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  1. Hello fellow Hubbers, This thread serves as the official DT Swiss forum/tech Q&A for the African cycling community. As the official importer and distributor of DT Swiss in Africa, we at Get Stoked Distribution do our best to try keep track of any queries related to DT products on Bike Hub and answer them as swiftly and comprehensively as possible. This being said, we feel it's much easier for many of you that there is a dedicated space where you can directly ask your questions or offer your thoughts. You can find all our DT Swiss aftermarket products and many service products available to end consumers on our online portal: Get Stoked Online We kindly ask you to respect the views of other hubbers and to try to keep your questions on topic - we are a community sharing the love of cycling after all... Thanks, and looking forward to being of service to the DT Swiss community! The Get Stoked team
  2. Bontrager's all-new Aeolus RSL wheels are the result of a completely reimagined design process. In the past, Bontrager's optimisation process was done in 2D. For Aeolus RSL, Bontrager enabled 3D CFD models, which allowed engineers to accurately account for every gram of drag, in every direction, through every plane and across all aspects of the wheel/tyre system. A third dimension in speed With this new approach, Bontrager was better able to replicate real-world conditions and adjust the design accordingly, optimising for aerodynamics as well as rolling resistance. The result is a wheel that moves way beyond marginal gains. Aeolus RSL wheels aren't just fast; they're the fastest wheels Bontrager has ever made. Off-the-charts faster Aeolus RSL wheels are significantly faster than all previous Aeolus models, and the speed gains don't come at the cost of stability. Wider is faster Aeolus RSL’s 23 mm inner width (21 mm on Aeolus RSL 37) provides a better aerodynamic connection with tyres and allows them to roll faster. This design also lets you run lower tyre pressures for a smoother, faster and less-fatiguing ride. Race-calibre carbon All Aeolus RSL wheels are built with RSL-level OCLV Carbon. It's the lightest and strongest available, and the key to creating our fastest rim shapes ever. Designed with the pros To create a wheel set worthy of the Race Shop Limited (RSL) name, our engineers turned to Trek-Segafredo. The team's feedback helped us create the ultimate race wheel set, one that adds speed and confidence to every ride. Faster with fewer watts Aerodynamically faster rim shapes and a wheel/tyre profile proven to reduce rolling resistance add up to major watt-savings. For a rider like Trek-Segafredo's Mads Pedersen, Aeolus RSL can save 34 watts in a sprint finish over previous Aeolus wheels of a similar depth. New lightweight internals Aeolus RSL wheels feature all-new lighter-weight Ratchet EXP freehubs built with proven DT Swiss 240s internals for consistent engagement and a smooth, fast-rolling feel. Tubeless Ready (TLR) Easily set up your wheel set tubeless with Bontrager TLR rim strips or use a rim tape system for the lightest set-up possible. Move over, tubulars! This is the fastest wheel and tyre system available, and it’s exactly what’s raced by Trek Factory Racing to give them an edge over the competition. Confidence in carbon Like all Bontrager carbon wheels, Aeolus RSL wheels are backed by Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Programme. In the unlikely event that you damage your Bontrager carbon wheels within the first two years of ownership, we’ll repair or replace them for free. Available Aeolus RSL wheel models Aeolus RSL is available in multiple depths (37 mm, 51 mm, 62 mm and 75 mm), each designed to meet the demands of a specific kind of ride. Aeolus RSL 37: An ultralight 37 mm rim profile for climbing performance and more speed in sprints. Aeolus RSL 51: A versatile 51 mm rim profile for unmatched speed and stability across all conditions. Aeolus RSL 62: A deep 62 mm rim profile perfectly suited to sprinters and those who prioritise speed on every ride. Aeolus RSL 74: A 75 mm depth for triathlon and time trial riders, best for all-out efforts and your fastest bike splits ever.
  3. [h1]Press Release[/h1] Bontrager introduced the all-new line of Aeolus RSL wheels today, expanding its performance wheel offering and setting a new benchmark for speed and stability in carbon wheels. View full article
  4. In achieving the accolades he has thus far, Luke has had a great network backing him from family, friends, coaches and sponsors. Time has come for Luke to make a move in his career but not without first thanking those who assisted to shape him into the athlete he is today. A huge thank you needs to be given to Silverback Bikes, South Industries Custom Carbon Rims and Leatt Protectives for all the support and fantastic product they supplied in order to assist Luke to getting to where he is today in his career. OneMovement Sports Management are pleased to announce a new partnership for Luke Moir with Trek Bikes and Bontrager. Luke has signed a two year deal which will see him attacking the climbs and bombing the downhills at XCO events, track dependant on either the Supercaliber or Top Fuel as well as chasing the clock at Enduro races on the Slash. The 17 year old who is going into Matric at SACS next year can often be seen laying down watts as he blasts up the climbs in Tokai during intervals before stylishly and effortlessly descending the downhill lines on his 100mm XCO bike. I’m excited for this next step in my career and to be riding Trek Bikes, with their support I believe I will be able to elevate my game to the next level through the under 23 category. With the limited time I have spent on the Supercaliber I really love the climbing ability carrying all the stiffness of a hardtail, really looking forward to getting racing on it. Luke Moir We are excited to have Luke riding Trek Bikes and apart of the team as his professionalism and manner in which he conducts himself is what we looking for in an athlete, he also carries a great skillset and knows how to have fun on the bike which is Trek’s motto: Ride Bikes, Have Fun, Feel Good. We are looking forward to what the future has install for this partnership. Kevin Van Den Broek, Trek Bikes Marketing Manager Along side Trek Bikes and Bontrager, Luke continues his partnership with Red Bull and Thule. There is still so much uncertainty with regards to the pandemic and racing in the future but one thing remains constant - Luke’s focus and dedication to reach the pinnacle of the sport.
