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  1. Results are up. Mine are missing, I think a lot more are too. There were definitely more than 9 people in A-E
  2. over 1000 I hope they accept late entries
  3. Here's my new bike Specs; Frame: Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP M/L 2010. Full Sram Red with an U16 Ultegra Cassete. Zipp SL S/S 40cm bars. Zipp Firecrest 303 Tubbies. Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Saddle. Power2Max powermeter with Rotor 3D crank arms. Look Keo 2 Blade Ti Pedals. KCNC Ti Skewers. Bike comes in at 6.89kg with this setup
  4. I'm in for Cape Town, happy to help in any respect.
  5. RIP Burry. A great loss for the world of cycling.
  6. I've got two Cannondale MTB's in the family. Customer support has been extraordinary, haven't had any faults as yet, both bikes are now more than a year old. If I had an unlimited budget the first bike i'd buy would always be a Cannondale. no exceptions.
  7. Zac.A

    road bike

    try and find a groupset and frame that are more or less the same standard. Unless you do plan on upgrading in the future, then get a good frame, not as consumable as a groupset.
  8. Zac.A

    road bike

    depends what you're upgrading from and how far you intend on upgrading in the long run. If you want to continue upgrading until you get a super light bike and your frame isn't going to get you there then you should consider upgrading the frame. It could also be a lot stiffer depending on what you get. groupset will be a good option if you want to drop some weight without changing everything. What frame are you riding now? Could also make a big difference depending on how big the upgrade is. Although it also depends on what you're upgrading to, from 105 to Dura Ace or from Tiagra to 105, costs will vary a lot and then a frame may be a better option.
  9. Got a frame that fits and an upgrade to Red Just getting cranks moved around and will post pics shortly
  10. Haha, was a tough winter with illness and injury. Been concentrating on rowing for spring so will move my energy over to cycling for summer. Rowing takes up a lot of time so when I get home it's usually food and bed. Good to be back though!
  11. I had a pretty cool ride, got home at 1 on the morning, up again at 4. 3rd time on the bike in a couple of months and the legs just left me at 80km. still managed a 2:36, pretty happy with that all things considered
  12. Sorry guys, i thought I had it but it was during the time my garmin was in for a service.
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