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  1. There are a few things to consider... 1 - Huge stock purchases to open accounts. I know SRAM is around R200 000 for a first order. 2 - Stock shortages... this is a massive problem worldwide. 3 - Workshop... this is where you make or break a small bike shop. If you have a top mechanic with decent turn around times, you can make it work... 4 - Don't do it... Rather take R500k and set it alight. Its a much faster and less stressful way of burning through your savings.
  2. I get the incorrect advertising part but if you didn't check it when it arrived several months ago, I think you are on your own here.
  3. Great trails with incredible views of the Gorge.
  4. I use a lot of Leatt equipment in my MX bike kit and never had a quality issue. Might be a one off, send it back for a warranty.
  5. I see this event is back for this year with a new sponsor which is nice to see. I have never done this event
  6. The Berge en Dale is back on the calendar for 2022 with a new sponsor
  7. Very expensive. Their entry level bibs are worth every cent. I wouldn't be spending R3500 on a shirt though, thats just crazy!
  8. Not a great range of Canyon road bikes available on their website.
  9. Aurora

    The Classics

    What VPN are you guys using to access full service on GCN+? Watching on my phone is not going to work, it's a pain.
  10. Great for a pro who can change wheels every lap if needed but not sure these will be hugely popular for normal riders. If I was going for weight weenie levels, I would rather build a set with these PiRope spokes and hubs. This Spark is sub-8kgs.
  11. Does anybody know if these bearings are available locally? More specifically the 2x needle bearings.
  12. I use Nutritech Nuke for exactly this. I take half the recommended dosage and works just fine. It has never made me struggle to sleep afterwards either.
  13. Used them for many years and found the following negatives: 1 - Bearings wear out very quickly, creating a wobble and squeaking noises. Bearing kits are not cheap. 2 - The Eggbeater bends rather easily when his against a rock, 2 sets gone because of this. 3 - Cleats wear out quickly and are not cheap. These were the positives: 1 - Easy to clip in and out of in any conditions 2 - Lightweight if you get the top end ones 3 - Easy to service However, after a few sets either breaking or wearing out, I decided to try a set of Shimano XT pedals and have not looked back since. The Shimano is more stable on the foot, the cleat feels more secure when in the pedal. I have not had any issues with regards to clipping in when riding in the mud. I have not had to change bearings or anything since I got them 8 years ago. Absolutely bombproof.
  14. I heard that there is a general product shortage for cycling products
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