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  1. Squamish is doing great, been absolute pleasure adopting him
  2. Squamish is such a loveable dog, he has fitted in with my other 2 without any hitch. one of which is actually his sister, Bella from the same litter I remember the day we took Barry to get the pup and he came home with two, he had a grin from ear to ear This dog absolutely loves tennis balls, on about his 3rd in 4 days. Going to have to start a hub fund to support his ball addiction, he doesn't go anywhere without one Its incredible how he gets around on 3 legs, legend like Barry
  3. Husky Rescue will be brining Squamish round for home check and introduction next week, my aunt gave Barry the pups originally (Squamish and Alabama) We have Bella, Squamish sister so he will be reunited Our concern is that we have cats and nobody knows how Squamish reacts to them
  4. I got message stating that they had been working on Barry most of the morning but weren't forth coming with any update on his condition, they were also not letting him in to see Barry
  5. Would it be a warranty replacement ?
  6. I removed a xking that was on front on my 355 rims it ran true with no problems, put it onto a set of mavics. Only to discover the thing had a big wobble once fitted, thought it hadn't seated properly so removed and tried again. Still same issue, took it to a friend who is ex pro mechanic and after several attempts still the same issue. It is definitely seated fully. How has the tire lost its shape between been taken off one rim and placed onto another ?
  7. Www.ballisticbiketrading.co.za Listed in there product range and I have seen them unpacking items
  8. Ballistic bike does ax lightness, have you taken over the agency ?
  9. Hi guys I'm looking for a micro race bmx with 18' wheels Any got one who know of somebody who will part with one ?
  10. A mate of mine has a house on game farm in north west near Brits, husband and wife were out cycling. He rode over the back end of a black Mumba and his wife got see what the business end looked like as she was just behind her husband. She was airlifted out to jhb and survived
  11. Paul ex pro cycles and barloworld mechanic now specializes in fixing carbon frames, let me know and I'll give you his no, he is in jhb though
  12. No price on the cassette ? Thats going to be the killer me thinks
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