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  1. 7am to 7 pm...but last entry at 6pm..parking and ticket sales at picnic spot back open.
  2. Just be Careful with the seat mount Bottle carrier and a dropper post ...The extra weight causes a lot of forces on the seatpost on Downhill single tracks ...shortened the life of my dropper post drastically before realising it . The one i used was one you could attach 2 bottle cages...i think it's still available at Sportsmans warehouse pic pre dropper post.
  3. I'm A genius fan having owned Geniuses over the last 15 years ,on my 3rd looking to get my 4th...So difficult not to be loyal ...Anyway so what I want to point out over the last year on the used bikes on the hub there were I stand, corrected but only Two (2018+) scott geniuses up for sale...(both larges and i need a medium) but over that period 100's of Trek fuels Guess those guys are loving their bikes H
  4. That's very strange Mine is a good 8 years old i wear it every ride 3/5 times a week.. I use mine as a backpack and not a Reservoir...It's Acted on as a back protector on quite a few over the handle bar excursions.It's washed regularly.... The Little back pocket has some wear from the tools rubbing but that's it. I would guess you got some harsh solvent on the straps that weekend the material.H
  5. Activity permit cost per person is R625
  6. Hi there Your wild card cannot be used as a cycling permit ... the Activity permit is the permit that must be used throughout the Table mountain rides in the Cape peninsula . However if you enter the reserves with your vehicle...you will need an entry permit. So the Silvermine reserve or Cape point for instance you can use your wildcard/green card to enter and park you will need a day cycling permit or an activity card to cycle. permits for biking the berg. Note that although not currently being checked..outside the reserve areas an Activity permit is necessarily along all the trails Cape point to Signal hill ...the Green belt Tokai does not require a permit. Day MTB permit ............ R92.00..available at Tokai picnic spot with safe parking Level 3/Activity permit ....R625.00 but please remember you have the alternative to do a group member purchase . Additional member ...........R270 The Main member can add up to 3 additional members onto the application and then the permit price can be shared . 4 member purchase.........R358.75 each Activity permits run from Date of purchase for 12 months Activity permits can be purchased at any time of the year. Any questions Ask away. MY Facebook group Tokai MTBike Trail news
  7. Some Youtube advise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF_qO2D0Trk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft6R0k1Lz4I
  8. Thanks i've been wanting to macgyver something like this for a while now.
  9. Thanks to all that responded to the Bitten while riding your bike. I'll be including the results in my newsletter on my group page Tokai MTBike Trail newshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/TokaiMNTBikeTrails/ See Ya on the Berg H
  10. The fact that it was reared up even before i got there suggests someone might actually have passed just ahead of me without even seeing it .it then tried to escape but must have felt trapped between the wall and the moving bike as i passed. Last summer coming down the berg we found a young cobra on level about a 1m long that had been ridden over and was writing about in a sorry state ..we caught up the the mtbiker aways in front of us and told them they had just ridden over a cobra..she were blissfully unaware until we told her.
  11. Lol...This time of year we get quite a few snakes coming out ...and we see Cobras,mole snake and puffies in the tokai lower park and on the jeep tracks on the Tokai trails...The little TabakRolletjie's were out on Friday i had to stop twice to help them across the road.
  12. I had a pic of the bite but can't seem to find it mine didn't bleed as much as that there was more clear fluid than blood...Is this your bite where and when did it happen.?
  13. .Posted Today, 18:34 So I backchecked to get the date of the incident coincidentally it was the 09/09/2015 exactly 4 years ago Riding on my own on the section just after you cross Firgrove way heading towards Tokai. I saw a strange black shape to the side of the path at the end of my blurry vision...very black about 30cm high and looked like a black thick stem with white ring and bulborous top ..it disappeared as I got closer ,when I passed the spot I caught a glimpse of movement to the right and I got hit on the forearm I jerked my arm away and had two very shallow puncture marks about 1cm apart, the blood that ran from the two shallow puncture points seemed to be thinned down. I retraced my route no branches sticks or trees close enough to touch me no mysterious black plants...the path narrowed at that point the ground rose up at that point towards a boundary wall. no horrific reaction to the bite slight redness and a bit of peeling ,it seems I was far enough out of reach just to get pricked. .After some research it seems that the bit of greenbelt just after Firgrove way is one the last places Rinkhals have been encountered in the Southern subs who says biking the greenbelt is boring H
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