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  1. Happy new year all. What are your running goals for the year? How many are do Comrades, Oceans, UTCT, etc?
  2. Best running news of the year https://www.irunfar.com/world-trail-majors-global-trail-running-series-announced
  3. Any full ironman is a qualifier as long as you complete it. #Justsaying
  4. ScottCM


    Yip, been here coming on up to two years and still haven't been able to get tickets to a game for a reasonable price.
  5. Safe travels to all making their way to Comrades. I'll be on route by Westville boys High on Sunday cheering everyone on.
  6. With less than 300m (Website says 99m but GPX file says 290m) of vert you could set a new course record. Current record is 07:06
  7. Glasgow2Edinburgh 56miles is on 7th October ..... just saying
  8. Missed the cut at the 100Km mark so can't speak about 100miles. Up until then it was very educational and I learned quite a few lessons for next time. Having done a few night time training sessions doesn't adequately prepare you for the mental challenge that is 1-4am when you have been going for 13+hours already and its cold and you are all isolated. I absolutely loved it though. Had a crazy barefoot guy run with me up until CP3 at which point he bailed due to his feet being torn to shreds. Under foot was nice and dry most of the way. The heat was something else for the local runners and I'm pretty sure my Durban upbringing added me in dealing with it. At some point in the evening i started to battle getting enough fluids down which was a concern as i had stopped eating by that time and i was fully reliant on my tailwind bottles. when the morning sun started to warm the body, the sprit and appetite was lifted which are good lessons for the future. All in all definitely an experience worth repeating. my highlight of the event was seeing my wife at almost every CP except from 11pm-6am. She did more work than I did (Attending to my blisters and sprained ankle) and was my inspiration. I also loved seeing the deer and other wildlife but as I'm spoilt in the sense that i get to see them weekly on my runs in the woods I took their beauty for granted. Side note : Gatwick is a terrible airport to depart from.
  9. Last weekend I volunteered at Ultra Trail Snowdonia. These photos were taken of me at 3am at the top of Moel Siabod peak.
  10. ScottCM


    It's tough being a Gooner
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