  5. Aeolus Wheels Aeolus' proven, stable designs deliver free speed without added weight, and are brought to life through Bontrager's industry leading OCLV Carbon lay-up process. New Aeolus carbon wheel models are available in three levels to give riders more performance and pricing options: RSL (Race Shop Limited), Pro and Elite. Aeolus RSL 37 Made from Bontrager's best OCLV Carbon, these ultra-light 37 mm wheels have an all-new rim shape that’s faster than deeper wheels and lighter than shallower wheels all while maintaining stability. Compared to their predecessors, the new shape is 30% deeper, making them 11% faster than before, and they weigh a mere 1,325 g per set – 55 g less than previous models.'We designed and built Aeolus RSL 37s for the pros of Trek-Segafredo,' said Graham Wilhelm, Bontrager's Director of Wheels and Tyres. 'They're the ultimate race wheel – they're the lightest carbon aero road wheels we've ever made, and they add speed and confidence to every ride.' OCLV RSL Carbon is lighter and stronger, and allows for faster, more stable rim profiles RSL-optimised 37 mm depth provides leading speed, stability and weight Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims allow for quick transition to a tubeless system 37 mm depth OCLV Carbon rim (28 mm outer) DT Aerolite spokes 24/24, DT Pro Lock nipples Smooth-rolling, ultralight DT Swiss 240s internals with Ratchet EXP 36-point engagement Compatible with Shimano 10/11 speed, SRAM 10/11 freehubs, 12sp available separately Centre lock disc hubs with 12 mm thru-axle front and rear, axle swap available for QR and 15 mm Includes TLR rim strip, TLR valve and traditional rim strip Wheelset weight: 1,325 grams Price: Front - R19 999.00 / Rear - R23 999.00 Aeolus Pro 37 With the same all-new rim shape and design as the RSL model, Aeolus Pro 37 brings the latest tech, speed and weight to a Pro-level price point. OCLV Pro Carbon offers an optimised blend of weight, strength and durability All-new 37 mm depth brings the benefits of aerodynamics to lightweight design Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims allow for quick transition to a tubeless system 37 mm depth OCLV Carbon rim (28 mm outer, 21 mm inner width), DT Aerolite spokes 24/24, DT Pro Lock nipples Centre lock disc hubs with 12 mm thru-axle front and rear, DT Swiss 350 hubs with 18-point engagement Compatible with Shimano 10/11 speed, SRAM 10/11 freehubs, 12sp available separately Includes TLR rim strip, TLR valve and traditional rim strip – Warrantied for life, no rider weight limit Wheelset weight: 1,505 grams Price: Front - R12 499.00 / Rear - R14 999.00 Aeolus Elite 35 and Aeolus Elite 50 These high-value, high-performance wheels are built with fast, proven D3 shapes and are designed to bring the light weight, looks and responsive ride of carbon to more riders. Aeolus Elite wheels are available in a 35 mm and 50 mm rim depth. Aeolus Elite 35 Aeolus Elite 35 SpecsOCLV Pro Carbon offers an optimised blend of weight, strength and durability All-new 37 mm depth brings the benefits of aerodynamics to lightweight design Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims allow for quick transition to a tubeless system 37 mm depth OCLV Carbon rim (28 mm outer, 21 mm inner width), DT Aerolite spokes 24/24, DT Pro Lock nipples Centre lock disc hubs with 12 mm thru-axle front and rear, DT Swiss 350 hubs with 18-point engagement Compatible with Shimano 10/11 speed, SRAM 10/11 freehubs, 12sp available separately Includes TLR rim strip, TLR valve and traditional rim strip – Warrantied for life, no rider weight limit Price: Front - R9 299.00 / Rear - R9 999.00 Aeolus Elite 50 SpecsOCLV carbon offers an optimised blend of weight, strength and durability The D3 Dual Directional Design profile cuts drag at the tyre- leading and rim-leading edges Tubeless Ready (TLR) rims allow for quick transition to a tubeless system 50 mm depth OCLV Carbon rim (27 mm outer, 19.5 mm inner width) Grand Strada spokes 24/24, hex alloy nipples Centre lock disc hubs with 12 mm thru-axle front and rear, Bontrager 24-point engagement, 3-pawl hub Compatible with Shimano 10/11 speed, SRAM 10/11 freehubs, 12sp available separately Includes TLR rim strip, TLR valve and traditional rim strip – Warrantied for life, no rider weight limit Price: Front - R9 299.00 / Rear - R9 999.00 Aeolus Elite 50 Confidence in carbon Like all Bontrager carbon wheels, the entire Aeolus line-up is warrantied for life. Plus, they’re backed by Carbon Care – if riders damage their wheels while riding during the first two years of ownership, Bontrager will replace them. New Aeolus wheels are available immediately through Trek's wide network of retail partners. Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem combo The Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem was designed along with the all-new aero Émonda and as such it's built for light speed – it features aero-shaping and is wrought from ultra light OCLV Carbon. Free speed The new Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem is nearly 10% faster than its predecessor and saves riders seven watts of effort based on wind tunnel testing calculations.'The all-new Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem was designed to keep pace with the new Émonda,' said Bryan Fosler, Trek’s Road Bike Product Manager. 'It's ultra light and it makes a simple and significant speed upgrade for any road bike.' Seamless integration In addition to the sleek aero looks and performance of its two-in-one design, the Aeolus Bar/Stem also features an integrated cable management system that lets riders cleanly and easily secure their cables. Plus, Blendr compatibility and the included Blendr bases and mounts make for effortless integration of Bontrager lights and Garmin computers. VR-C shape Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem's variable radius and compact profile (VR-C) allow for multiple hand positions with a longer reach and drop. Plus, riders can choose from multiple length and width options for a great fit.The new Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem is available through Trek's network of retail partners.
  6. The Darkhorse Wheels team would like to clear up the confusion sparked by DHB Distributors (formerly trading as Dark Horse Brands) press release regarding their appointment as the official distributors for Trek and Bontrager in South Africa on The Hub SA. Click here to view the article
  7. We have cleared up the matter with the guys behind DHB Distributors who have agreed to change their trading name from Dark Horse Brands to DHB Distributors and shall be trading as such from here on out. There is no connection whatsoever between the two different companies and accordingly it would have caused too much confusion in the South African cycling market for both companies to trade with such similar names.Darkhorse Wheels would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its loyal customers and supporters for their ongoing support and furthermore we would like to wish our fellow cycling company DHB Distributors well in their future endeavours.
  8. Bontrager Rally WaveCel Rally WaveCel (R2,999.00 MSRP) is an off-road helmet with WaveCel technology that balances comfort and performance for trail riders who value safety. It features a Boa dial closure system, an adjustable visor, extended rear shell, and LockDown dividers for easy helmet strap management. Starvos WaveCel (R1,999.00 MSRP) is a versatile and stylish helmet with WaveCel technology for road, gravel, trail, and path. It's built with a one-handed Headmaster fit system and LockDown dividers for easy strap management. It's also available in an extended size range up to XL. Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Both Rally and Starvos WaveCel helmets were awarded five stars in Virginia Tech's Helmet Safety Rankings. Trek and Bontrager are committed to safer cycling for all riders, with these two new additions to our helmet lineup, which come in at lower price points than other WaveCel models, we're bringing a leading technology in the protection against cycling-related head injuring to a broader audience of riders. April Beard, Bontrager Director of Product for Helmets WaveCel, which was introduced by Trek and Bontrager in 2019, is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology that is designed to be more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents. Like all Bontrager products, the new Rally and Starvos helmets are backed by the Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee, which gives riders 30 days to love their purchase. If they don't, we'll take it back. It's that simple. Additionally, these helmets are backed by Bontrager's Crash Replacement Guarantee. If the helmet sustains an impact within the first year of ownership, Bontrager will replace it for free. Bontrager's all-new Rally and Starvos WaveCel helmets are available immediately on trekbikes.com and through Trek's network of retail partners.
  9. This improvement was made possible through Trek's partnership with Bureo and membership in NextWave, a cross-industry consortium of companies working to reduce the staggering amount of plastics plaguing our environment. Trek is a founding member of the consortium, which includes Dell, General Motors, and others. For the last 22 years, Trek has manufactured hundreds of thousands of Bat Cages in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 30 miles from the company's headquarters in Waterloo. The cage is simple, light, and durable—and now there's a lot more to love about it. Through Trek's partnership with NextWave, the company was introduced to Bureo, a group dedicated to giving new life to discarded fishing nets. Bureo collects end-of-life fishing nets and recycles them into tiny pellets that can be used for injection-molded plastic products like Bat Cage, sunglasses, skateboards, and more. "Bat Cage may be a small product, but it's the little hinge that swings a big door," said Justin Henkel, Trek's Director of Product for Saddles and Essentials. "This year alone, it will put 44,000 square feet (3,850 pounds) of discarded fishing nets to good use. That's making a real difference, and Bat Cage is just the beginning." A new chapter Bat Cage was first introduced in 1997, and it's one of Bontrager's longest-running products. It has crossed the finish line of more grand tours, World Cups, and Spring Classics than anything else made by the brand. Now, it offers the same simple, reliable performance and is made from recycled materials. A global issue There are over 86 million metric tons of plastic in our oceans right now, and more than 8 million metric tons are added every year. The net effect Fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of all plastic in the ocean. What’s even worse is that they are 4x more harmful to the ocean environment than all other forms of plastic pollution. From nets into nylon Bat Cages are made from Bureo’s NetPlus nylon pellets. Bureo collects end-of-life fishing nets in Chile and recycles them into raw nylon so they can be made into everything from sunglasses to skateboards. One product, big impact In one year, recycled nylon Bat Cages will put good use to approximately 44,000 square feet (3,850 pounds) of discarded fishing nets. More ways we’re making a difference Trek is a founding member of NextWave, a cross-industry consortium of partner companies—including Dell and General Motors— that are committed to keeping plastics in our economy and out of our oceans.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQB0L3GsxDU WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that lines the inside of Bontrager WaveCel helmets. It was developed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Madey and biomechanical engineer Dr. Michael Bottlang, who have collaborated for the past 25 years and pioneered advances in fracture care, thoracic and pelvic trauma, and head injury prevention. The creation of Bontrager WaveCel helmets is the result of a four-year partnership between Drs. Madey and Bottlang and Trek and Bontrager’s Research & Design teams. Unlike a standard foam helmet, which is designed to protect against direct impacts, WaveCel accounts for how most cycling accidents actually happen—ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. WaveCel absorbs energy in multiple ways. On impact, the layers of the WaveCel material move independently and flex until the cell walls crumple and then glide, actively absorbing direct and rotational energy and redirecting it away from your head. This three-step change in material structure—flex, crumple, glide—is remarkably effective at dispersing the energy from an impact. Nearly 99 times out of 100, WaveCel prevents concussions from common cycling accidents. “We are cycling enthusiasts on a mission to help more people enjoy the benefits of biking and to do that with the most advanced protection possible,” said Tony White, lead engineer on the project. “WaveCel represents a significant leap forward for all types of riders, and we are proud that this technology is exclusively available in Bontrager helmets.” Every model in the all-new Bontrager WaveCel helmet lineup received the highest marks in Virginia Tech’s five-star ranking. “For nearly a decade, we have been testing and rating helmets across industries to determine the products that will best reduce head injury risk,” said Megan Bland, a doctoral student and graduate research assistant from Virginia Tech. “Helmets that receive higher ratings offer considerably more protection compared to other popular helmets on the market.” WaveCel is a major innovation in a category that has remained largely unchanged in 30 years, one that underscores Trek’s commitment to making cycling safer for every rider. “Trek is committed to making riding safer and more accessible for everyone,” said Trek President John Burke. “WaveCel is the most advanced helmet technology ever designed, and these helmets are a big step toward making riding a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone.” Bontrager WaveCel helmets are initially being offered in four models:XXX WaveCel Road Helmet (R4,299.99) Blaze WaveCel MTB Helmet (R4,299.00) Specter WaveCel Road Helmet (R2,999.00) Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet (R2,999.00) Bontrager Helmets with WaveCel technology will be arriving in South Africa in August.
