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  1. What would the tariff be for importing an indoor trainer from Europe?
  2. So In other words if I buy the frame and parts separately I just pay the VAT portion? Whereas a whole bike would cost me an additional 15%?
  3. Hi guys. If I had to import a complete bike for around 50k. What would the total amount I need to pay including customs and vat? Thanks
  4. You don't have to drop strava. You just using the workout app to record and then it gets imported directly to Strava. I hope you got it sorted now as it’s pretty simple to set up.
  5. Honestly if you just clean your drivetrain after every ride, it will prolong your wear and tear considerably. And degreasing and lube is something anyone should manage. For a road bike it don’t even need to be every ride unless it’s winter and you ride out in the rain. One thing that annoys me considerably if I take my bike for a service is a bike shop telling me I need to replace my cassette and rings when I swap a chain. A cassette should outlast a chain considerably if you maintain it properly and you replace your chain regularly. This idea that you have to change everything in one go is complete nonsense.
  6. These honestly looks so much nicer than modern Treks for me.
  7. The app itself is nowhere near as refined and intuitive as Zwift or Sufferfest, Rouvy and most of the other platforms. I won’t be continuing with it after the trial is over. Needs more development I think.
  8. Worked fine on my side although I used an iPad.
  9. Yeah, you went past a couple of the club guys up Hafeet while training. Seems a lot of teams come up here for training. I remember Valverde and Movistar coming 2 years back as well to prepare for the climb.
  10. Yip. Living here for 5 years now.
  11. Jebel Jais is actually the highest point in the UAE. That climb is still coming. Around 23km long but not as steep as Hafeet. Yesterday was actually in my town which was great. We don’t really have much variety in terms of terrain here but the two mountains here are pretty fantastic world tour level climbs. Both are proper tough climbs and harder than anything we have in the Cape.
  12. I agree about the racing part of the name. Just call it Titan and it would look so much better.
  13. I’ve been using dishwashing liquid to clean my bikes for 20 years now. Not sure what the issue is.
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