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  1. Who did yours in DBN bud, please sure details
  2. Where is the best place to get a bike fitting done in KZN? Looking for an ‘active’ 3D fitting, similar to Retul or something else along those lines. Had one done 5 years ago, but I’m sure my body and flexibility have changed dramatically since then. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Shot
  3. Hey guys, we doing this year on BMX's again for a charity, have a newcomer joining us, with one small issue, he does not have a BMX. Anyone have or know of someone that would allow us the use of their BMX for the day? If safety/security is a concern, I'd be more than willing to pay a deposit to ensure that you get your bike back. Thanks a mil!!
  4. Back to the fork, anyone have any info on release dates here in SA? When can we buy them?
  5. Listen, just because you sat on the back of a long stretched out thing staring at Flooders arse for 2hrs, dont be grumpy and take it out on me. See you Saturday, ill come on the BMX , that way you can keep up
  6. Mate and myself rode on BMX’s today, started out of D, any of you guys out there happen to see us? Ended on just under 4:30, far off our usual 2:40 race times, but we had an absolute blast out there!! And beers, we had lots of beers en route ????????
  7. Hi, is this entry still available by any chance?
  8. three towers stripped Rourke Croeser of his finish last year if im not mistaken!
  9. CF works, no doubt ( I own a CF box though so maybe a bit bias). The thing with CF is that it doesn't target specific muscle imbalances and is not targeted to cycling specifically. Yes, it helps with general conditioning and strength, and also is invaluable when it comes to HR intervals etc, but you are able to achieve MUCH better results training specifically, with a certain element of CF. Knee pain, lower back pain etc are normally symptoms of muscle imbalance, even upper back pain while riding. Hamstring , glute , stabilisers are what we target , Single leg exercises to avoid compensation by the dominant muscles etc. If you in and around the Fourways area, give me a shout, join us one evening and you can see for yourself what it is we do.
  10. So, who does cross training? What have you found to be the benefits? What have you found to be the 'down sides' if any? How often are you cross training? Do you adopt the 'muscle balance' form of training, ie: stabilisers and muscle you don't predominantly use while riding, but add to your overall endurance and power output? Reason for this topic is that I have been running these cross training sessions with a group of guys from our 'club', we have all noticed big changes and improvements, I want to see what others have to say about it.
  11. Anyone changed the cranks on their 2015 Superfly FS? The bb is a GXP, which is easy enough, however the size is a 95 PF, from what I can see, only Trek uses this size? So question is, Im wanting to change the crank to something very light, ie: raceface or rotor, something along those lines, but need to make sure I can in fact actually change it. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Not a 110mm stem, but anything over 70 mm as per your previous post? That's what you said I think? I agree that 110 is overkill, do not agree with your statement of anything over 70
  13. So your opinion is that it is better suited to XCO riding, then what about the marathon riders, the likes of Sauser and friends. Point I'm trying to make is that we are all far too quick to say 'you should never this and don't ever this' etc, no 2 individuals body geometry is exactly the same, therefore there is no one size fits all answer.
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