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  1. for the appel manne they are launching a beta for Apple TV https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfn4_spwhM7dMBe17E5DUNLXottfOEpEwt0WneqCtW2CD1HWw/viewform
  2. 2 x 620ml camelbak podium 1 x uswe outlander (1.5l bladder) ek het soos 'n pakdonkie gelyk as an aside, the uswe packs are incredible, water stays relatively cool (if you add ice at the water stops) and it realy does stay put.
  3. all I know is that it was *** hot. water (with ice) in my water bottles took about 15min to go from cool to baby bath water warm
  4. DNF at Bonniedale. Heatstroke & sky high blood pressure That 51deg in the kloof was 'n MF. Kudos to the hardebaarde that made it to the finish
  5. Busy with some self improvement as my boss likes to call it. (actually my 10/15 year plan)
  6. fanievb

    Scam Alert

    you need to report the fact that they are using your ID
  7. <insert comic sans> please stay home <end>
  8. Seeding is out https://www.atta.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/ATT24-Race-File-Seeding.pdf
  9. fanievb

    Scam Alert

    @Francois Grobbelaar if you have not done so, please report this to the South African Fraud Prevention service https://www.safps.org.za/
  10. going back for number 2, although I've been told I have not done a real attakwas, as I did the covid version in August 2021
  11. also listen to what Gary has to say here (around 3:10)
  12. If they spent so much time on TT setup, why wouldn't they have done the same for his normal bike?
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