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  1. Uhm, I don’t know if the fd comes with that part, my mechanic came up with this solution so would think any good mechanic would as well.
  2. Basically pulled from the bottom, using internal cable route.
  3. I’m running 2x11 will send a pic shortly 👍🏻
  4. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/486673/specialized-venge-road-bike I’ve never seen Shimano Sensah
  5. Walk into cyclelab and ask for a bidon. I don’t think they’ll direct you in the right direction.😀
  6. Hi, looking for black water bottles with almost no branding. Have anyone seen these?
  7. No it won’t work. There’s some good second hand deals on the classifieds that may help with your budget.
  8. Discovery and Momentum do not accept 3rd party data for points. It needs to be the original. So Garmin Connect or Strava with your phone basically.
  9. All I got at 4 was loadshedding:/
  10. Meintjies on the attack, have not seen him do anything lately.
  11. Thanks everyone for the solid advice, I'll definitely take the mtb and head to the GRTP trails for a day and try sections of the 7 passes as I like endurance riding.
  12. Hi, I’m heading to Sedgefield for the weekend. Would you take your mtb or gravel bike. Looking at cycling directly from home, so not keen on traveling to parks. I’ve heard there is a great passes road, or is the mtb trails in Knysna worth it?
  13. Is this with shoes on or off?
  14. Should you not have your shoes on when measuring your inseam? GCN has a great tutorial?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxRVphhR_Ww
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