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  1. I now right, a chick with two six packs... breathtaking!
  2. Also your implying you're going to beat Velouria and be in the final with me...
  3. I have the most gorgeous road bike , you can't miss it!!! It's fabulous ..
  4. Aww sweet you guys liked each others posts .
  5. @Velouria - You and I should have a dance off and settle this once and for all! In fact you and Patch should and I'll take on the winner... afterwards we can model our calves, that's real entertainment!
  6. 'Taking the lane' that sounds erotic... Do you self entitled cu^ts do it often?
  7. It's a joke and I love fueling the fire of stupid people having a hissy about something they themselves have caused.
  8. Next week , different heading - same story. Road cyclists just need to stop giving the community a bad name, you act like chops then cry when people in cars get irritated with your attitude of entitlement.
  9. Couldn't have been.... no time to drive cars with all the training...
  10. Stay in single file, stop cycling in front of cars.
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