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  1. I am looking for pivot bearings for my 2017 Trek Top Fuel 9.8. From my google search it looks like I need the following bearings: 2x 17286 MAX 4x 6800 MAX 4x 3801 MAX/ H8 double width Where will I be able to source them at a decent price?
  2. The trails at San Lameer is quite nice to ride and excludes all of the paved roads in the estate, so you easily build up a nice ride without leaving the estate. You can also check out Beaver Creek coffee farm towards Port Edward for some nice trails.
  3. Thanks I'll go and have a look tomorrow morning
  4. New one. Basically require that funnel thing for the lever
  5. I need to bleed my Shimano brakes as I replaced the cables today, but I only have a SRAM bleeding kit. Anyone willing to lend me their bleeding kit in Pretoria tomorrow or does anyone know who has stock that I can go and buy it tomorrow morning?
  6. Its a initiative from Cycle Lab and CWC. Not sure how it works yet but they are behind it. I got a message from them and from The Pro Shop for golf.
  7. Are you using bluetooth or ANT+ to connect to the device? I get similar power spikes over bluetooth on my TacX but over ANT+ its stable.
  8. They should drop the year in the model launches. Its May 2020 and we have 2021 launches. We truly are living in mad times!!!
  9. My stuff was delivered just after lunch today in Pretoria. Thanks for the good service guys
  10. Placed my order... Thanks Naas
  11. Hi Naas, Till when will the specials be available? I'm interested in the Reba 120mm boost fork, but just have to wait and see how things at work turn out at the end of the month. Thanks Rudi
  12. Best price on this? https://www.cwcycles...-2915-boost-rem
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