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  1. Hi Pieter My excuse is limited time, so I don't do my own repairs, so was looking for someone to service/fix for me. But Sean, from iKhambi said they don't even carry spare belts for the V2 Kickr! I must say that is a insane price for a simple belt. If I go that route I will go to a fan belt supplier and see if I can get an equivalent belt - it has a code on the belt and isn't a Wahoo manufactured belt
  2. It is exactly the fact that this is not a hugely complex piece of machinery, so maintenance and basic repairs should be readily and easily available - and i am sure that a belt and bearing would be found locally. My real grip is the response from Wahoo - they dont even carry the belt in spares. I would have no problem if they said go to Midas and get belt XYZ1234 and here is a link to a video on how to replace it. But no they say, you dont fix it, you buy a new one at pretty much the going price of R20k
  3. Yip to all of you! The bottom line for me - bearings and belts should be serviceable, and kept in stock. I am not expecting the local distributor to carry spares for all models, but at least say to clients, yes, we can get the product from Wahoo International, but it will take 3 weeks for delivery - i have no problem with this. This will stimulate a local person to start a business offering service and repairs - but he needs Wahoo's support and even training. It is a conundrum for people getting to 3-4 years life of their current trainers - do they keep and hope for the best, or try and sell (to probably equally nervous buyers), before their model is discontinued and spares not carried by Wahoo International. Let me also repeat the, the local distributor iKhambi was great and prompt with their service, but in my view they need to push back at Wahoo International
  4. I am questioning myself - am i being unreasonable - keen to hear other view points? I became a Wahoo Kickr convert about 7 years ago, when i was able to train in spite of a broken shoulder. When i finally got back onto the real bike i was fitter than ever - it was the discipline, and more structured interval training that made the difference. So i spent a whole lot of money and bought one for myself - for the very occasional times that I wasn't able to ride outside on a real bike (a seldom occurrence in sunny South Africa). Then for seamless connection i bought a Wahoo bike computer and heart rate monitor a year ago. The service from the local distributors couldn't have been better - fast and efficient. I was a convert, until 2 weeks ago. The lightly used Kickr made a clicking noise, so i contacted the South African distributors, iKhambi Distributors, to ask where i must take it for a service, or repair. I got an email back saying we are sorry, that model is no longer in production, we dont make the spares for it anymore, and there is no-one to service/repair them - basically throw it away. But, as a valued Wahoo user, they will offer me a very sharp price on a new one. The offer came through, and within a minute i found several local retailers offering the same price. I have a problem with this for a number of reasons: 1. This is a bike trainer that retails for over R20 000. It has moving parts, bearings and belts. If looked after and maintained properly, it should last significantly longer than 7 years. My lawnmower still runs like new after 20 plus years - with regular servicing, and parts easily available. 2. No spares at all - it is a belt drive.....do you throw away when the belt wears out? 3. How environmentally responsible is this? A belt or bearing gets worn, and you have to throw it away! The bottom line is - as much as I like the local distributors, i believe it is their duty to push back at Wahoo International. They are a standout new entrant in the trainer/bike tech field, but these things cost lots of money, and i believe you need to back your product for a lot longer than this (I doubt if my Kickr has 150 hours on it). Wahoo International have lost me, if this is the extent of their product backup.
  5. Thanks for the comments and advise. Think I will take the N-1 for N+1 option
  6. @Spy007 new to this, and am struggling to find your message?
  7. My wife has decided that the ideal number of bikes is n-1, where n=2. I have a very nice Raleigh Pasadena tourer with all the racks, panniers, touring handlebars, bar bags with waterproof map viewer holder, shock on seat post, built in lights powered by hub generator, front shock and high end components. In good condition. What would a fair value be?
  8. My wife has decided that the ideal number of bike is n-1, where n=2. I have an old bike that still has a wooden gear lever for the 3 speed internal hub gears. Was a restoration job I never got to. In fair condition, but needs to be resprayed. What would be a fair price to both parties?
  9. I am looking at 3 different RC900 WC bikes. 1x2017 1x2018 1x2020 The 2017 has awesome components, but is the oldest model. So my question is, are there any significant geometry or design upgrades to the spark 900 range from 2017 to 2020. All I can see are cosmetic and component changes between models
  10. mine was the following day, just on the other side of the eerste river - busy Dorp street with lots of people milling around. Also a Thule bick rack that they seem to have forced the bike out of the clamp - not sure how they do that without anyone noticing.
  11. Stolen: Silverback Sido 1 2017 When: 4 October 2020 Where: Stellenbosch, Western Cape Stolen in Dorp street, Stellenbosch around 14h00 today. Off my locked Thule bike rack - forced the clamp open, it seems very easily and quickly!!! Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
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