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  1. Saw someone mention a rule with some sort of statute of limitations - within 30minutes of incident disqualification on the road or otherwise its race on..not a bad idea.I do think they should enforce this rule (drafting)somehow more effectively and it should be enforced. If allowed to happen uncontrolled it would significantly change the dynamics of the sport. Crashes and mechanicals and the risk it brings with it is a massive part of the race outcomes. Big issues are mainly around consistency and time it takes to make decisions.
  2. I like how when they present the team on social media they have guys like Reinie as leadout and Cav as Sprinter...???? Should read "Hopeful finisher" not "Sprinter"
  3. Same problem here in Nz, can't watch any replays at the moment on Redbull tv..loads of stuff on YouTube also for the other races/category's but nothing on the 2 main races. Anybody have a link we can use? Probably have to wait a couple of days..
  4. Interested to hear your views on the age thing..purely from a performance perspective. Is this really such a big issue? Do we really understand how much of this is mental and how much physical? Most riders probably loose the mental battle long before they do the physical one..cycling is a hard sport and to punish yourself that much for that long is not generally sustainable. I think if you take Valverde as an example..the gains/ adaptations from 20+ years of competitive racing and the training that goes with that joined with experience,calmness and racing smarts must by far outweigh the natural physiological decline?? When it comes to Valverde I have said it many times, look at HOW he wins before you criticize and pull the doping card. He is NOT and has never been a rider that Blows away the race..he never does anything magical..he almost always wins by meters..NOT minutes. Consistency is what he does better than most and when it comes to raising doubts I will always question BIG highs and big lows more than consistency.
  5. I hear the timber trail is a must do..can be done over 2 days with accommodation available. Looks amazing!
  6. Happy for Bernal!! Was the strongest once Pinot got injured so good win. Pinot not being there the last 2 days had a neg Impact. To be a bit critical I would have loved to see Bernal launch a attack in the last 3 km just to make a statement. The Movistar I will never get..Valverde clearly feeling good and no one in that group could match his pace at the end..why they did not use their numbers to get him to the line first I dont understand.Landa,Soler and Quintana wasting energy on attacks going nowhere. Perfectly placed to win that stage..
  7. It will definitely suit Bernal better if Pinot and Landa ride aggressively. Thomas and Kruijswijk have similar riding styles where they prefer the high tempo.I think if JA is clever here and use his team well he can actually win this..he needs to try and go into the last stage with 1min in hand and then its just riding the numbers on the last climb. Mas will make a massive difference to help him limit the gaps...he needs to be on form for sure.
  8. Feel the same about Porte, Pinot and Fuglsang..not sure its what the tour needed. Could come down to a movistar Ineos battle now and we had the potential for a big fight...but lets hope this time lost sparks a crazy day somehow with Pinot,Porte ,Fuhlsang and Uran trying to take back time
  9. Impey!!! You beauty!!! Great win, love the way he went across to benoot but the best was the way he took responsibility straight away to make sure they stay away...shows he has got great legs!!
  10. Why would they have Impey leadout Trentin? I would think it should be the other way around?? Can't wait for tomorrow..really hope Ineos dont hold Bernal back! Will be good for the race if they let him do his thing.
  11. Go and watch the last 10km of the Spanish champs. Perfect race craft by Valverde...when selection was made it was 5 Astana versus 2 Movistar. Man knows how to win!!You can't buy that in a Pharmacy..????????
  12. Valverde is looking skinny as hell!! Too lean in my view for a guy planning on just riding support.
  13. Happy to see Mollema up there. Nibali in some of the best form of his life by the looks of things..and he gets stronger normally in the 3rd week. Lopez and Yates will have to be very aggressive from here on if they want to win.O'Connor had a very good TT!...Tao not so much..
  14. Public trust building..cnr of great south and greenlane. I gym/ swim at the Olympic pool in New Market once or twice a week during lunch so can meet up for a coffee for sure at some stage.
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