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  1. Posting my advert is not working - I'm selling my set of Fulcrum 5 rims + 105 Shimano Cassette 11/23 ... used a few times for racing, still in good condition. Reason: No longer racing - P/M me for pic's and details etc. Was asking R1300 - Will settle for R1000. I am on the Westrand.
  2. I want to quit only 'cos of all the accidents ..... motorists etc. !!!
  3. Yeah sure - set goals - ride your guts out for a sub 3 and whether or not U accept it or are dissappointed when U don't make it life goes on. From where I'm sitting I see obsession - Again nothing wrong with ambition ... I have done sub 3's and sat back - asked: what now? I've done a few so where to from here ?....... To beat myself up about not getting it is worthless spilled milk. The first thing some cyclists ask U when they meet U on the road training - "What race are U training for?" man the same question over and over - I don't race anymore ... it's like shock when they hear U not interested ..what/why etc ?? I mean really now. Yeah the Almighty Argus & 94.7 ....... ask some of them to do a sub 3 at the Race for Victory ... they'll run for cover !!!!
  4. And if a non cyclist colleague asked you in what time did you complete the Argus they don't give a sh*t if you finished in 3 hours or 6 hours , it's like the Comrades they are just interested whether you finished so yeah I don't know why so many cyclists' live revolves around the mighty sub 3 , it's a beautiful race with nice scenery and full road closure why not enjoy the race instead of beating yourself up by being entry 3999 instead of 3998 to finish the Argus I agree - racing is so over rated - cyclists new and old are obsessed with a sub 3 - as if their lives depend on it. Races are also over rated - I just don't see the need to race anymore because people lose the insight and joy of cycling - enjoy the scenery, the ride etc .... to beat myself up for not finishing sub 3 - no can do !!
  5. Yeah because of motorists drving badly I am thinking of giving up cycling - We were sworn at yesterday morning for signaling our intention and being careful ...... mm & we the moron's !!! As if the pain is not enough to deal with motorists still make it harder !!! Not worth it anymore !!
  6. I know this does not belong here-I cannot seem to post the ad again...Anyway I was away for a while. My Fulcrum 5 racing wheels are still for sale, just the rims & 11/23 105 Shimano Cassette. Very good condition & used very little. Price: R1250 If it sounds too good to be true it isn't - serious buyers please. Mail me for the pictures - or call 0835971283.
  7. After the debacle around L/A and now Contador I find watching cycling boring now - so much hype about it. Contador is an idiot for passing Schleck when his chain came off etc etc etc ...... I'm really not too interested in the Tour and wins and loses .... but silently I'm harbouring hope that Schleck or anyone else beat the crap out of the arrogant Contador - !!!! Doping is here to stay !!!
  8. I'm a bit behind - I heard on the news that a top cyclist was killed yesterday - who was the guy ? and does this accident have anything to do with it ??
  9. Yeah I'm not too sure either - my friends bought it also for R200 andclaim it works, did a test on me and I'm still sceptical .......... also an eye for bulls$%%^&*()t anyway now my cycling partner has one and claims his cycling improved ........mmmmmmmm still I don't see it and still can't stick with me on the hills etc...... So nou ya - I'll invest in training !!!!
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated - gonna give all these a go cos I need to experiment & find the best product ...!!!


    Hi all - Need some help - I'm looking for a glue that can bond nylon material / nylon to nylon etc and must also be water resistant / proof .....
  12. Ya I agree - idols should have stopped after the 2nd season - just like this topic ... it gets boring to read crap especially racial diatribe .... Is there nothing better to talk about ??
  13. That all taxi's/drivers, smash and grabbers, bike jackers and every criminal etc. in this country evaporate. !!!!
  14. People should get over themselves ... with their "political black crap" there are loads of "BLACK PEOPLE" with DSTV ...It's this kind of talk that makes South Africa go two steps forward and ten steps back ... no progress. Elvis Blue was the better singer, he looked the part and was more talented than Lloyd .... so Mara must wake up !!!!
  15. Too young and too thin - no thanks !!!
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