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  1. Well said Andy! Many races in Gauteng are run by private individuals who are looking to make a profit, nothing is ever put back into the sport. On the note around license fees, I really do not see the point granted that you are issued with a racing license....So what? There are not that many races to begin with so I firmly believe that good money is thrown after bad. The only body active in the sport is PPA. Why do we need CSA? Not like they are investing in the youth of tomorrow!
  2. There needs to be a shakeup around the CGC leadership.....PPA needs to step in and they should be given the mandate to manage the union because they are visible among other things....
  3. I really think that a change in leadership is needed in Gauteng! I do not see anything been done....
  4. Gerald, I am glad someone has initiated something like this. My suggestion ties back to some of the items mentioned previously. I would like to suggest the following: 1. Have regular inter-club races catering for all ages, size and colour 2. Have more touring events 3. We have to pay affiliation fees, I would like to know where that money goes to and how it is spent 4. Continuous education of other road users 5. Have regular inter provincial events 6. Have a one-number system whereby a single cloth number can be used for various disciplines. When affiliated with the a controlling body, a number is issued and recorded. The perception currently is that no member of the public has a view of how things are been run. All we do is pay pay pay and ask very little questions and also get very little if not nothing in return....Why do we pay license fees?
  5. Log onto the website, query your seeding... A query may be logged by going to http://seeding.cycletour.co.za/findme.aspx?ss=2&eid=2014, where you will be able to leave a brief description of your query. Only one query per person will be entertained.
  6. I really do not see the point of going all out just to get a great seeding???? I requested a re-seeding. If declined, Good Bye Argus!
  7. I must admit, Tour Durban and OFM...Great races, Great Events...Extremely well organized and Extremely Fast! The ASG stuff...Shocking!
  8. If this is how the organizers want to do things then they can expect a serious decline in numbers but more so the serious rider! I bust my ass last year doing all the seeding events! I traveled to Durban, Bloemfontein and and and....This is just completely insane. I can see many many many accidents happening. Imagine what Chappies will look like?
  9. Soort soek sort ne! Japanese with Japanese Italian with Italian American with Japanese French with Italian Bel with Italian And so the list will grow... For the record, my Nago has Dura Ace on...
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