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  1. Urgh, crappy weather and a warm bed...I'm staying indoors
  2. droo: Are you guys going to snobs or can the rest of us just use the 'Morewood' convention as a gathering point?
  3. ChrisH, lets hope next weekend has better weather
  4. Judging by the 80% chance of rain+heavy wind, you are going to have a fairly empty kitchen tomorrow
  5. Bah! it will be a 9am ride slow and easy and having fun on the singletrack and stuff...
  6. So...1Tonner has been postponed, so the idea came up. What about Tokai, 9am on Sunday? Gives those who have weary AMArider legs a bit more of a snooze. It may rain buckets, then we'll call it off. For now I just want an idea of how many people might be interested in this?
  7. Tjoppie, ek het 'n free entry gehad, maar nou het al ander planne vir Vrydag aand (wat tequila involve) gemaak, as ook 'work commitments' vir Saterdag.
  8. I should have taken Onetime's offer yesterday...*swears*
  9. Shjoe.....I need a better paying job...v nice!
  10. jealousy makes you nasty holy
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