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  1. metal polish works so does foil
  2. I have https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/profile/5878
  3. Thanks, i'll get the loctite green. after removing the crank, there was also play in the bottom bracket so i've ordered the new bearings and bottom bracket from the US. Should arrive on Monday. Will add the loctite before installation of the new bearings though.
  4. After removing the crank, bearings are loose in the frame. Now I feel even more ripped off and feel like I should have spent the 8K on a new spin bike or a road bike and IDT How did you epoxy it? Remove the bearings, apply epoxy, put the bearings back and wait for the epoxy to set? I'm wondering if new bearings will work but I doubt it. Might try source some to try first but would still like to know your epoxy method please.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I've bought the tool. waiting for it to be delivered. Will try source new bearings locally first and hope that fixes it before I import the bottom bracket.
  6. Just says take it to a bike shop. It's a proprietary star trac bottom bracket which costs 80gbp so i don't think a bike shop can help but I will try, will be sure to leave him a review once I figure out what's wrong. I was skeptical seeing as he had over 100 items for sale over time but no good or bad reviews, but he's been a member since 2015 so I figured it should be fine.
  7. Actually watched this video before buying the bike. Seller was in a different province and I asked about the mechanical condition and was told that it was perfect. He lied and I'm 8.5K down Right now I'm just trying to get it fixed so i don't have an expensive lemon taking up space. It's a bit heavy to cart to a bicycle shop and i can't lift it due to shoulder surgery. Finding someone to come out to fix is proving difficult. seems to be loads of people in joburg but not in cape town. hindsight, should have gone with a roadbike and idt.
  8. I bought a spin bike recently off the hub which was "in great working condition"... I'm sure you know where this is going. It arrived and it's not. The Crank is loose, moves from side to side. I've tried to tighten it but it seems like it's the bottom bracket that is loose. If I tighten the chain, then the crank / bottom bracket makes a grinding sound which i'm sure is not good. I don't have a crank puller so can't remove the crank... Do I A. Find a crank remover, and see what's going on with the BB? B. Can someone recommend a spinbike mechanic in Cape Town that I can call? Bike is a Star Trac NXT (Looks like Gen3, not sure which one)
  9. Those GS's are such awesome bikes. Cannot fault them. Super Comfy, amazing on long trips and on gravel. and the best part... you don't feel any wind. Just talking about it and seeing your pics makes me miss my gs
  10. Got out for a quick ride to test how the shoulder holds up on a ride. I think the vibrations has helped the healing process ????
  11. Looks beautiful and sounds beautiful.
  12. pretty loud, something like 103db i'm guessing. there was no rev bombing going on. Just start and left it for 5mins.
  13. Do any of you guys have issue with neighbors complaining about your bike noise? have dislocated my shoulder so started the bike up yesterday and let her idel for about 5mins. (first time the bike has been started in 2 weeks) an hour later i got a call from the guard that people are complaining about the bike noise.
  14. They've always been retarded, you just noticing it more now. saw a guy go over a pedestrian walk way in a parking lot yesterday and not look left. he almost took out a little kid on his bicycle. The guy drove away and didn't even realize what he did.
  15. Thanks guys will check chain length and get the 3mm. This is just to accommodate the current amount of tar / pavement riding i'm doing. have seem to run out of gears. If the chain is short, might leave it and use not use the 50T in the back as i will prob need to go back to 32t to climb up the hills on the gravel. but if i do get fitter then will add the extra 2 links. That was the reason for the question.
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