  11. Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump MSRP: R 1,899.00The Flash Charger TLR is Bontrager's answer for home mechanics looking for a floor pump to seat and inflate tubeless tyres without the need for a compressor or wasting a CO2 canister. The Flash Charger features a pressurizable chamber that can release air instantly to create the jolt needed to seat a tubeless tyre. Product details Alloy barrel for smooth pump action Auto-select head instantly fits both Presta and Schrader valves Top-mounted 160 psi gauge Large, stable base minimizes tipping Inflates tubeless-ready tyres without a compressor The pump has two chambers and a lever. Push the lever down and the smaller chamber is used to fill the bigger one up to a pressure of 160 psi. Once the needle on the top-mounted gauge is in the green zone, you can attach the head to the valve and flip the lever. This will release a constant stream of air into the tyre at a higher pressure than you would be able to with a normal pump. The air flow is not as high nor as fast as a CO2 canister, but it comes out with enough force to seat a tyre with sufficient air in the chamber to get the tyre up to a decent pressure once the bead is sealed. All you have to do then is pump the tyre to your desired pressure. The Flash Charger TLR works well for mounting a new tyre, but less so when wanting to correct the pressure on an already fitted tyre. The pump does not have a non-return valve to stop air from the tyre going back into the pump when connecting it. It's not something that is unique to this pump or Bontrager though, as I have yet to use a pressurised chamber pump that solves this problem. It's not a big issue, it simply means some extra pumping than you would with a normal pump. Compared to the Lezyne Pressure OverDrive I own, the Bontrager has more plastic bits and doesn't feel as premium. The Lezyne is mostly made from metal with a cool wooden handle. It is, however, easier to use and I much prefer Bontrager's version as there are fewer quirks. It will most likely soon replace the Lezyne. Verdict The Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump is a clever piece of kit and a great tool for riders who battle in the dark of the night to seat fresh rubber the day before a race. It is not without drawbacks, but it gets the job done.I can live with the plastic bits considering just how well the pump works, function over form. I'd like to see a dedicated mountain bike version in the future, or at least a second or digital gauge to make smaller adjustments at lower pressures possible. It would also be good to see a non-return valve added to the system. ProsWorks very well and exactly as advertised Takes the hassle out of seating and inflating tubeless tyres Presta and Shrader valve compatible ConsConnecting the pump to your tyre to top up or correct its pressure will see it lose air to fill the pump's chamber A fair amount of plastic on a premium pump Guage that goes up to 220psi makes it difficult to micro adjust mountain bike tyres Bontrager Rally MIPS MSRP: R 2,399.00The Rally MIPS is Bontrager's trail / all mountain open face helmet. That means more coverage around the sides and back of the head. Although this does add some weight compared dedicated cross-country helmets, I've always felt the small weight penalty is more than worth it to gain greater protection. For those of you who are not yet familiar with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), it was developed to help reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head. Adjusting the helmet for the perfect fit is done using a BOA dial at the bask of the helmet. In principle, it works like most other adjustments systems, with the only difference here being BOA's reputation for making reliable and long-lasting turn-dial adjusters. The BOA has four thin plastic cables entering the dial, two on either side, and contracts or releases those cables in incredibly small increments for an impressively personal fit. The Medium sized helmet that we had on test covers quite a big adjustment rang (54 - 60cm) and even though the helmet was on the looser side when wearing it wide open, the BOA adjustment provided a very comfortable and secure fit with pressure evenly spread around the helmet. To further aid the fit, Bontrager mounted the adjustment system to the helmet using a plastic bracket that has a three-click up or down adjustment. This is a great way to get the "grip" of the helmet in just the right place at the back of your head. Other comfort features include FlatLock dividers on the helmet straps and removable pads inside the helmet. Another neat trick up the Rally's sleeve is the integration of Bontrager's Blendr mounting system which is used to mount a light or action camera. The plastic mount is secured to the helmet using a magnet system which is very secure. After a month's use, it has not come off the helmet once using a GoPro which I was very pleased and quite amazed about. I really like that you can quickly and easily fit a helmet mounted light that has the benefit of quick removal once you hit the trail. I would also assume that in a heavy crash the mount will come off or give way before your light or action camera suffers serious damage. Unlike the Bontrager Circuit MIPS we've reviewed, it does not come with a rear mount for use with a taillight. The light mount can be turned around though if you'd like to mount a rear facing light rather than a front-facing one. The peak offers a good range of adjustment. Low enough to keep early morning or late evening sun out of my eyes. With the peak removed the helmet was used on a recent gravel ride shoot and did remarkably well on an all-day ride. Fortunately removing and fitting the peak is an easy task that can be done tool-free. Ventilation is good. With Cape Town summer temperatures often pushing mid to high 30's this year I got a good taste of how it handles the heat and came away impressed. With trail helmets, one can always have a bit more of course, but the trade-off between air vents and added protection has been well balanced. Product details MIPS Brain Protection System The Boa® System lets you easily secure and adjusts helmet fit with one hand Blendr mount system easily integrates GoPro camera and Bontrager light accessories only Drop-in coverage on the back of helmet offers extended protection The in-mould composite skeleton increases helmet integrity for larger vents and increased airflow FlatLock dividers make helmet strap management simple through the fixed-position fit Internal, recessed channels move airflow over your head to stay cool and dry The Crash Replacement Guarantee provides a free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership Available in Radioactive Orange (Pictured) Waterloo Blue or Black Weight: 386g actual (Size Medium as tested) Verdict The Bontrager Rally MIPS is a very comfortable trail helmet and another offering that is high on clever touches. Factor in the crash replacement warranty and the safety benefits of MIPS and Bontrager has designed a winner. Bontrager Evoke Mountain Shoe MSRP: R 1,799.00 The Evoke is Bontrager's all-around performance mountain bike shoe. Glass-reinforced internal nylon plate with full Tachyon rubber outsole makes for off-bike confidence. It comes with a stiffness index rating of 6/14 which means that it is not super stiff and therefore more comfortable when hiking a bike or walking around post-ride. To protect your investment against the elements Bontrager has added their durable reinforcement GnarGuard. Closing and securing are done by means of three velcro straps which does a great job of keeping your feet in place in a comfortable manner. The shoes itself has a roomier fit which is very comfortable. So comfortable that Mynhardt van Pletsen took a pair out of the box and straight onto a 100 miler Gravel Grinder ride. Product details inForm Race offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit Glass-reinforced internal nylon plate with full Tachyon™ rubber outsole Reliable 3-strap hook and loop closure system Stiffness index - 6 of 14 The GnarGuard outer protection fights away trail brush and debris Available in Black (pictured) or Radioactive Orange Verdict The Bontrager Evoke Mountain Bike shoes are comfortable and offer good value for money. I've always felt that there are some real winners at this price and feature level and the Bontrager continues that trend.
