many years ago but haven't used in ages (prefer Moka pot or French Press). I see online that @Home has them for R4,999 What is a reasonable price to ask 2nd hand?
  11. Slightly different slant on this topic...my father in law (75) is looking for some over-ear, wireless headphones for Christmas. Our budget as a family is R1,000 on gifts like this....what are the recommendations (a couple I found on google here or is there something better)? Doesn't have to be sweat proof In ear is not an option for him https://www.incredible.co.za/skullcandy-riff-bt-on-ear-black?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqvaNBhDLARIsAH1Pq51nD5LLpFY39MjyGEKUEQaUi1Uym1fDPlR1UM6X5xRTPH4Bk7HK_t8aAoOWEALw_wcB Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones https://www.takealot.com/jbl-t560bt-wireless-bluetooth-on-ear-headphones-with-mic/PLID71932755
  12. Island tribe The gel one if you really want it to stick all day
  13. Thanks. I was actually hoping for an early Jan race if possible. Looks like JHB City North is my best bet
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