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  1. thanks, i have two flourescent sets i needed to change as well.. popped in my first set of panels, 3 x 350w (baby system i know - Babysteps) .. so of course had the cloudiest days of the year (lol) But it already reduced my eishkom daily average usage . every little bit helps
  2. hi ... try testing with one ram stick at a time assuming you have 2 ... Go into bios reset everything to default or reduce ram timing (yes its a thing). Check Mobo website and Gpu manufacturer if firmware updates are available , sometimes a little thing like that messes you around . Also unseat and reseat the cpu and fan... make sure its firm. Temp can be a B!tch
  3. Hi, thanks And yes that works to physically see the arrow ... i cant read the data next to the name , normally tells you speed and distance I'm going to see if my optition can organise a curved lens to put over my unit ti magnify the data
  4. Hi Guys , Seems my group tracking is magically working after 2 years, assuming an update of sorts fixed it ... anyway , anyone know if its possible to increase font size of rider data ( Of the person you following on a ride) ? using an edge 1000 but the data occupies like 10 % on the top of the screen ... Far too tiny for my ancient eyes. Dont Judge
  5. Thank you so much, i will definitely consider that .
  6. These prices are traumatizing ... OMG. Installed mine myself , budgeting for CoC etc Baby system compared to you guys but it at least serves a somewhat practical purpose . *Growatt Hybrid 5kv Inverter - Price R 10,000 * 4 x 120 ah gel (Dont Judge) Price R 7,600 * Cables plus Circuit Breakers Price R 2,400 Total : R 20,000 System is setup like UPS so seamless switchover and bypasses Geyser and Pool Pump. Installed Gas Stove so coffee and cooking sorted .We get about 4 hours to 50 % battery with Gaming Pcs and House lights, Tv , Home alarm etc (if we switch off the fridge off then 6 to 8 hours). next plan another 4x120ah battery to extend time off grid, and then panels (fingers crossed). We wouldn't even know that we off grid during power out if the unit didn't beep to alert us. I don't think i could have done much better with this budget. Just Sharing - By no means the Professional, but input and advice from you guys was definitely a plus . Cheers
  7. The DC 63a was R465 ... the Ac Ones were about R250 each.. power cables for batteries R500 and cables from inverter to DB Board Max 4 m away R500 This were non budgeted items... so R2000 in one go. A person's brain is like i could have bought a panel (lmao)
  8. We Ordered from wootware and they should be getting a new shipment of cards soon But only 13k and up My Son Paid 12k
  9. The biggest shock(pun intended), was the price of the dual circuit breakers and cables (OMG)... Totally caught me offgaurd lol
  10. Hi, will check with my son who he ordered from... update asap
  11. took the plunge and got an inverter(5kv Hibrid smart etc 48v)... step 2 is getting 4 x 120ah batteries(200ah a bit of a big plunge)... omg the prices(sigh). Anyone seen better battery prices than R1900 possibly ?
  12. Tried it last night for the first time online... will touch base when i have my feet wetter ..lol
  13. Best advice ever... and whooosaaahhhh
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