  12. Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect gift Some may argue the perfect gift doesn’t exist, but our gift guide begs to differ.Check out our curated categories to find something special for every rider in your life. For road riders Give the gift of performance with bikes and gear that go the distance. For mountain bikers Gifts that scale mountains for riders who live off the beaten path. For city cyclists and bike commuters Bikes and gear to make morning commutes something they look forward to. For kids When it comes to your child’s first bike (and every bike after), you want to make sure they’re riding something comfortable, durable, and fun. Check out our kids’ bike buyer’s guide for a bike that fits and a gift they’ll never forget. For him Give the gift that keeps on giving with bikes and gear that let him ride all year. For her She’s not slowing down any time soon. Get her a gift that can keep up. Bontrager Flare R Rear Bike Light Make every ride safer with the tail light that can be seen from over a mile away, day or night.Bontrager’s got your back! If, for any reason, that lucky cyclist you’re spoiling these holidays, is not entirely satisfied with your purchase, Bontrager has a 30-day return guarantee at the place of purchase, provided the original sales receipt accompanies the return. Amp up the spirit of giving at your nearest Bontrager dealership! Get down to a Bontrager store near you, and check out our wonderful gifting selection, today! For additional information, visit www.trekbikes.com.
  13. The Build The Top Fuel 9.8 model sits just below the range-topping 9.9 in terms of components and technology with the more affordable Top Fuel 9.7 and 8 offered at lower price point down the range. The Top Fuel 9.8 features an OCLV carbon frame with the exception of the aluminium chainstays and come kitted with the components listed below.Top Fuel 9.8 SL specifications: FrameOCLV Mountain Carbon main frame and seatstay, alloy chainstay, ABP, Full Floater, EVO link, E2 tapered head tube, Mino Link, MicroTruss, Control Freak internal routing, Carbon Armor, PF92, Boost148 and G2 Geometry on 29ers, 100 mm travelForkFox Performance 32 Float, Step Cast, FIT4 2-position damper (with new push-to-unlock remote), E2 tapered steerer, Boost110, G2 Geometry w/51 mm offset on 29ers, 100 mm travelShockFox Performance Float, RE:aktiv XC 2-position damper (with new push-to-unlock remote), tuned by Trek Suspension Lab, 6.5”x1.5”WheelsetBontrager Kovee Elite 23, Tubeless Ready, 54T Rapid Drive, Boost110 front, Boost148 rear (15.5˝: 142x12 rear, 21T), tubeless strips included, valves sold separatelyTyresBontrager XR2 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, 120 tpi, aramid bead, 29x2.20˝ShifterSRAM GX Eagle, 12-speedRear DerailleurSRAM GX Eagle, Roller Bearing ClutchCranksSRAM Stylo Carbon Eagle, 32TBottom BracketPF92Cassette SRAM XG-1275, 10-50, 12-speedChainSRAM GX EagleSaddleBontrager Montrose Elite, hollow titanium railsSeatpostBontrager Pro, 31.6 mm, 5 mm offsetHandlebarBontrager Race X Lite, OCLV Carbon, 31.8 mm, 5 mm riseGripsESI ChunkyStemBontrager Pro, 31.8 mm, 7-degreeHeadsetFSA IS-2, 1-1/8˝ top, 1.5˝ bottomBrakesSRAM Level TLM hydraulic discWeightManufacturer Claimed: 10.93 kg (17.5") / Review bike: 10.78 (21.5")PriceR 78,999 The Fox 32 SC was pleasantly plush compared to the RockShox SID that I had just ridden at Tankwa Trek. The 32 SC provides good feedback through the travel, giving me a good sense of how it (and I) was handling the terrain. The fork showed little sign of excessive flexibility being able to hold a line through rocks and rougher sections. The Fox Float RE:aktiv shock works just as Trek explain it, providing an excellent firm pedalling platform but relaxes/ opens when the trail gets bumpy, smoothly moving through the travel. At the end of the day, a 100 mm cross-country tuned shock can only do so much but the RE'aktiv allows it to reach its potential while still being an efficient pedalling bike. I found it most notable on drops where the shock transformed as it opened up to soak up the landing. I rate the SRAM GX Eagle groupset highly. Despite being SRAM's entry-level 12-speed drivetrain, it is packed with all the same mechanics of the more expensive XX1 and X01 with a couple hundred grams weight penalty. You can read my full review of the GX Eagle groupset here.I'm becoming a big fan of the SRAM Level brakes, they pack a big punch, even giving the burlier Guide brakes a run for their money when it comes to feel. The Bontrager Kovee Elite wheelset performed without fault. Some riders might look for a wider internal diameter than the Kovee's 22.5 mm but I found the wheels did well to hold their own on the trail coupled with the Bontrager XR2 Team Issue tyres. The rear hub engaged swiftly and the wheelset (and tyres) got up to speed with minimal effort, contributing to the bikes affinity for climbing. The tyres were reliable and predictable. We’ve reviewed these previously here and my experience with the XR2’s is comparable. As a complete package, the Top Fuel felt refined. Every component seemed to fit in place as intended with the cable routing remaining neat. The bike was built by The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig (a Trek dealer) who knew exactly how to set up the bike and cabling. All I had to do was simply adjust my saddle height.I was impressed by the weight of the Top Fuel 9.8, tip the scale at 10.78 kg (excluding pedals, including sealant). That is over a hundred grams lighter than Trek's claimed weight for the same bike but with a frame two sizes smaller. On the Trails When first jumping on the Top Fuel, the size 21.5" bike felt a bit small and short in the cockpit. On the climbs, I had the sensation of being forward, with most of my weight ahead of the front axle when climbing out of the saddle. I was also a bit cautious on the descents feeling precariously positioned to the front ready to pitch over. Thankfully, after a handful of rides, this sensation quickly passed as I got accustomed to the bike's feel.I had been riding a number of bikes with longer, slacker geometry numbers leading up to this review. While these bikes have their advantages on the technical terrain, the nimble feel of the Trek was a breath of fresh air excelling in its own right. That said, I did ride the Trek in the "Low" setting on the Mino Link adjustable geometry. The Top Fuel is an exhilarating climber. It is in the class of excellent cross-country bikes that encourage you to continually attack the climbs rather than sitting back to simply pedal it out. For what it is worth, I achieved a number of Strava PRs on one of my regular climbing loops during my first outing with the Top Fuel. It is not just on the gravel roads either, on more technical terrain the Top Fuel thrives, getting up and over obstacles with relative ease. The sharp handling is superb on technical climbs being able to pick your way through tricky rock gardens and around tight switchbacks. Testing the bike in the Cape Town drought, climbs are dry and dusty, but the Bontrager XR2 tyres did well to keep grip under check. There were times that I opened up the suspension to give the tyres some added traction and the Top Fuel kept on climbing unhindered. The Trek Top Fuel in action at the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB race. Photo: Jetline. Of course, the characteristics that make a bike fly up the hills do not always make it the best coming down them. The Trek Top Fuel, however, does reasonably well. The Top Fuel is intended for endurance racing where most of the gains are to be made in the endurance elements and while the handling in the rough stuff is not the best, it is a well-balanced compromise. With a head tube angle of 70-degrees and the bikes forward positioning, it is not the most confidence inspiring bike to throw down the steepest section of the mountain. There are other cross-country bikes that will give you more assistance but there is no doubting that the Top Fuel can hold its own against these bikes, should you possess a moderate degree of bike handling skills. The full floater suspension does an excellent job. The rear end is not overwhelmed by big knocks while the whole bike works well to absorb those annoying small rocks and roots. The short feeling coupled with the relatively steep head angle did make the bike a little skittish on rougher, steeper descents but, as mentioned, this really played to the bikes advantage on slower trails and technical ascents. With the Top Fuel being a race bike, I thought it best to get out and ride it with anger. I took part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB race around the Simonsberg trails. It is a race that I have taken part in on a number of occasions and I managed to get my best average speed over the route on the Top Fuel. I felt strong on the climbs and with no real hinderance negotiating the loose, dusty singletrack. The race also featured some open road that the Top Fuel gobbled up, clocking up the miles effortlessly. In the end The Trek Top Fuel 9.8 SL is a first-class cross-country marathon race bike. The Top Fuel is an outstanding climber and an efficient eater of kilometres on rolling dirt roads. The sharp handling will hold some riders back in high-speed rowdy descents but it is more than capable on the level of trails regularly faced in marathon races, with excellent dexterity on slower, tighter trails. ProsLighter than the Trek spec sheet claims PR crushing climbing abilities Sharp handling excels on technical climbs and slower single track Component choice up to the task The grey paint colour sparkles with pride in the sun ConsStruggles to compete with slacker, longer geometry XC bikes for confidence on fast, rowdy descents
