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  1. I disagree here. To me brand new means unopened in the box, never been used. Date of manufacturer is irrelevant.
  2. Looking back now, it’s probably the smarter move. I clearly underestimated Annemiek. That woman is a freaking cyborg and no one stood a chance. Ash will need to get into an early break and then hope Annemiek allows her to go. Somehow I feel like Annemiek will do the same thing she did yesterday and no one will stand a chance. However her legs may still be feeling it and it would be stupid to risk yellow and that plays into Ash’s hand.
  3. I hope she reconsiders. Even if she wins the overall, it would be strange if she chooses not to defend it. It’s also massive for South Africa.
  4. She confirmed retirement herself at the end of this season. She wanted to focus on her Rocacorba project and specifically Zwift racing.
  5. Anyone feel this is a huge chance for Ash to win the overall jersey? With Annemiek looking a bit off the boil and two proper mountain stages to finish the tour, I feel like this could be Ash’s year. Would be a great way for her to bow out of the sport.
  6. Honestly, as a broker myself. I find this experience with Santam very strange. Are you insured with them directly or is through a Group Scheme? Your broker should be able to tell you this. My experience in dealing with Santam for the past 20 years as a broker is that they are by far and away the best insurer to deal with. I cannot believe they would insist on a repair to a frame that’s under warranty still. That’s completely out of order. Also just to chime in here wrt repair/replace. All insurers are well within their right to repair a frame if it can be repaired unless it voids a warranty. I know we don’t like to ride repaired carbon but if it can be fixed and this is confirmed by an authorised repairer that it’s structurally safe then any insurer is well within their right to repair. Also, I’m pretty sure that every insurer will have it in their policy wording that they can choose whether to repair/replace. I doubt you will find a company explicitly stating in their wording that they will just replace. That wouldn’t be very business smart. Just on this post. Santam is actually correct in implementing 2 excesses. You pay an excess per incident, doesn’t matter if it happened in the space of a week or if it happened at the same spot. It’s 2 incidents so its 2 excesses. If the damage was all on the same spot, then you should have just reported 1 claim to the insurer. You still report the second accident to the police but its not necessary to report this to the insurer. What happens in 99% of cases like this, is you normally have a smart assessor that can actually use his head and determine that its the same damage and they then waive it. Sometimes you can get a complete moron. But If you’ve told the insurer there are 2 accidents, how do they determine which damage was caused by which accident? So technically speaking Santam have correctly applied the wording and it should be 2 excesses. I’m glad you got it resolved though as it would’ve been a bit harsh. An incident like is the perfect example of how a broker would have added value and given you better advice.
  7. I’m running a 1X setup on my road bike as well. I’m using a 48T garbaruk chaingring with 11-42 Sram cassette and it’s been pretty flawless for me. Wrt Garbaruk, the machine work on the chainrings are high quality but they aren’t cheap. The teeth are quite long though, so its definitely not the quietest of drivetrains especially on the extremes.
  8. Just an update. So I received all my miles today. No cash back for the races yet. Will wait couple more days and then query it next week if there’s nothing paid yet.
  9. NIcely done. Never seen him ride that aggressively before.
  10. Their system is extremely frustrating. They have the most complicated but by far the most rewarding product, but a system that cannot cope with it. The reason people put up with it is because of the rewards and they know that. Of course their goal is to reduce their risk. They’re a business at the end of the day and they need to be profitable. No one is forcing you to buy anything. You can covert your miles to cash if you want to as well. I get so much miles every month, sometimes i dont even know where it’s coming from. As frustrating as they are, I can put up with it just based on how much back i get every month. Besides the miles at pnp and clicks which account for so much cash back, I get money back at Nandos, i get money back from petrol. Last month I got so much miles back, i could use everything on a car seat for my baby. This month im gonna get the same plus my cash back on the 2 races i did. So im willing to put up with the **** mainly because they giving me money for nothing.
  11. I’m not sure when the next billing cycle will be. I was told end of may. But still not refunded yet. Hopefully it will be credited when i get my other cash back.
  12. I’m surprised at some of the responses here. If a package is opened then it’s not brand new even if it’s never been used. This should be noted on the website like this. The price is not really that important as they can sell the product for whatever amount the want to. Not telling the customer is a bit shady though. When you purchase a new product, you expect it to come in original packaging. I would be miffed as well if it happened to me.
  13. Okay i just saw the facebook post now. Looks like its pencilled in for 2&3 July. Awesome.
  14. Would be great if we could get confirmation of this. Accommodation will get more expensive the later you book so would like to get this done soonest.
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