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  1. GaryvdM

    947 Ride Joburg

    I remember being turned around by officials when I tried to enter the expo on the wrong side of the one way.
  2. https://wheelsmfg.com/bb-standards https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/bottom-bracket-standards-and-terminology https://www.slowtwitch.com/Tech/Bottom_Bracket_Standards_2573.html When I last checked Shimano does not make a crank with a 30mm spindle, they are all 24mm. So if the bike has a Shimano crank on it, I can be 99% sure it's not BB30. It would be help us to help you if could give more detail on what you are wanting to do.
  3. That will reverse the steering. Good luck riding that...
  4. At that speeds, try Northcliff Cycles. Start point is not to far from Randburg, so you can ride to the start. Typical weekend rides are: Saturday: A-Group: Starting at 06:00 from shop; 82km; Avg Speed 30km/h Route: 14 Ave onto HP and full loop of Cradle and come Home. Sunday: A-Group: Starting at 06:00 from shop; 160km; Avg Speed 30km/h Route: Start from shop, going South and around Aerials and back Home Phone the shop for more info.
  5. A few options to checkout here: https://bicyclesouth.co.za/bikepacking-routes/
  6. Interesting observation from my friend John Loos: Speak to someone who has done some other event, and they tell you enjoyable stories about the event they did... how they struggled with cramp, or the laughs they had, or the comradeship, etc. Speak to someone who did the epic, and all they will tell you about is how much money they spent. Money spent on their bike, money spent on extras for the event, money spent on extra equipment they bought.
  7. Ha ha, to be fair, I've done lots of ultra distance on the road, and on gravel on a gravel bike. Looking forward to the comfort of full suspension.
  8. MTB ordered, expecting delivery in December. 36One 2022 entered. This will be my first MTB race 😆 Edit: I see this thread is for 2021. Time for 2022 thread?
  9. Someone mentioned First assent. Their jerseys might be good, but their bib don't last more than 1 year before they fall apart. Best value for money bibs for me have been Anatomic. Got one that I've had for 6 years and it's still going strong.
  10. Half the challenge with life is motivating your self when you are on your own. You need to pay attention to the mind as well as the body. Some things you can do in this regard: Meditate. I highly recommend https://wakingup.com/ for guidance. Do Jordan Peterson's Self authoring program. Here is a video of him explaining how it works: If you have a drinking problem, go cold turkey. Don't just reduce to a reasonable amount. It's actually easier to go the cold turkey route. If you have friends that pressure you to drink at social occasions, they are not your friends.
  11. Any tips on how to stop glasses from getting misted when wearing a mask?
  12. Racetec do know what group you actually started in. That's why they have mats at the start.
  13. GaryvdM

    1000 Miler

    Bryce Finished in 4d 06:43. Breaking the previous record by over a day.
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