  14. Aeolus XXX: raising the bar for carbon wheels After plotting over 10 000 aerodynamic shapes and three years of development, Bontrager has proudly released an all-new line-up of carbon road wheels that are ideal for dedicated road racing, cyclocross racing, riding and gravel adventuring. Building on Aeolus’ renowned performance, Aeolus XXX offers everything riders expect from carbon wheels, and more. The shape of wheels to come Aeolus XXX wheels are built on a wider, 21 mm internal rim with a redesigned shape that makes it both faster and more stable. On the open road, crosswinds can hit you when you least expect them, from any direction. Aeolus XXX offers superior performance and greater stability; particularly in crosswinds, giving riders the confidence to push forward, faster. Superior aerodynamics in wind conditions of all types leaves competitors out in the cold. Better braking performance pulls out all the stops Knowing full well that one of the biggest shortcomings of carbon wheels is unreliable braking, Bontrager benchmarked alloy rim braking performance in the development of Aeolus XXX. Thanks to a unique, laser-etched texture on the braking surface called Laser Control Track, these wheels not only offer braking performance on par with alloy rims; they also offer better modulation and an increased sense of control, even in wet conditions. Additional features include smooth-rolling DT-Swiss hub internals with 36-point star ratchets, laced with DT-Swiss Aerolite spokes for lightning-fast engagement. Laser-etched graphics provide a clean finish without additional weight. Two rim profiles from which to choose Two unique Aeolus XXX rim profiles are being launched in South Africa: Aeolus XXX 2 has a 28 mm depth; a lightweight climber strong enough for cyclocross and gravel riding. It retails at R37,398.00 a set. Aeolus XXX 4 has a 47 mm depth. Dubbed the ‘do-it-all workhorse’, this carbon road wheel offers riders fast and stable performance for everyday aero performance in all conditions. Both wheels are available in tubular and clincher versions. This profile retails at R37,398.00 a set. Best of all, Bontrager’s Carbon Care Loyalty Programme affords riders a peace-of-mind purchase, enabling easy replacement of wheels damaged outside of warranty. Aeolus XXX is available at all Trek retailers across South Africa. For additional information visit https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/. Join the conversations on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrekBikesZA/ or Twitter: https://twitter.com/trekbikes and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trekbikes/.
  15. The Bontrager Circuit MIPS incorporates a number of clever ideas into a neat and convenient package. The whole system is made up of the Circuit helmet which features the Blendr magnetic mounts on the front and back of the Circuit helmet to fix Bontrager’s Ion or Flare lights (and even a GoPro camera). Bontrager Circuit MIPS Our test model arrived in the "visibility yellow and black" colourway. For those that don’t enjoy the utilitarian high viz colour, don’t despair there is also the classic black and white colour options as well as a bright pink. The shape is similar to the new Velocis that we tested late last year but with added foam bridges to enable the mounts on the front and the back and some variations to the vent shapes to accommodate them. The front of the Circuit is smooth with clear aerodynamic inspiration and flows to the back where the six rows of foam meet to form sharp angles around the exhaust vents. With the mounts removed, there is very little to hint at the helmets added benefits. Granted that I ride on the road with hairy legs, therefore my fashion advice is up for debate, I think it is a good modern look while remaining understated (aside from the obvious colour choice on our test helmet). Comfort and Fit The helmet retention system is adjustable using a Boa dial that is easy to fine tune with sufficient control in each turn get a tight fit. The closure system wraps around either side of the head, anchoring close to the temple of the head. The rear piece has three height settings to enable you to choose the best spot for it to hug the back of your head. Much like the Velocis, the Circuit was a good fit for my head shape. It was a snug fit with slight movement over rough sections or bumps on the road with the weight of the lights attached on top. The antibacterial padding on the inside of the helmet does well to protect from pressure points. Having used the Circuit mostly during early morning pre-work road rides and being the change of season, the Circuit has seen little action in the blasting midday sun. That said, the vents worked well to channel air through and over my head with a noticeable feel of airflow (especially head down into the Cape's South Easter).The straps (on our test helmet) matched the high viz yellow of the helmet's shell. Bontrager's uses what it calls Lockdown adjustors at the y-junction which do well to keep the straps neat and away from the ears. The straps are secured in place using a familiar plastic buckle under the chin. Safety The Circuit MIPS is crafted with foam using an in-mold composite skeleton which is said to improve the helmets structural integrity. The helmet also features the MIPS system (it’s in the name after all) that works to reduce dangerous twisting, rotational forces experienced in an impact.Like the Velocis, the Circuit also adds a touch more foam on the rear to increase the area covered at the back which goes a long way to add to the perception of safety. On top of impact safety, Bontrager has done a lot to try to prevent collisions with other road users on the Circuit MIPS. The hi-viz colour of our test helmet is designed to draw the attention of other road users. If that is too subtle, there is the built-in Blendr system that allows for convenient mounting of bike lights (read more about this under the Mounting heading below). And for even further visibility, Bontrager has also placed two reflective strips on the rear of the helmet, either side of the rear light mount. Crash replacement Bontrager’s Crash Replacement Guarantee provides a free helmet replacement should you damage the Circuit MIPS (or any of their other helmets) in a collision for the first year of ownership. Mounting Simply put, the Blendr system uses magnets to hold the mounts in place on the top and back of the Circuit helmet. At first, I was sceptical that the lights would hold fast, but with almost two months of riding I’ve had no cause for concern. The mounts have proven to be more than up to the task of holding the lights securely. I even briefly tested the front with a GoPro Hero including some head banging which failed to detach the mount. The front and back mounts use different systems. The front mount is elongated with a hook in front that goes under a foam bridge while the magnet holds the back of the mount in place. The back mount is attracted to a flat triangular surface with the lip at the bottom to assist in keeping it in place. The Blendr system is simple to use and with some concentration, you can mount and unmount the lights whilst riding. Yes, simply strapping your existing lights to your helmet can achieve much the same thing. The Blender integrated solution, however, is far more convenient which resulted in me riding on the road with additional lights where previously I could not be bothered.The lights do add some extra weight atop of the helmet. Not the best place for it but while it is noticeable, it’s not enough to distract from the ride and it soon becomes a new norm. The bike lights Bontrager says that the Circuit MIPS and Blendr mounts will work with any lights from their Ion and Flare range as well as cameras such as the trusty GoPro. We tested the Circuit MIPS using Bontrager's Ion 100 R front light and Flare R City backlight. The lights fit into a tiny, neat package, especially considering the built-in batteries and the level of light they emit. Perfect for mounting on top of a helmet. These lights are not specifically designed for use on the Circuit helmet and are sold with rubber mounts for handlebar or seat post mounting, should you want to purchase them separately. Ion 100 R front light The Ion 100 