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  1. Hope they are not looking for crash test volunteers
  2. Hi Slowbee I used a full frame sensor Canon (5D3) with a kit lens (24 - 105 L F4). Used F16 to get a good depth of field and exposure of 3 secs at ISO 100. Camera obviously on a tripod. The image was exposed to the right so the unprocessed image looks quite bright. That was done to get as much information in the darker areas as possible because I knew what I wanted to do with it. Some processing done in Lightroom, but the majority done in Photoshop with some help from Lumenzia to bring out the detail of the tree bark. Several layers of curves and levels, gradient map, vibrance, colour balance, cropping and several others. This level of processing is not that difficult and can be done by anyone with a little practice and patience. It is not a marvellous photograph but the processing turned it into an interesting image.
  3. Thanks Veebee. Named it "Witches Alley" as my wife had just walked down there and given me the inspiration for this shot .
  4. Here's one to initially boggle your eyes. It needs to be looked at with a dark surround. Taken at Benvie Gardens, Karkloof at midday.
  5. I have always wanted to jump out my car whilst at a robot, grab the lit stompie someone has just thrown out their window, and throw it back into their car. Should cause some fun!
  6. Use a stick-on mirkin. Looks au-naturale
  7. For those doing the Sani2C, pop along to Kenmo Lake (just outside Himeville) if you have the chance. The autumn colours are now past their best but still something to see.
  8. PS. RAW implies a format, just like JPEG. You might understand a raw image to be one that has had no editing done? There is a big difference.
  9. 99.99% are edited. If they are not, they should be. The editing of RAW photos is a debate non-photographers will willingly engage as they often have insufficient understanding of what a RAW photograph is. Editing jpeg photos is another story, but it depends on what you are after, it is not "wrong". If your camera shoots RAW, that is the best format to use however, it does require the appropriate software to render it correctly and to be able to export it for view on the web or to be printed. The most commonly used software is probably that of Adobe's (Lightroom / Photoshop) but there are other great options available.
  10. Well captured with great IQ.
  11. Happy birthday, hope the rest of the day turns out better than the start.
  12. Haven't been to Kenmo either but plan to make it this year. Went out to Karkloof to try out a new 16-35 f4. Bit of a learning curve with that! Got no photos with the lens that are usable so will have to practice. Not used to getting so close to things in the foreground to stop them looking as if they are miles away.
  13. Karkloof Falls yesterday (a bit of a cheat, as the photo has been cropped a fair amount. looks OK on the web, but wouldn't print it ). Taken with 70-200mm f2.8 @ f5.6 2 secs with the help of a Little Stopper.
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