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  1. Hi Diesel, Unfortunately we don't have these lengths in stock right now so we would have to special order for you. Depending on how quickly we can fill an order (just couriering the spokes would result in exorbitant shipping costs) we can usually get special orders in relatively quickly (2 weeks) let me get back to you on Monday once we have looked at the best solution here
  2. Hi there, Are you sure it's a 340? The M1700 spline 2 traditionally has a 350 hub, but regardless they are both using the same internals so the links I provided are all applicable.
  3. Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. All our product pages have a hyperlink out to the correlating DT Swiss service page where you can find all the applicable spares required. Example: https://getstokedonline.co.za/product/dt-swiss-350-6-bolt-boost-disc-rear-hubs-148mm-xd/ In the link you will see the following products and tools are required for a basic service: - Special Grease - Lockring removal tool - Locking (if required) - 6902 bearing tool - 6902 bearings (if required) - Spacer (if required) There are additional tools and spares required for a complete overhaul, however some of these are not yet listed on our consumer direct portal due to their low value and therefore would require my sending these parts to your preferred local dealer. Here is a link on how to service the hubs: Hope this helps - please feel free to get in touch should you have any further questions.
  4. Hello Hubbers! Been a while... Just thought I would remind everyone of the existence of this forum/thread should there be any questions, technical or general, pertaining to DT Swiss that we can perhaps assist with. Stay well!
  5. The best I can offer right now is to suggest inputting your email address in our automatic in stock notification system, that way you will be notified once our next shipment lands. Alternatively I can back order for you and inform you ahead of time of any and all changes to the delivery date. Sadly it will be some time before we receive stock again however
  6. Rotors are thankfully still in stock and can be found here: https://getstokedonline.co.za/product/formula-1-piece-rotor/ Or through any dealer of your choice - happy to get in touch with them on your behalf
  7. Thanks Chad for notifying me. Sadly the Cura's have been out of stock for some time with an ETA on our next shipment some time away still. Several months I'm afraid. Sorry we couldn't be of any help!
  8. What you just described is a largely what my original post outlined as being convenience v. friction when transacting.
  9. 100% A large part of why a distributor is against supplying any self proclaimed "bike mechanic" You are absolutely right then that this distributor should offer training on their product to empower stores/dealers. If the dealer wins you win.
  10. Again, I am expressly saying it is NOT the only thing that counts. Refer to my previous post about bell curves. Two people disagreeing with me does not represent the entire market.
  11. Read my previous post with regards to the phenomena you are experiencing. I'm not saying you have to have a social media presence to survive. In fact I specifically mentioned how there are some stores who managed without it. Social and marketing at large forms just one pillar of modern business building that, if mastered, can help you thrive. The most successful stores in our market are those who have mastered all of the important aspects in business
  12. I respectfully disagree. I was very tempted to go into retail despite all the cons. It's obviously going to be easier when you start with a huge amount of money before hand, but unless you made a fortune elsewhere or inherited money this will likely come from the form of a partner(s), a loan, or investors. Owning a bike shop can be highly rewarding and highly profitable IF and only if you bother to learn the basics (and hopefully master several) of the essential aspects to owning a business. As a Hubber mentioned in a previous post this is things like (but not limited to) Accounting Marketing Technology Service Procurement Some stores have become successful despite having little to no understanding of some of these important aspects of business, usually as they were founded before the necessity for such skills arose (how many bike shops do you know with no webpage... in a day and age where a business is expected to have a social media presence across multiple platforms as a minimum) Personally I feel these stores will struggle to stay relevant in an increasingly demanding market unless they learn to adapt soon... The stores who have mastered all of these aspects as well as adhering to some of the aspects raised in my previous post are the ones who will not only survive, but are currently thriving in our market. It can definitely be done
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