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  1. https://bikemob.co.za/products/maxxisaspenexotr120t29x225 This one ?
  2. That's probably why they came with my bike when I bought it back then If I can get better for a little more then I'll definitely check that out. Some good suggestions so far. Ill need to see which ones to go for now though.
  3. I'm wanting to replace my current tyres and am looking for some recommendations. Currently using Maxxis Cross Mark 29x2.1 which have worked really nicely. They are old due to sitting around while I was commuting to work with other commuter slicks. The riding I'm doing is XC in Tokai with a bit of tar to get there and back. Any recommendations for a good tyre that is not going to break the bank, something surprisingly good and good value for money ?
  4. I see Cape Union has this ... https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/coghlans-solar-camp-shower-20litres
  5. After a dismal year last year with my commuting I started this year quite well. However with the drought I no longer have access to showers at or near work. Do any of you guys have this issue and how to "freshen" up without a shower ? I sweat profusely even for a while after I finish riding so it's not so easy just to wipe down. I'd quite happily not shower however I don't think my co-workers would agree
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I was watching it, although some of those little climbs are extremely difficult on a narrow skinny. Never mind the descents ... I'm still blown away at the level of skill that Ryan has.
  7. Cos he is standing whenever he takes a drop or a jump
  8. The West Coast of British Columbia has been renown for the high ladder bridges and iconic trails shown in the early films of mountain biking and mountain unicycling. Dan Cowan (aka. Dangerous Dan) is one of the builders responsible for taking benign wooden creek crossings and elevating the bridges multiple human heights above the ground. Today, builders have moved away from the high, skinny wooden features, as the sport of mountain biking continues to evolve and concerns about liability have increased. The forgotten trails from the dawn of the age can still be found among the trees, memories of a time gone by, skeletons in the forest. The trails in this video are the most recent constructions by Dangerous Dan, but they too are slowly succumbing to the passing years and are being reclaimed by the forest.
  9. 4 South Africans ventured to San Sebastian, Spain for Unicon 18. These unicyclists were Alister Buhler, David Eave, Donna Kisogloo and Shaun Devenish. For 3 of them it was their first time at the international unicycle convention. The fourth, David Eave has now attended his 3rd convention to compete in the road races. Unicon is the bi-annual unicycling world championships. This major event covers all facets of unicycling. Along with competitions in the IUF unicycling disciplines there is also a major convention portion with workshops, cultural mashups, and social events.
  10. While I'm a fan of Korn ... I don't think their new single is that great. Sounds commercialised to me. I'm keen to hear the whole album, however when singles are released before the album they are usually the better tracks off the album, so I'm a little skeptical.
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