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  1. hahaha, yes man, sorry I didn't recognize you! well done with that time on the first lap!
  2. I passed 50+ on the first climb just off the M1 who were pushing their bikes. Man, you know you are going to have a hard day in the saddle (or next to your bike ) if you are already pushing your bike there. I felt somewhat sorry for them, but then again, maybe they should have trained more or perhaps they should not have entered.
  3. here is a pic of our 'pleather' suits for those that missed it. Note the wings on the back
  4. 2:57 for me on the first lap. All and all a nice pace without suffering too much. I did however push one or 2 of our riders up some of the hills so that we could all finish sub 3. Lap 2 was tough! did it in +- 7hours. Pushed ice-cream bikes and fellow cows. And those 'leather' suits didn't make it any easier. Imagine riding in that heat whilst wrapped in plastic - that was how it felt. But it is what we sign up for every year, and it is very rewarding.
  5. haha, no we'll leave the "best mascot" prize for someone else. But I can tell you one thing, we will have loads of fun! We might not be able to get out of bed on monday though
  6. Sorry I am not sure just yet. We still need to go out and buy them. We don't want to make it a rip-off price but we do want to raise some money for CHOC. We'll try to keep it reasonable. Sorry I cant give you more info at this stage. I'll post an update ASAP with the price
  7. never mind the suits, those wings don't look all that aerodynamic if you ask me. O well, it will surly make our sub-3 attempt on the first lap interesting!
  8. guys please note that only the IQ Business Cow ice-cream bike will be selling the ice-lollies. I am sure this will spill over to the other bikes in the years to come, but for now we only have a select few crazy people that are willing to add even more weight to the ice-cream bike We plan to stop at every water point and spectators so please ask your supporting family and friends to look out for us as well. Remember, it is all for the kids!
  9. In a bid to raise some last minute funds for CHOC, we have decided to fill our ice-cream bike with ice-lollies and sell it on route. YES, we know the ice-cream bikes way +-64kg without the ice-lollies and ice (seeing that it sports a car radio, amp, two 6x9s and a car battery) but we don’t care. We’ll put our legs to the ultimate test to raise funds for kids with cancer. Please, look out for the “IQ Business” ice-cream bike and support us! Buy an ice-lolly or 7. Donations are also more than welcome, no matter how small. You can make deposits here as well: http://www.givengain.com/activist/62884/projects/6170/ If you pass us on route, please say hi. I will be in one of these bad boy suits (not me in the pic though...). And yes, pushing the ice-cream bike will actually be my 2nd lap for the day
  10. Hondnaai is an understatement. Yoh I suffered on day 3. In all fairness though, the route on day 3 is actually not that tough. I was nauseous throughout the night before day 3 and was even thinking about giving day 3 a skip because I felt super shyte. But I felt slightly better in the morning and decided to HTFU and work for my medal. The nauseous-ness came and went every now and again but I finally blew some chunks mid-ride coming down ol’avalanche. I knew it wasn’t far to go so I just pushed through till the end. I think the adrenaline carried me to the finish because I barely made it back to the tent. You won’t hear me complaining about the trails though. Yes, the climbing was tough and the heat always makes it even worse, but that is part of the fun. I did klap some of the bush tunnels HARD though which made it all worthwhile
  11. Sias really saved my but on this race! I was feeling strong at the start and I was riding well within my limits but for some reason both my hammies gave in at the halfway mark. I tried moving forward on my seat to use my quads more but the damage was done and I had no power along with cramping hammies from the half way mark. from there on in I couldn't work at the front and I barely managed to hang on at times, but Sias kept the group steady and I finished with them. Thx Sias!
  12. Not that I know of. It sounds like we just follow the road to Ventersdorp and then turn back at the half-way mark
  13. Ok I see some of the A batch boys klapped sub 2:30s! Yoh
  14. what time will you be going for? It is my first Campus2Campus so I don't really know what to expect from the A bunch
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