R is a white front light with a Cree LED that can produce up to 100 lumens. It has a built-in light sensor that differentiates between night and day, adjusting the intensity accordingly. The Ion 100 R has been designed with consideration for other road users in mind, unlike the powerful MTB lights I often strap onto my road bike handlebars.The battery is built into the unit and is charged via USB cables. Considering the compact size I was fairly impressed with the battery life, with a claimed 90 minutes in the brightest mode to 16 hours at the lowest 5 lumen setting. I tested the light on the brightest 100 lumen setting and achieved the 90-minute claim before it automatically switched to a flashing mode which lasted until I got home 30 minutes later. With only 100 lumens, don’t expect to use the light for vision on anything but the road and even then, I’d stick to areas with urban ambient lighting but it just about works as an only light at maximum brightness. I viewed it more as an additional warning to other road users and continued to use a more powerful handlebar light to illuminate the road ahead in the dark. Flare R City Rear The Flare R is a 35 lumen red rear light that promises visibility in both day and night conditions. Like the Ion 100 R, it also has a light sensor that adjusts the intensity of the light between day and night. The claimed battery life is 8 hours for daytime flash while night time is double that. The steady mode will get three hours in the day and 20 hours at night.The light is intended to be used in cities and like the Ion light takes other road users into consideration trying not to blind or annoy them while still providing a wide angle for the rider to be seen. Being on the back of my head, it was hard to assess but my riding buddies assured me that it worked a treat. So what does this whole system cost? The Circuit MIPS arrives with the Blendr mounts included in the box. The lights need to purchased separately.The Circuit MIPS helmet retails for R2,599 which all considered is in the ballpark for helmets with this level of features. The Ion 100 R and Flare R City retail for R599 each. You probably did the math already but the whole package (as reviewed) will set you back R3,797. Yes, that is a rather significant number to invest in a helmet and two lights but if you want a system that offers a simple, neat, and practical integration for added safety, then this system might make a lot of sense for you. In the end The Circuit MIPS is a compelling helmet. The refined looks, colour options for varying tastes, safety features, and excellent comfort make it an easy recommendation. That’s even before considering the benefit of the super convenient Blendr system. With lights atop the helmet, road users have even fewer excuses for not spotting you during your training rides or daily commutes. ProsA comfy, qaulity helmet 1-year crash replacement has you covered Compact lights with smart features Simplicity and convenience as a package ConsThe price of the helmet plus the lights does add up
  16. Kids Bikes - the quickest way to become a holiday hero Remember your first bike? The sense of freedom and adventure? The thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that. Inspire the love of the two-wheeled life with the Trek Kids Precaliber Bike range, made with the same attention to detail as their adult counterparts, these bikes are well-made machines with ‘Dialed Fit Design’. What this means is that you won’t need to purchase a bigger model when Johnny has a growth spurt next year; the ‘Dialed’ components adjust along with the child’s growth … just dial in the perfect fit for years to come! Trek Precaliber Bikes are available for boys and girls from the age of 6 years and up. Bontrager Solstice youth helmet thinks ‘a head’! The Bontrager Solstice youth helmet is an all-purpose helmet with value-added features that make perfect purchasing sense. The intuitive Headmaster fit system makes for easy one-handed adjustment to the helmet height and circumference, while the built-in visor is also removable to suit your taste and requirements. Lock-Down dividers are easy to adjust, and reflective elements at strategic points ensure optimal visibility. These great-fitting helmets are sold at all Trek retailers, at a recommended retail price of R699. The NEW Bontrager revamped road shoe models have landed in time for Christmas. Featuring clean, modern styling, and available in more colours than ever before, including visibility yellow colourways starting at R1799 to R2199. No-slip, no-trip, with the NEW Espresso Mens and Cortado Women’s road shoes. Try the Espresso and Cortado walkable cycling shoes with all the features you would expect from a performance road shoe. Finish a road ride and stroll into the coffee shop like you own the place with the stiff-yet-walkable outsole. With this premium road shoe, you don’t have to decide between performance and walkability. Available at R2499. Efficient, full-featured road cycling shoe with roomy design for all-day comfort. Unlock your potential and go further with the Circuit mens and Sonic womens road shoes. Equal parts stiff and comfortable, compatible with both 2-bolt SPD-style and 3-bolt cleats, this shoe is ready for anything. Available at R2199. Everyone who rides a bike can benefit from the comfort and efficiency of a cycling shoe, but not everyone needs a super-stiff sole without tread. Enter Solstice men’s and Vella women’s performance shoes for road and pavement riders that strikes the perfect balance between on-bike comfort and off-bike walkability. Available at R1799. We take care of you, its that simple, with the Bontrager guarantee, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Bontrager purchase, return the item to the place of purchase within 30 days for exchange or store credit. For additional information on Bontrager retailers visit www.trekbikes.com.
  17. Put their best foot forward with Cambion and Tinari shoes! Your favourite cyclist will be ready for those single track trails with a pair of Bontrager Cambion or Tinari (Women’s Specific Design) mountain bike shoes! With their Silver Series Carbon outsole, the best Boa IP1 dials for precision two-way adjustment and a no-slip heel, these shoes by Bontrager will have them feeling like the champs they are, trail after trail! Retailing from R4,699.00. Bontrager Cambion. Bontrager XXX MTB. X-ceptional XXX shoes … for that perfectionist in your life If your significant other is a no-compromise, nothing-but-the-best mountain biker, a pair of Bontrager XXX MTBs under the tree will take their breath away. These are the fastest, most advanced mountain biking shoes. Ever. Exceptionally light, the Boa dial closures ensure a perfect fit, while GnarGuard, Tachyon rubber and a super-stiff carbon outsole boosts the XXX MTB’s performance. Retailing from R5,899.00. Light their way, keep them safe Keep the cyclist in your life safe by gifting the Bontrager ION 800 front light and the Bontrager Flare R rear light. Offering 270 degrees of visibility, the compact ION 800 can be thought of as a powerful USB-rechargeable torch which can be used at home or on any bike. Day or night, the Flare R offers over 2 km visibility for the ultimate in riding safety. Battery save mode at 5% offers extra peace of mind should the battery be depleted on your journey. The ION 800 retails at R1,699.00 and the Flare R at R849.00. Pump up the excitement with this nifty gadget! Need to set up those tubeless tyres? Move aside and leave this job to the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump! Whether your beloved cyclist is on the road or at home, this task becomes a breeze with this floor pump – no compressor needed! The pressurisable chamber instantly releases air, creating seamless tubeless tyre seating. Retails for R1,899.00. These satisfying cycling stocking fillers are a must! Want to give them that something extra that’ll come in really useful? You can’t go wrong with a pair of Bontrager Evoke mountain bike gloves, for unsurpassed breathability and durability. Ensure less pressure on the ulnar nerve thanks to the inForm design with gel and memory foam, the eSwipe™ technology allows for seamless interaction with touch-screen electronics. Men’s and women’s fits are available. Retail at R749.00. For those who prefer short-fingered gloves, than the Bontrager RXL Short-Fingered Gloves, made of legendary Pittards natural leather infused with the same popular inForm gel padding and memory foam is the perfect gift. Retails at R749.00. Bontrager’s got your back! If, for any reason, that lucky cyclist you’re spoiling these holidays, is not entirely satisfied with your purchase, Bontrager has a 30-day return guarantee at the place of purchase, provided the original sales receipt accompanies the return.Amp up the spirit of giving at your nearest Bontrager dealership! Get down to a Bontrager store near you, and check out our wonderful gifting selection, today! For additional information, visit www.trekbikes.com.
