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  1. According to the insurance the frame was counterfeit so now I am taking on the person I bought it from. If I said anything to wrong Miway I apologise to them!
  2. I paid with paypal and they don't want to accept it as proof (invoice sent through paypal to me). It was only a frame/fork, I even sent the frame to Miway to inspect. I provided the bank statements as well, apparently not good enough. I was told today that if needed I must climb on a plane and go to the shop I bought it from and ask for proof. Might be slight problems getting VISA's for this. I am not going to give the details of the accident, I feel like a idiot already because it was my own doing and I told them that but that is not the problem.
  3. Here is my take on Miway. I took out insurance on a new Pinarello Dogma I bought a few months ago. I had an accident a few weeks ago and put in a claim (frame not even built up yet and sent to Miway for inspection). I was told to produce the original proof of purchase which I do not have anymore and can not find anywhere either. Because of this I was accused of possibly using a friends frame to claim amongst other things. The person speaking to me (I assumed he is the claims manager) would not even give me a chance to speak the way he was carrying on). It has now been nearly a month since I put in the claim and told I can forget about getting anything without giving proof of purchase... I asked them what about the Mavic 3G trispoke, Disc wheel, MTB etc. etc. I do not have the proof of purchase for either...no answer on other side... I say if Miway wants to claim they are the best and make things easier then why all the hassles? Shame on you Miway!
  4. I am looking for sponsorship. I would gladly mail my CV through. I have had some really bad fortune over the past year and would love to get back on the bike and racing again but finances don't allow for it. In short, I represented SA on 3 occasions on the track. raced for an European team for a year and was invited to go back twice, but did not have the finances to travel to Europe. Any help would be appreciated! I am in Port Elizabeth. My e-mail is emilesteenkamp@aerosat.co.za, tel nr. 041-3688802 or 0820673744
  5. PRESS STATEMENT 5 March 2009 Competition Commission uncovers bike retailer cartel The Competition Commission has uncovered a possible cartel operating amongst local bicycle retailers aimed at increasing their margins. The Commission has initiated an investigation and today issued summons against two cycle shop retailers, Fritz Pienaar of Fritz Pienaar Cycles and Andrew Mclean of Cycle Lab. Background The Commission is in possession of minutes of a meeting from which it appears that a group of bicycle retailers met to discuss how to work together to raise prices in order to increase their margins. The shop owners allegedly discussed ramping up the prices on cycling accessories to increase margins from 50% to 75%, ramping up prices of bicycles to increase margins from 35% to 50% and coordinating these increases to be introduced at the same time ? to be introduced on the 1 st October 2008. The shop owners also discussed a plan to get certain wholesalers on board to back the above agreements by providing a new suggested retail price to the retailers they supply and advertise that price to the public. It appears, from information received by the Commission, that discussions amongst the shop owners also included face-to-face meetings, purportedly in Gauteng and Cape Town. Shan Ramburuth, Commissioner at the Competition Commission says it would seem there are more entities involved in this conduct and the Commission has initiated an investigation to uncover the true extent of this alleged cartel. "That these retailers believed they could act together to increase prices with impunity is shocking. The Commission intends to thoroughly investigate this apparently blatant attempt amongst competing retailers to collusively raise prices to unsuspecting consumers." The minutes from the meeting were posted to a forum on cycling website www.thehubsa.co.za. https://www.bikehub.co.za/forum_posts.asp?TID=33149&PN=13 (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the text of the minutes). ENDS Prepared by: FD Beachhead Dani Cohen 021 487 9021 / 082 897 0443/ dani.cohen@fd.com Jennifer Cohen 011 214 2401 / 082 468 6469 / jennifer.cohen@fd.com Senzi Dlamini 011 214 2420 / 073 494 0030 / senzi.dlamini@fd.com On behalf of: The Competition Commission Further info: Nandi Mokoena, Manager of Strategy and Stakeholder Relations 012 394 3286 / 082 399 1328 / nandisilem@compcom.co.za Keitumetse Letebele, HOD Communications 012 394 3183 / 082 783 3397 / keitumetsel@compcom.co.za Sourced from http://www.compcom.co.za/
  6. I have lived in Port Elizabeth all my life, I have been cycling for 22 years, most of it here and I still can't climb...so to answer your question, nope, wind doesn't help for climbing training. haha
  7. I just checked on 2 sets of Mavic wheels: I got the one while overseas and the other from SA. Bought from a authorized dealers, guess what... NO SERIALS!!! Does that mean now that Mavic SA sells Fake wheels? and Mavic EU as well...lol I'm sure they don't.
  8. I recently sent a wheel into the "authorized agents in SA", wont menstion brand, BUT. I was charged R1500 for a free body on the wheel. I hopped onto the internet and 2 hours later I bought one from the UK for R450, shipping: R100 making a total of R550. The agants quoted me a month and a half waiting time. I had mine in 3 weeks from the non authorized agent. mmm, which is better to the consumer??? Agents only add huge markups, due to the fact that they carry the "authorized" badge, a load of bull man! These dinosaurs needs to get with the time. I've had many times that shops like CWC went FAR out of their way to help me, as to say for the "agents", they did NOTHING but charge a massive pricetag onto theirs with no added benifit whatsoever. Maybe teaching me to save my money for 3 times as long as I would buying from someone else but that's it.
  9. ***Definition*** Grey import: Goods ilegally brought over South Africa borders without paying VAT and import taxes. Parrallel import: Goods imported into South Africa legally by means of paying VAT and import taxes. South africa has a FREE MARKET system and companies like the one in question can do just about nothing. I had the same issues with Diadora and they soon realized that our laws are different than theirs. The law states that if the dealer is not an authorized reseller they must just let the buyer know of this and that the authorized dealer are under no obligation to service the goods bought from the non authorized dealer. Companies like the big name will shy away from bad publicity as their goods carry an international warrentee and they will simply tell the authorized dealers to service the goods. CWC are not doing anything wrong and it's the agents in SA who is the culprits in charging up rediculous prices and making the consumer pay for their nice big cars. CWC: I'll stand by you guys all the way and if you need any assistance, I'll be glad to help.
  10. The sites not en english though. Do they deliver to SA?
  11. I'm gonna speak to them over the weekend, only 1 or 2 though
  12. You should come and train with me in PE. A tree nearly fell on me in the week. Today is the first good day, and it's my rest day, great.
  13. Look quite good. have u checked out the weighweenies website
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