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  1. Awesome stove for the winter for heat and food prep.
  2. Me too and that was my "me time" 🤪
  3. It's just easier with Tapatalk for me. But I still go on Bikehub using the computer when it's my working weekend.
  4. I've canceled my Tapatalk and because of that I'm totally over and out with Bikehub. Nothing against Bikehub but I used my cellphone to browse it, now I can't so I'm finished.
  5. Still no word/resolution with/on Tapatalk or do I actually now have to browse through www to see Bikehub or is there another app I can use? I use my phone because I don't have a laptop or pc.
  6. I've tried to look for a update with regards to Tapatalk, is it not working yet? Other than Tapatalk which other app can I use other than going on the internet?
  7. Thank you guys. I just thought the problem was from Tapatalk's side and I'm actually in emails busy with them regarding the issue. Thanks for the heads-up.
  8. Good afternoon fellow cyclists. Is it just me or is someone else having troubles logging into Bikehub through Tapatalk? The error message I get is the following, "Network error, please try again later. (get_config)
  9. Do you carry the bikestand with for photos or just for some extra weight training or both? [emoji848] [emoji6]
  10. Bloudraad en tang..........dan is hul soos die ou Hilux 2.4D [emoji23][emoji1787]
  11. Thanks, I must add that I like the Klr 650 also quite a lot. I've looked at so many video's etc about it that I've become VERY interested in them.
  12. Now, I know this question is going to open a very, very big debate. But do you rate it a better, cheaper bike to use and maintain than a BMW GS and in our area where we don't have a KTM dealership?
  13. My Bil had a diesel one, they were so flippen light on fuel.
  14. This is very interesting [emoji848] [emoji846] [emoji102] https://youtu.be/jktgGzzZ8W8
  15. Sounds like me, I bought a tyre compressor and then the 4x4 [emoji1787][emoji1787]
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