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  1. don't do it, iv had them for 4 years and still don't like them. but each to there own.
  2. We have the bike cleaner in 5 LBS but its been long struggle, and we will keep trying. have a look at the insta page dirt_eater.sa ( I'm just the warehouse rat) so don't ask me about marketing. 😄
  3. Me thinks there two sides to this, we have a product that we are offering (bike cleaner) on consignment and it has been a struggle. LBS don’t want to give it a chance at no investment risk from them, it’s just weird
  4. Clean lube ride clean lube ride iv done this now for 3 years and have +-20000km GX cassette and gold XO1 chain and still good.
  5. Have a look at the Olympic Tread MTB shoes, had my pair for 3 years and still good.
  6. Try the climb to the top forest of Magic forest from Bloemendal its technical short and steep.
  7. When im bombing down a hill side or smashing sum gravel i hear F@#$ all unless my mouth creaks when im smiling from ear to ear and up hill breathing to heavily or walking so no squeaks creaks on my bike.
  8. No man keep this thread dormant, its going to take me a week now to get over seeing black pipes as snakes.
  9. if you find the rail sort or long i think its the long one build your own coz you will be able to find all the bits i think.
  10. With all the tec here, and coming with ASX soon LBS will have no mechanic. i for one try and get the latest tec so i don't need my LBS, coz of that problem.
  11. Try Olimpic Ginia MTB or road cheap local and mine are two years old and still good, not pretty https://www.bicycling.co.za/bikes-gear/first-look-olympic-tread-mtb-shoes/
  12. Try A product called Dirt Eater its working for me, seems new and is environmentally friendly.
  13. Took me for ever, ended up been my knee
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