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  1. Avancini is a big disappointment for me . In the last few races he would dominate in the first few laps and then fade thereafter, completely off the pace of the leaders . Is it a case of riding too hard at the beginning of each race?
  2. You mean 100% of us on the hub ?
  3. My impression as well
  4. It will be difficult. But, never write Nino off .
  5. In which event was the winner assisted by an ebike?
  6. Lack of data is the root of the problem .
  7. Just take it to Stokes suspension. You can thank me later.
  8. Glad you survived this ordeal.That stretch of road has become very very dangerous.
  9. I am considering to buy an e bike. After 30 years of cycling my legs are no longer what they used to be. Getting older is unforgiving .Especially in cycling . An ebike allows you to climb that 1 or 2 kays faster than what you can do on your bike.. Not to prove a point or to chase other younger riders but , simply but to flow with other riders and not to have to pull off continuously on the single tracks to allow faster riders to come through.. The cool factor is not something I consider at all.
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