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  1. I'm a little confused and would appreciate some clarification as the wording for the 109kms has been interepreted differently by several people that I've spoken to 1) Does one have to ride 109kms (IN ONE ride) in March or, 2) Can one ride different rides which all add up to 109kms in March. i.e. say 11 rides of 10kms each. As long as they are all ridden in March. Some clarification would be appreciated.
  2. Very noble of you. I know some twats on conventional bikes that would laugh at somebody struggling up that hill.
  3. How is this picture related to twats on E-Bikes?
  4. Great. thanks for the feedback. @X-man. that might be a good idea. You want to pm me?
  5. I'm going to the George area over the Christmas period and want to mtb around the dam area. I have cycled there before and its been great. I want to inquire: 1) Has the area become a hot spot (Dangerous) from the point of view of hijackings and/or attacks lately? 2) Does a person need a permit to cycle in the area? If so, where can I get one. Thanks upfront for any info/guidance
  6. Are these shops open during the lockdown?
  7. I have got red rubber but I took a look at it and wasn't enthusiastic about using it. Where would I be able to get these other alternatives? At the local Midas??
  8. I would like to service my Rockshox recon. I collected all the spares and the oils, but, I've just realised that I don't have any Sram butter that all youtube videos use. Is there an alternative grease I can use? Thanks in anticipation
  9. If that has a hub motor then you should have a throttle to test if the motor runs or not. Its highly likey that your cadence sensor is not working.
  10. The problem is that they will be riding EBikes but not in the EBike category. Which is essentially cheating because its not in the spirit of the event.
  11. Thanks for that. I have two friends entered but they didn't enter in the Ebike group at the time. Only afterwards they got Ebikes. They emailed the CTCT to request to be changed to Ebike group but their communications must have been lost because they are now in two other groups.
  12. Does anybody know how the Ebike entries are working? I know they are in a seperate category, but do they all start in the same (one) grup or are they scatterd all over the place? Asking for a friend
  13. What kind of price are you looking at?
  14. Thanks all for the inputs Ive been scratching around and it seems that I'll be visiting Durbanville area this weekend. Its amazing that there is nothing in the southern suburbs. Freewheel Cycology in Kenilworth only has one or two sizes. None of them suitable. Revolution cycles also don't have the correct sizes although they can get for me. Tygerberg has got all the sizes I want so I'll try them and also look at the Ion at Giant Durbanville while I'm there
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