  18. Newly re-designed Velocis helmet Bontrager sees rider safety as their greatest motivator, and the reason they continue to innovate. The brand new lightweight Velocis MIPS helmet is testimony to this ethic. A welcome addition to this new design, MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, developed by neurosurgeons to offer greater protection from the angled impacts typical of real-world falls. Slightly deeper than the previous version, the new design provides additional crash protection in crucial areas like the back of the head. The fit is more natural, and the shape is more aerodynamic. The highly-adjustable Boa closure system debuts on this helmet, ensuring a comfortable fit for the individual. A sunglass port now offers secure eyewear storage on top of the helmet, a removable NeoVisor offers all the benefits of a cycling cap without the additional bulk. The best thing about choosing Bontrager is their Crash Replacement Guarantee, which provides riders with a free replacement helmet if an impact occurs within the first year of ownership. Suitable for everything from long training rides to hot weather time trials, the Velocis MIPS is a must for riders wanting a high-performance helmet. Upgrade your ride! Bontrager is an industry leader in wheel design and the new Bontrager wheels range includes competitively priced pro-level carbon wheels in both road and mountain categories. Bontrager’s expertise in carbon manufacturing is unrivaled in the industry, and nobody does more testing and validation on their designs. Every Bontrager carbon wheel comes with the added confidence of Carbon Care, ensuring replacement or repair in the unlikely case that you damage them. Best value in carbon wheels hits the road Bontrager puts their experience to work with the all-new Road Aeolus Pro wheels, delivering the best value in carbon road wheels today. The Aeolus Pro 3 TLR is a full-carbon, tubeless-ready rim brake wheel that balances durability, weight and aerodynamics for a pro-level performance that doesn’t break the bank. This design combines the proven shape of the existing 35 mm-depth Aeolus 3 with a confidence-boosting textured carbon brake track that increases stopping power and effectively dissipates heat under heavy braking loads. Reliable Bontrager three-pawl hubs round out a premium carbon road wheel for an MSRP of R19,999 a set. Unparalleled MTB wheel line-up Bontrager’s all-new additions to the Line Pro and Kovee MTB ranges make quality carbon trail and XC wheels more desirable than ever.The NEW Line Pro 30 TLR mountain bike trail wheel promises to be a game changer. Start with a strong and durable OCLV Pro Carbon rim with 29 mm internal width, lace it to a Rapid Drive 108 hub, and you get instant engagement on a durable OCLV Carbon wheel that challenges all expectations of what a R19,999 MSRP trail/enduro wheel can offer. The Kovee Elite 23 is a premier wheelset for the XC-oriented racer or trail rider. An OCLV Carbon rim with 22,5 mm inner width, laced to a rapid drive 54 hub makes these hoops an easy upgrade at an MSRP of R11,999 a set. Unconditional guarantee … for ultimate satisfaction At Bontrager, we take care of you – it’s that simple. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any Bontrager after-market components, clothing, and accessories, return the item on the Bontrager Unconditional 30 day Guarantee.Quality, innovative components, and thoughtful accessories brought to you by Bontrager. For more information on the new lineup and details of Bontrager retailers, visit: https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/.
  19. While weight gains are easily measured, aerodynamics is more of a dark art for those without access to a wind tunnel. Despite this, and in a world where a racing bike's weight is supposedly restricted, efficiency through the air is the latest battleground for enthusiasts trying to squeeze out any performance gains. Safety All performance aspects aside, the primary purpose of a helmet is to protect the wearer from injury. Bontrager has beefed this up by offering the Velocis with a MIPS liner. The MIPS liner is said to reduce dangerous twisting, rotational forces in the case of an impact. The Velocis shape also provides more rear protection than many other road helmets. Comfort and fit The large Velocis worked well with my head shape. There was some side-to-side play but tightening the retention system made it feel more stable. Internal padding consists of a brow piece and another smaller piece for the top of your head which served well to prevent pressure points or chafing. Even after four to five hour rides, the Velocis was comfortable and never drew attention to itself.The head retention system is controlled by a BOA system which reaches around to the temple and up the back to the top of the head. The BOA system will go as tight as you want it while the five-point height adjustment will allow you to place it in just the right spot for your head shape. The chin strap was easy to adjust at the split around the ear and caused no discomfort or frustration. Apart from my road training rides, I also wore the Velocis for the duration of the Cape Pioneer Trek, a mountain bike stage race, where it proved to stay firmly in place even when being bounced around over rough Klein Karoo rocks. The Velocis can also fit a soft visor that mimics a cycling cap, without having to actually wear a full hat. It connects behind the brow padding using velcro and offers slim protection from the elements. The outer front vents feature gripper pads for sunglass storage. These worked well to keep my Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses firmly in place. Aerodynamic shape The previous Velocis had a flowing curved shape with a huge amount of vents. While it looked impressive and fast, all those holes and angles were not ideal for aerodynamic efficiency. The new Velocis lacks these stylish angles and curves adopting a plain oval shape. That’s not to say it’s an eyesore but it is functionally minimalistic, with the rear vents seemingly the only place the designers were allowed to add flair.Unfortunately, we do not have access to the correct equipment to measure the aerodynamic claims, so we have to trust that Bontrager have done a good job in this department. Bontrager is frank that the Velocis is a compromise between aerodynamics and breathability: attempting to develop a balance between the two in the Velocis. It is worth noting that Bontrager also offers the Ballista which is even more aerodynamic and less airy than the Velocis. The Velocis is not the lightest helmet on the road weighing in at 300 grams for the large size on test. It makes sense that more holes mean a lighter helmet and with the Velocis’s aerodynamic panels there will is a bit more foam than some other helmets. Cooling The Velocis features five elongated vents on the front, a single vent on top and another five at the back. The arrangement does well at cooling the head, showing no signs of being overly warm. That said, I did wear it mostly during spring, and the scorching temperatures of summer have not yet arrived at the Cape. I do get the impression that while the Velocis will be adequate for most rider’s needs, it won’t perform as well as a fully vented helmet, but there does have to be some compromise for the aerodynamic abilities of the helmet. The Velocis can easily do the job as an everyday helmet.The Velocis's padding was developed with 37.5 fabric technology. The company aims to produce a fabric that will assist in keeping your body at an optimal 37.5 degree temperature as well as help with sweat dispersion and odours. I am not the sweatiest person on a bike and the brow pad was sufficient for my needs, keeping sweat from rolling down my forehead into my eyes. One thing to consider is that the pads are attached directly to the MIPS membrane and placed right behind the helmet foam, which restricts the effect of wind flow in drying and cooling the brow pad. Pricing and Warranty The previous Velocis was a premium helmet and this has not changed with the 2018 model. The asking price is R3,299 putting it right up there with the superstars of the segment. It's a considerable chunk of change but the Velocis does offer the modern touches that you would expect from a premium helmet.If you do take the plunge on the Bontrager Velocis, there is some peace of mind with the warranty promising a free replacement for crash damage within the first year of owning your Velocis. Not that we wish for you to crash, but that's a pretty good offering. In the end If you are looking to get in on the aerodynamic advantage but still want a helmet that is practical for everyday riding, then the Velocis is a good compromise providing some slipperiness through the air while still allowing for the cooling effect of fresh air. ProsPromises aerodyamic benefits while still remaining bearable in the heat 2018 edition has more coverage and MIPS Full crash replacement warranty ConsPremium features comes with the price tag Time for a helmet upgrade? Sell or search for gear in our marketplace here.
  20. XR3 Team Issue TLR Specifications Size: 29" x 2.3 TPI: 120 Durometer: 62a/60a Bead: Aramid Colour: Black Weight: 705g Price R799 XR2 Team Issue TLR Specifications Size: 29" x 2.2 TPI: 120 Durometer: 62a/60a Bead: Aramid Colour: Black Weight: 630g Price R799 The XR2 is a fast rolling race tyre designed for use on loose-over-hardpack and loamy terrain, while the XR3 has a more aggressive tread, designed to offer more traction in wet and dry conditions. Knowing that I like the confidence that comes with looking down at a beefy front tyre, I opted for a 2.3" XR3 on the front and put the slightly lighter, faster rolling 2.2" XR2 on the rear. Team Issue is the premium offering in the Bontrager XR range, with the Comp and Expert versions of these tyres coming in slightly heavier, at a lower price. On the Trails My first test of the tyres was a nine-day stage race at joBerg2c. They performed admirably and without a single issue. The trails at joBerg2c were for the most part pretty smooth, and I probably didn't need the grippier XR3 on the front. To put them properly to the test I returned to my beloved stomping grounds: the loose rocky lines that make up the Tokai trail network. After subjecting them to as much bad riding as I could dish out, in every rock garden I could find (finesse is not my strong point), I can safely say they are robust.Putting these tyres on coincided with a phase during which I have been trying to improve my cornering, and also happened around the time of the first rains of the season, and the advent of "hero dirt". So I can't honestly say whether my improved confidence cornering is down to practice, trail conditions, or the tyres, but they have felt comfortable turning on a variety of surfaces. A big plus for me is that there is no dead zone in the grip when leaning the bike over, so you don't have that scary split second before the knobs on the edges catch when leaning hard. On dirt roads, they roll as well any other tyre I have ridden. Thanks to the drought we are experiencing in the Cape, I have yet to test them in seriously muddy conditions. The few times I have encountered mud or clay on the trail, I haven't noticed any issues with mud shedding. The only potential hitch I see with these tyres is the price. At R799 per tyre they are neither the most expensive, nor the cheapest out there. For some, this may be an issue, but for what you get in terms of quality, wear and weight, I'd say they are extremely competitively priced. In short These tyres offer a magical combination of grip and low rolling resistance at a competitive weight and price point. If you are in the market for cross country tyres it is worth taking a closer look at the Bontrager range.
