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  1. Roses Wines are red, Violets are cheese is blue. But to decide on which....
  2. Squeal - Long pig. I freakin' loved that album!!! That brings back memories. Where could I find that nowadays?! Sugardrive - When I died, I was Elvis. Another cracker!
  3. Doolittle fell just outside my top 10 without a doubt. What an album.
  4. Death - Leprosy. Goodness, I haven't heard that in years. Pull the plug had some crazy double bass, that I do remember!!
  5. No fair, thats 12 top albums
  6. Everybody loves a top ten, right? I remember we had a thread going years back before TheHub meltdown which it disappeared with. So...
  7. Do it!!! on an e-bike....
  8. It's stunning, I also like the matt black. It's my riding partners bike, it weighs in at 6.4kg. My only niggle is she has fitted Shimano on a Colnago, but that may just be my jealousy rearing its' ugly head
  9. I know the Manta 5 retails for around $7 500. Massively expensive, but it's a new idea and a large portion of expense is R&D at this point ,so I'd expect the price will drop in a couple of years, once there is an established market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONU9gkDnJ6Q
  10. What ever happened to Johan and Yellow Saddle courses? Is he still on here? Last thing I heard he was moving to the UK...
  11. https://lecol.cc/pages/colnago-owners-day-2019
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