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  1. Flying to George Thursday afternoon with bike in a box. Anybody with recent experience with Kulula and a bike. Website indicate no limitation on dimension and no extra cost as long as it is below 20kg
  2. Hi Looking for rear hub axle for D772SB hub. droo mentioned CCS in one of the previous posts Who are they? Thanks
  3. This looks like a great deal. Does the app allow multiple logins at the same time like Netflix. Could not find any info on the website
  4. Hi Also looking for a garmin widget/app that will show the elevation profile of a course with a marker where I am on the course. Could only found graphical displayes with the elapsed elevation profile. I have edge 530 Tx
  5. Have a white helmet which shows dirt much easier. The helmet is also a bit more matt than gloss. Recommendations on protective coating to minimising dirt sticking on a helmet. Considering using the soap that I use for my car and bike.
  6. My 2nd cage is underneath the frame and I only use it on long rides. I like a clean bike without to many attachments. Don't want a permanent cage mounted below the frame
  7. Anybody knows of a shop selling these
  8. I have overdone the cleaning/degreasing this weekend. Did a lot of "drippy drops" but realized it is not adequate. What submersion oil and wax do you recommend
  9. Hi all Anybody bought from this website? mrylens.com They are the only site that has clear lenses for my jawbreaker. Already tried Revant and Revu. Tx
  10. Hi Looking for a replacement strap for my Caterpillar watch. Been to a couple of shops in Pretoria and also tried online without any luck. Seems like it is an unusual strap width vs lug width combination. The lug width is 8 m while strap is +/- 18 mm. Any recommendation where i can get straps or one made. Thanks
  11. Hi Anybody knows of a shop selling these. Could not find one PTA east shops. Topeak quick release for a bottle cage. Thanks
  12. They are sending it with FedEx. ETA the 7th. It will be insane quick if it is here by Friday
  13. Diadora MTBGot it from CRC 2 years ago. Best shoes for a large toebox and high arch.
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