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  1. Horrified reading all of these incidents. I lived in Milnerton until August 2020 and cycled ALL of these roads frequently alone to the start of the trails. I never really anticipated that the rot would extend as far as Klein Roosboom/Durbanville Hills side.
  2. Hi, Sandero here. I parked at the bottom fields and managed to approach the exit with a bit of an angle and gave some foot at the right moment, trying to avoid spinning out. Boer maak 'n plan.
  3. Is this the same as the "Missing Link" trail or something completely different? If so, can you please share access point, etc?
  4. I saw a FB post matching this description of happening on the Banhoek trails on Saturday morning around 11h30
  5. From La Parada your best bet will be Tokai mtb trails - Day permit is R97 CASH at the gate. You can easily cycle from the Restaurant to the start (maybe 6-7km). If you want a nice challenge go straight up to the top of the mast, as you come down again where you will pass a little picnic table bench, you go straight up there which will take you into Silvermine reserve. Cycle up the tar road to the first car park on your right and head back onto jeep track. Keep following the road and just about 100m before you reach the top of the climb, there is a path that veers off to the right known as the DONKEY trail. This takes you right back down and back into Tokai trails. Here you can head back up the same path you did heading towards silvermine reserve and go up to the right where the road splits again and ride down the COBRA (black trail) and continue all the way down the rest of the snake trails towards the exit gate. This should give you LOADS of elevation and a good 70 odd km and some really cool trails. Disclaimer - access points to Cobra and Donkey trails are not very well marked. The bike shop down the road from the start of the trails (at the roundabout) has a really cool picture of all the trails on their wall that you can take a picture of to help you with a bit of guidance. First time on Tokai trails, it's quite easy to get a bit lost.
  6. So, I have received some feedback from the event organisers... Gravel bikes are allowed at the race. Interesting side note: They are only aware of 1 rider who has done the race on a gravel bike in the events' history. Do I take that as a sign that I rather ride my mtb or do I become nr 2
  7. Thanks. More food for thought. I am not under any illusion of coming in under the top 15-20% of riders. Maybe just have a lekker personal "fast race".
  8. Thanks for the input. I will also just find out from the race organisers if Gravel Bikes are permitted, because you never know As for flowing single track, ie. no big rock gardens or drops, I can manage quite easy with the gravel bike through all this and then have a lekker beast at my disposal on the open roads. Happy to hear I can pack light in terms of what snacks I stuff down my back pocket
  9. Re-opening this thread for some advise. I've entered for the 2021 edition (Covid-pending) Can you ride this on a gravel bike or is a mtb the preferred choice? I felt like there is some vague mention of single track in the 40km route and not sure if the 80km will also be traversing some of this.
  10. I do enjoy to hear about everyone's OCD, makes me feel less alone. I also can't stand odd numbers on radio or TV volume, but 15 is allowed - I've given 15 round number status - maybe partially because I also played fullback in rugby. Another thing I need to do is get dressed on the left side of each body part first. Left foot also first up on the step and on each step with a support bar.
  11. Roof racks have also crossed my mind, but as you mention, NOT cheap either. Also a lot of compatibility issues with cars that already have side bars, etc, etc. Thing I don't like about bike racks hanging off your boot is that they really do a number on my boot central locking mechanism when it is really windy.
  12. Thule beam at Cycle Lab actually a bit cheaper at the moment.
  13. That is the dream. Unfortunately, my car doesn't have a towbar... I have considered running the cost of having 1 installed, but FLIP, it's not cheap.
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