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  1. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Nice meeting you too, we had such strict rules/regulations etc from Dryland and the local Municipality that we just had to make sure all is ok if a spy πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ from the the Municipality or government pitch up here. 🀐🀣
  2. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Got this one on IG, looks like Babse made a definite mark this year.
  3. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Nice meeting you too Fanie.
  4. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Nice meeting you too. Got this picture on Instagram this morning of you.
  5. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Well done to all Attakwas cyclists. Nice to meet all the hubbers today. 35 cyclists still in the field and cut-off is at 18h30.
  6. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Today is a nice sunshine day. Good luck to all riders for tomorrow.
  7. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    In Groot Brakrivier at Pine Creek I measured 34mm thus far from yesterday when the rain started. Still overcast ☁️ but not raining. If the rain stops tonight the roads (I don't know what the condition in the mountains were/are like) will be nice without any dust.
  8. BSG

    Surly in SA

    After I couldn't sleep and started getting expensive ideas in my head I whatsapp a friend and he suggested these?
  9. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    28mm rain measured in Groot Brakrivier overnight.
  10. And eventually I've taken the big step, visiting Bikehub frequently again on my cell through www. Not really that tough πŸ˜… πŸ™ƒ
  11. Tebogo that's a very nice bike. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ₯‡πŸ˜±
  12. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    We have one Plettenberg home open for the Attakwas mtb cycling event. R900/night (minimum 2 nights) sleeps 6 people 3 bedrooms, 2x double beds, 1x bunker beds and 2 bathrooms. Right opposite the finish line. Please phone the office on 0446202434 between 09h00-13h00 and 14h00-16h00 to avoid disappointment.
  13. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    Dryland Attakwas started putting the race village up for Saturday 21 August 2021.
  14. BSG

    Attakwas 2021

    In totaal vir die 3 weke nou so 66mm reΓ«n en sneeu gister weer op die berge gekry. So die berge gaan ook nat wees. Met nog reΓ«n vir Woensdag voorspel.
  15. I personally know that the Attakwas is still on. I'm managing Pine Creek where the race ends and we run like mad to get everything in order. We also got a list of what may and may not happen from Dryland and the local Municipality.
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