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  1. This looks like an older model but this guy had some luck, but like JA-Q001 said getting hold of the batteries is nigh on impossible and putting batteries on airplanes is frowned upon
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for an 8 speed MTB rear derailleur. A friend's sister had a checkers packet fly into her drivetrain yesterday and as a result of everything getting clogged up the derailleur snapped in half. Drop me a PM if you have one you want to get rid of and we can talk prices etc. I'd just like to get her back on the road. I'm sure 9 speed would work too
  3. +1 for a USB extension. Wrap the dongle and the socket in clingwrap for errant sweat drops and put it right by the trainer
  4. Well I'll be damned! Gravel bike owners rejoice!
  5. Yup, pressing 'A' brings up the pairing screen and causes your avatar to hit the brakes (you can only change bikes when you are at a standstill). Then you can hit 'T' to bring up the garage, select your new frame, then start pedaling immediately (even before you close the window) to get going again. Unless they've changed things the gravel bike will always be slower than the MTB on dirt. Things night even out on a mixed course but mostly there is no good reason to use a gravel bike
  6. This! If it's past it's "Best Before" date it's unlikely to be harmful but it might have degraded from a nutritional perspective. Either that or it will mutate into a powerful performance enhancing drug as hinted at earlier in the thread
  7. I did all my zone 2 work during ToW. Just unpaired my trainer, set my wattage via the Wahoo app and watched TV. Big XP! I've gone from level 34 to halfway through level 36. I'll keep doing that through all the makeup days
  8. It's unfortunately a know bug that doesn't seem to have been patched yet The 2 solutions I've seen online are: 1) Run the game in windowed mode. 2) Clear all the existing pictures in the Zwift screenshot folder (Found in Documents/Zwift)
  9. Could you not just unpair the HRM on the Device screen? Otherwise a well placed piece of masking tape will probably do the trick too
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for a cheap and nasty road bike front hub. It's doesn't even need to be working, just the right width, and QR. It's going to be part of an adjustable indoor trainer wheel stand I'm making. Please drop me a PM if you have anything lying around. Shot
  11. Descending like that is an art form and a beautiful thing to watch!
  12. Looks fun! Thanks for the info
  13. Just putting out some feelers here... My Cat B ZRL team is doing pretty well in our division. I've finished 1st, 1st, 2nd in the 3 points races but we seem to always screw the pooch in the TTTs. So despite winning each of the points races we're only 4th in the league, about 4 points off top spot. Part of our problem is that there are only 6 of us available at any one time so on TTT day we cobble together a team. Another problem is that I'm not built for TT, I'm light and while my wkg is good my raw wattage is not amazing Is anyone interested in helping out a struggling team? I'm talking to the heavy wattage monsters who don't meet the 4W/kg requirement for Cat A. We generally try and hold 5W/kg on the front for 30s-1 minute. We have a DS who coordinates everything via Discord which is very handy. Drop me a PM with your ZwiftPower profile if you're interested in lending a helping hand! Oh, we race at 20:18 on Tuesday with an 8 minute delay
  14. Some of my favorite and cheapest kit is from Spexcel off Aliexpress. They're basically Rapha ripoffs without the logos. Most of their tops are plain colours, have a zipper pocket at the back, and are generally made well. I even used their cargo bibs for DC last year. No problemo!
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