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  1. Hey Guys Anyone know what duties , vat etc. are if I import a pair of cycling shoes from chain reaction or Evans . cycles ? I want a pair of giro empire slx shoes in orange and no one in SA seems to have a pair in size 45 Thanks Richard
  2. Hi Not sure if you came right with the pedals , but if not then the bike basement in JHB is the importer of speed play pedals , they are the most awesome pedals you can buy . Thanks Richard
  3. Hi Aurora Did you know that I sell Tufo tubbies in SA ? I got the 25, 23 and 21 mm in stock . Thanks Richard Token cycling .
  4. Hi Naas I sent a mail to you on Monday , did you get it ? Thanks Richard
  5. Ok! for those interested , I've fitted my shimano wireless transmitter and my shimano R600 remote climbing shifter to my BMC . I have the shimano 6770 10 speed ultegra di2 and it still had the older software loaded as I had no need to update to the latest version 3 software ( for interest sakes if you run old software on your di2 you can mix and match components , such as putting a dura ace derailler on your ultegra set up , or vice versa ) My components came with the version 3 software so I had to update my firmware first , after that they all worked great . I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty but it's quite easy to fit and pair to the Garmin 810 . If anyone needs more info , I'll glady give you all the info you need . Thanks
  6. Im using ultegra di2 , so th part numbers wont help as you are using dura ace. Anyways , i have orders the parts i need thanks. No , im using a garmin 810 , they released a update for the 810 to give the same functionality as the 1000 with regards to di2 .
  7. What model di2 ultegra did you fit ? I fitted the 10 speed 6770 model only to find out its discontinued now , so if you damage the rear derailer you have to fit the new 11 speed di2 .
  8. I went to Solomon's , BMC and cycle lab. I then phoned coolheat myself . They said that the parts are ordered and arriving August 2014 . Well is its 2015 already and every time I queried , there response was it was not sent with the shipment . You were very fortunate to get your parts , and I'm glad you did not battle .
  9. The only reason they advised you against the remote shifters is because they cannot get them . Like I said , Shimano SA don't even know what they are . I ordered my wireless transmitter and remote climbing shifter from Evan's cycles in the UK , they will be here this week and I will fit them myself to my ultegra di2 system .
  10. Hi Everyone A couple of points and questions . Those of you that follow new shimano di2 development , will know that there is a wireless transmitter to show what gear you are in and your battery percentage on your garmin available to plug into your existing di2 integral or dura ace , and a remote steering fitted shifter that fits onto your handlebars for easy shifting . My question is why are these components not available in South Africa ? I have asked numerous cycle shops to order them but all of their responses are either shimano SA have no clue what I'm talking about or the most common answer is there is no worldwide stock available . Bear in mind I have been trying to order since the launch of these products in 2014 , so no stock available is a nonsense answer , and on speaking to many bike shops , they all say that Shimano SA importers only bring in what they think will sell and will not take special orders . Anyone care to shed some light on this ? Yes i know one can order from the UK or US , but why should we not be able to order legit Shimano components in our own country . Thanks Richard
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