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  1. What offset Direct Mount chainring do I require for a Cannondale Ai SRAM Eagle crankset?
  2. Have about 9 000km on a XO1 casette and XX1 chainring. I have been rotating three chains (2 x XO1 chains and one GX chain-which I took out of rotation, because of higher wear). I have now had a few chain drops and I am thinking of only replacing the chainring and see if that solves the problem. Should I consider getting two new XX1/XO1 chains to start with the new chainring and hope the casette is still ok, or do I just continue with the current 2x chains till the casette needs replacing? I guess it will probably depend on the wear on the chains....and If they are still within the 0.5% then replacing with two new ones should be ok, if over 0.5 then probably to late..? Would you agree with my logic and which DM chainring would you suggest?
  3. Where can I get Assos bibs at black Friday prices?
  4. How did you convert it to poplock/pbr or did omnico do it for you? Poplock button is so close to the handlebar that a lockout lever is not necessary imo
  5. 74 watts faster? Then the top 15 finishers in the tdf would have all been on this bike...
  6. Found a Garmin in Jonkershoek. Please PM me to make contact if it is yours....or dont...ill take good care of it for you...
  7. Could not agree more. Ordered on 23 November...arrived in Joburg on the 7th of December....then had to email/call Skynet on numerous occasions to ask them to invoice me for the VAT/customs......then finally got the invoice on the 19th of December and paid the same day...goods was then sent to Cape Town on the 21st of Dec....still not here and no answer from the skynet contact person in CT....bunch of clowns....how did they get a contract with CRC?
  8. The aeroad has been around for many years. If it was a known weekpoint, Canyon would have changed the layup to reinforce the area. If it was in the first year it might have been understandable but not for a bike which has been raced and sold for many seasons.
  9. your one foot (or both feet) are on the ground vs on the pedals when you descend. you also don't go through potholes in the start pen.....
  10. Bought the 1 and upgraded a few things before i bought:Fox dps evol factory shock...prefer the three settings vs just open and closed on RS Eagle xx crank Xx shifter Enve bar Sworks phenom saddle Xtr pedals Fabric silicone grips 11.0 kg Awesome bike for 30k less than the team bike. Only difference is the wheels and paint job... not worth R30k imo.
  11. I have the same on n Schwalbe Racing Ralph. Tyre is old but tread still fine. Riding it as is..not sure I will use it in a race, but sure it will be fine...Only started noticing when putting new stans in...its almost as if the tyre is 'sweating'...happens overnight even on the top of the tyre...
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