  21. R500- R999 Giant NUMEN+ HL1 R699 If you are on a budget, and on the hunt for a minimalist bar mounted light, add the NUMEN+ HL1 to your list. With five modes and a power level indicator you won't run out of juice and get caught in the dark.Features 2W headlight with High power Creed LED Modes: High (6hrs)/ Mid (12hrs)/ Flash (30hrs)/ Strobe (30hrs)/ Police Flash (30hrs) Aluminum case Li-ion Rechargeable Battery via Mirco USB Power indicator Availability: Giant stores Extreme Lights Core+ Cycle Light R995 The Core+ Cycle Light is a bang for buck offering from Extreme Lights. With a maximum of 750 Lumens, four settings, and a runtime of 40 hours on the low setting, this light has what you need to get started on after dark excursions.Features Cree XP-L, natural white light up to 750 lumens Modes: Boost (3.5 hrs)/ High (10hrs)/ Low (40hrs)/ Pulse (15hrs) 2 Cell 8.4V 2200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Power indicator O-Ring bar mount fits any size round handlebar Battery Pouch: High-quality stretchable neoprene 12 Month Warranty Availability: Online R1000- R1999 Bontrager Ion 800 R1799 A compact unit offering a maximum shine of 800 Lumens. No frills, or fussing with cables and battery mounts. If a minimalist setup is what you are after the Ion 800 is worth a closer look. Features See with our focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility 800 lumens via a high-power CREE LED 800LM-1.5hrs, 450LM-3hrs, 200LM-6hrs, night flash-20hrs, day flash 20hrs Fully charges in 6 hours via a sealed Micro USB port Includes 20 degree +/- adjustable Sync bracket that fits bars from 22.2-35.0mm Blendr compatible, secure bar mount available Availability: learn more here Ryder ORION 1500 USB R1385 The ORION 1500 USB offers all the bells and whistles at a competitive price. Four modes, a battery level indicator, a bike mounted battery pack, as well as the option to mount to helmet or handlebars, means that there isn't anything you can't do with this light. Features Compact 1500 lumen rechargeable front light Lightweight li-ion 7200mah rechargeable battery pack USB rechargeable (adaptor cable included) 4 modes: high-medium-low-flashing 3 - 28 hours run time (depending on mode) Battery level indicator Recharging time 7-10 hours Includes rechargeable battery, charger, battery, bike mount, helmet mount and handlebar mount Availability: learn more here R2000- R2999 LEZYNE DECA DRIVE 1500XL R2250 Light, compact and bright. Offering a maximum of 1500 Lumens and six brightness settings, the DECA DRIVE will have your back for trail and tarmac exploration. Features Max lumens: 1500 Weight: 247g (without hard mount) Recharge time: 8.5hrs (1A) / 5hrs (2A) Availability: learn more here Extreme Lights Ultimate+ Cycle Light R2995 The top of the range offering from the local guru's at Extreme Lights. Providing a maximum of 3000 Lumens on the highest setting, the Ultimate+ should be up for whatever adventures you have in mind. The wireless bar-mounted remote is a useful addition for switching settings on the fly, and avoiding those awkward, one-handed descents when you need to turn things up a notch. Features 4 Cell 8.4V 6 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery XP Quick-release cycle light clamp, suited to all sizes of round bicycle handlebar Wireless Remote Battery Pouch: High-quality stretchable neoprene 12 Month Warranty 2.5 - 40 hours run time (depending on mode) 4 modes: boost - high - low - pulse Max 3000 Lumens Availability: Online Please note that this content is not sponsored, and we have not tested the products listed here. The compilation is a result of desktop research.If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.
  22. Each new wheel offering includes Rapid Drive hubs for instant engagement and effortless acceleration, while wider internal rim widths increase both traction and stability. Line Pro, Elite, and Comp wheelsets offer trail and enduro riders an easy aftermarket upgrade at a great price, while dedicated XC racers will find a natural fit with the lightweight OCLV Carbon Kovee Elite. All new wheels will be available in both 27.5˝and 29˝ sizes, and feature Bontrager’s TLR system to easily transition to a tubeless setup. Line Pro 30 TLR MTB Wheels Line Pro, our highest-end trail/enduro wheel, delivers pro-level performance at a pro deal price. Line Pro wheels feature a strong, durable OCLV Pro Carbon rim with a 29mm internal rim width. Like all Bontrager wheelsets, they have been impact tested for ultimate strength and durability. The lightweight rim is laced to a Rapid Drive 108 hub for instant engagement and an easily-serviceable hub design. With Line Pro, you get a durable carbon wheel that shifts expectations of what a wheel can offer at $1200 MSRP. Designed for technical trail and enduro use with best in class performance OCLV Pro Carbon offers optimized blend of weight, strength, and durability Rapid Drive 108 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum 29mm inner width, 34mm outer width 28 hole fr/rear DT Swiss Aerolite spokes with Alpina locking nipples 27.5˝ 1539g 29˝ 1608g Line Elite 30 TLR MTB Wheels A strong, durable alloy rim with 29mm inner rim width, laced to a Rapid Drive 108 hub that provides instant engagement and powers this wheel through any trail. Line Elite is designed to stand up to the rigors of enduro and the most technical trails, and it’s also easy on the pocketbook at $600 US MSRP. Rapid Drive 108 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum 29mm inner width, 34mm outer width 28 hole fr/rear DT Swiss Aerolite spokes with Alpina locking nipples 27.5˝ 1708g 29˝ 1794g Line Comp 30 TLR MTB Wheels Designed to conquer the same trails and meet the same demands as all other Line wheels at an incredibly accessible price point, Line Comp 30 rolls on a Rapid Drive 54 hub and starts at $300 US MSRP. Line Comp 30 will be available in July. Rapid Drive 54 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum 29mm inner width, 34mm outer width 28 hole fr/rear Kovee Elite 23 TLR MTB Wheels The Kovee Elite 23 is the premier wheelset for the XC-oriented racer or trail rider. An OCLV Carbon rim with 22.5mm inner rim width and Rapid Drive 54 hub makes these hoops an easy upgrade at $700 US MSRP. Rapid Drive 54 hub instantly transfers effort into forward momentum 22.5mm inner width, 29mm outer width 28 hole fr/rear 14/15G spokes with alloy locking nipples 27.5˝ 1606g 29˝ 1690g
  23. Trek Bicycle Corporation of Waterloo, Wisconsin, makers of the world’s greatest bikes have appointed Dark Horse Brands of Cape Town as the exclusive distributor of Trek Bicycles and Bontrager Cycling Accessories with immediate effect. Click here to view the article
  24. The companies have signed an extended distribution contract with extensive support levels from both parties to aid in re-establishing Trek as the dominant bicycle brand in the South African market. Says Chad O’Riordan, Managing Director of Dark Horse Brands: “We’re excited at the opportunity to represent Trek in South Africa and look forward to making it the brand of choice for South African Cyclists by offering market relative pricing & products as well as unprecedented service levels for retailers & consumers alike through our dynamic & experienced team.” Says Brian Deziel, Regional Manager at Trek Bicycle: “Trek looks forward to working with Dark Horse to build the Trek brand in South Africa.” Consumers & retailers needing support for Trek or Bontrager can contact Dark Horse Brands at:Warranty claims: warranty@darkhorsebrands.co.za 021 2022730 Product queries: info@darkhorsebrands.co.za 021 2022730 Dealer enquiries: jp@darkhorsebrands.co.za 082 5511292 Marketing rudolf@darkhorsebrands.co.za 0823270588
  25. Hi... I have a Bontrager RXL 29" rear wheelset, and I am looking for a replacement freehub. The only markings I can see on the freehub is "2010 I.F". How do I determine the exact model of freehub to get, and where would I be able to buy it? The bike is a 2011(I think) Trek Superfly 100 FS 29" Carbon. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. DC
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